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This is an open letter to all the parents who stand behind their children’s passion for travel.

This is for the parents who understand how happy travel makes their children, and because of that are watching their children follow their dreams.

This is for the parents who will never question the country that their child wants to go to, but waits patiently at home to hear of the adventures that they are having abroad.

To the parents who understand that there is no education greater than the lessons one can learn while traveling.

You understand that we may be gone for long periods of time, but in the end we will always be back, though it may be brief, we will always be back.

And we, the children who travel, want to say thank you.

We want to thank you for understanding, we want to thank you for your support, for you are our strongest supporters.

We thank you for voicing your concerns, but still trusting us to make the right decisions when we’re away. You trust us, and that makes us have even more confidence.

We want to say sorry for missing holidays, birthdays, and important events. And to tell you that we think of you everyday whether you know it or not.

We want to tell you that we do miss home, and crave it’s comforts more often than we’d like to admit, but that our desire to see what the world has to offer is stronger than our want for the familiar.

You understand that we work hard for our money and that all we want to do is spend it on another plane ticket.

You understand that travel is what makes us happiest. And because of this you don’t question why we leave or how often.

You listen to us cry when something goes wrong, or listen to the daring adventures that we have to share.

You don’t ask anything of us, other than to continue what makes us happiest and to keep in contact when we can.

Knowing that we have your support does make traveling easier. And your support means the world to us.

We thank you for being there, even when we’re across the world, and we want you to know that we travel to make the world a better place. We travel to make ourselves better, stronger, more independent individuals. We travel to learn, we travel to grow, and we travel to live, because travel is a way of life.

So thank you. Thank you for being our rock, our home, our best supporters, listeners, and parents. For having you okay with our crazy lifestyle makes you the best parents in the world.

Does having your parents support make traveling easier for you?


    • Thank you! And yes I do too, I can imagine I’d feel a lot more guilty if my parents hated the idea of me traveling so much!

  1. Very well written, and I couldn’t agree more! I don’t think my parents loved my decision to move abroad when I finished university to a country I knew almost nothing about but they have been nothing but supportive of this whole adventure of mine. Reminds me, I should maybe shoot them an email!

  2. I feel sorry for my parents with the amount of traveling i do! Constantly in the US, lived in London, and heading to Canada…it never ends! But they have traveled alot because of me 🙂

  3. Girl Unspotted Reply

    My mom triggered my wanderlust at such a young age, and having moved around so much, she understands where it comes from! Such an honest post 🙂

  4. This post is so lovely Taylor. It makes travelling so much easier when you have that pillar of support there. It can be difficult for parents to see their kids travel the world, especially if they know their kids will be gone for a while but the supportive ones know that it’s what makes us happy and that makes it so much easier 🙂

  5. Crazy travelista Reply

    This is really sweet! I need to send this to my parents. Although they arent so understanding sometimes, maybe they need to see it in writing to know what travel does to me. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Maria Berneiser Haase Reply

    Great post. I feel so luck that my dad always supports me 100℅ in all my crazy adventures. I hope to be like this for my children on day ☺

  7. Natalie Tanner Reply

    Sweet post!! Wonderful parents support kids and their choices!! Love global families!

  8. aCajuninCali blog Reply

    How lovely! wonderful parents usually rear wonderful children. I’m sure yours appreciated this very much.

  9. Journal of Nomads Reply

    This is a beautiful post! You really touched me with this letter. This is how I feel towards my parents. I’m never around, I’ve been gone for nearly 6 years now. Recently I thanked my mum for her support and love, knowing it’s not easy for her that I’m away, knowing she sometimes worries when I’m hitchhiking in less known and ‘dangerous’ countries but that she wouldn’t want me to live my life differently. You’ve put in words what I feel in my heart!

  10. 2TravelDads Reply

    I hope our kids always feel supported when they grow up. I know that they’ll be travelers too, but I hope they will be around for big events, especially major ones in their own lives (or that they invite us).

    • Yes! I don’t understand how some people can miss big events so easily, even Christmas I was devastated to have missed last year!

  11. No kids, but we’ve always said that we’d follow a similar ideology of encouraging them to travel.

  12. I love the sentiment expressed. So much, that I have tweeted it for other parents whose children love to travel!

  13. Melody Pittman Reply

    Sweet post. 😉 As for myself, my mother did not know one bit about geography or never acquired the love to seeing new places and things and mingling with its people. My husband and I took our girls through the world at very young ages, over 20 countries before they graduated high school, and at ages 20 and 23, neither of them now have much a desire to leave the US other than an occasional cruise or something. I just cannot understand it.

    • I was just talking to someone about this today, that some people never catch the travel bug even though they had the opportunities to travel a lot with their families…I don’t understand either!

  14. Travel Lushes Reply

    Aww Taylor, I love this! It’s so sweet…I’m sending to both my parents. :*)

  15. Yvonne Michele Reply

    very well written, thank you for sharing. Our daughter is exactly the same and we support and encourage her, I can relate to everyone of your points 🙂 Her father and I are on our own adventure right now, spending one month in Vietnam before travelling to Spain to visit her and then it’s UK and Europe for the rest of the year for us!

    • That sounds amazing! She must be so happy that you guys like to travel as well and visit her.

  16. Taylor, this is an awesome post. It made me really emotional! I always struggle to explain my gratitude at not having my travel desires questioned, but I think this post has summed it up very nicely.

  17. Kids Travel Books Reply

    After growing up with parents who supported my travel, I’ve started raising kids who love to travel. I know one day they’ll leave the home and, if I’ve done my job right, they’ll be explorers. It’s hard to think of that time, but I will love to hear about their experiences. And who knows, maybe I’ll meet them somewhere on the road instead of making them come home for the holidays. 🙂

  18. A lovely post, Taylor. Thank you for sharing. My parents travelled with passion when I was younger and although, at the time, I didn’t really appreciate it, it sparked something deep inside. After meeting James at university, we lived in the US and discovered a mutual love for travelling. Now, almost 20 years later, we hurtle into middle age and have recently moved abroad with the (much appreciated) trust and support of my parents. It’s not been easy with our 2 young kids in tow, but the world is wide and full of so much wonder. It was a leap we needed to make. Whilst we are aware that our two may one day want to travel extensively and it will be us waiting for news of their adventures, our hope is that they enjoy travel and the perspective it brings and lead full, happy lives. As you say, it’s not easy letting go of travelling children, but the support does, indeed, make a world of difference!


    • It absolutely does make huge difference! I hope your children appreciate all the travel that they did when they were young with you. I’m sure they’ll realize what the travel bug is soon enough!

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