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4 Yoga Retreats in Arizona for Healing

4 Yoga Retreats in Arizona for Healing

As one of the best places for a yoga retreat in the United States, Arizona is a top choice, most specifically, for healing. Not only home to spectacular scenic sites such as the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a top spot for spiritual retreats and exploration because of Sedona. Said to be a healing vortex, there’s something about the energy here that truly ignites transformation.

Whether you believe in vortexes and the power of energy or not, there’s no doubt that Arizona is an ideal place to get outdoors, go hiking, and combine that with some yoga. From glamping to deep dives into spirituality, there is certainly a yoga retreat in Arizona to suit whatever you fancy.

3 Day Women’s Juicing Retreat: Yoga, and Hiking in Sedona and the Verde Valley

Image by Monsoon Nectar


  • One-on-one guidance as this retreat is for 1 or 2 people
  • Relaxed, non-active yoga for deep dealing
  • Starting from: $1380


  • No meals are included
  • Airport transfer is not included

Ditch the typical group session for a yoga retreat and delve into your inner world with support from a guide who is there strictly for you. This retreat delivers one-on-one attention for you only or for you and your friend.

This is a deeply spiritual retreat that focuses on your health from a holistic standpoint. You’ll get in touch with yourself while being amongst the healing energy of Sedona by hiking around the area. Come to the mat for personalized practices to help integrate all that you’ll be learning and be guided through meditations that will assist in your expansion past current limitations.

4 Day Nature Wellness Retreat and Adventure in Page

Image by Monumental Meditation


  • Practice yoga outside at Horseshoe Bend
  • Retreat is held at a resort
  • Starting from: $2095


  • No spa services are included

Join this weekend dedicated to self-care for four days of relaxation, adventure, and spending time on yourself. Created with the intention to help find ease post-pandemic, this retreat will have you practicing restorative yoga in gorgeous landscapes, kayaking, joining mindful walks (again in fabulous nature), and participating in cooking and wellness workshops.

For a long weekend of you time in nature with other wonderful souls, look no further than this retreat!

4 Day Unwind and Rewild Women’s Wellness Retreat at The Red Agave Resort in Sedona

Image by Heller Good


  • All-inclusive
  • Small group experience
  • Starting from: $1399


  • Airport transfers not included
  • Credit card fees not included

Nourish your body, mind, and soul in one of the most healing places in the world, Sedona, on this retreat that is all about unwinding and rewilding. What exactly is rewild you ask? It’s the process of returning to a more natural state, of living a more holistic life, even if it’s just for this weekend. It’s all about getting more in touch with nature, listening to your body, and pampering yourself.

This Arizona retreat is a transformational experience that encourages groups of friends to join in this intimate setting for a fun weekend of laughs, relaxation, nature, and of course, yoga.

How does an extended holiday sound? Volunteer at a yoga retreat or school to make it happen!

4 Day Private Holistic Healing Retreat & Meditation in Sedona

Image by Sedona Ranch


  • 1-2 people max per retreat for complete customization
  • You get to choose which modalities you would like to practice
  • Starting from: $1499


  • Open to intermediate or advanced practitioners only
  • Expensive

As one of the most popular yoga retreats in the US, this private retreat should not be overlooked. Experience a blissful weekend that is customized to you including yoga, meditation, healing sessions, acupuncture, reiki, a nutrition consultation, and a coaching session. This private retreat is designed to help you heal and be in better shape not only physically through your health but also in better shape spiritually.

This holistic retreat centre hosts retreats for couples or groups of 2 women for a 4-day weekend retreat.

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