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About Taylor’s Tracks

Taylor Lorenz

The voice behind Taylor’s Tracks is Taylor herself. She is a published travel writer, professional yoga teacher, and educator. Taylor is a travel expert having visited 40 countries herself, and a highly trained 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor with over 800 hours in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin style training.

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Taylor’s Tracks Purpose

My intention for Taylor’s Tracks is to empower my readers and students to connect with their souls and be the leader of their lives through my writing, yoga teachings, events, and courses.

This site was started in 2015 as a happiness blog while I was going through a rough patch to detail things I was doing to make me happier. It quickly evolved into a travel blog and has since grown with me as I’ve grown as a person. Today you’ll find lots of yoga and travel content, sprinkles of personal development, spirituality, and self-acceptance. 

What you’ll find on Taylor’s Tracks

I love to share and teach my passions with the world and I believe that travel and yoga, the two main topics of this blog go hand-in-hand, as they’re both transformational experiences that encourage you to be present and reflect on your life.

On Taylor’s Tracks, you’ll find a mix of articles that will support you whether you’re abroad or at home, including:

This blog will take you on a journey to all corners of the globe as well as into the deepest corners of yourself, giving you practical tips and tricks to help you feel at home in your body, mind, and soul.

Taylor’s Journey

I began travelling long-term in 2014, beginning with a 52-day group trip followed by my own solo travels through Europe. I got addicted to travel and didn’t want to stay at home in Canada.

Within a few months of coming back from that Europe trip which I did just after graduating from college (where I studied film and media production), I gave up looking for jobs in the film industry, moved home to save money, and then headed off on a trip around Canada before landing in Thailand to teach English abroad.

A short 3 months later, I was back home in Canada where I prepared for my next trip – back to Southeast Asia for 4 months.

I would spend 2-5 months abroad and then go back to Canada for a month or two at a time from 2015-2020, building this travel blog in the process which became my full-time job, fully funding all of my travels.

During those years I spent time living in Australia and mostly Bali, one of my favourite places in the world.

In 2018 I began to feel unfulfilled with my travel lifestyle, getting burnt out from working full-time along with travelling full-time, moving to a new hostel every few nights. I felt lost but continued travelling, unsure of what move to make next.

Then in 2019 I had what I call my spiritual awakening, when I began to take a deeper look at my life, the reasons behind why I was doing what I was doing, and most importantly, began to understand how I was somehow unhappy despite living what many call the dream life.

I radically changed my way of thinking through mindset, got more in touch with my body through yoga (becoming a yoga teacher in the process), reconnected to my intuition, and thought I had all the tools and life figured out because I was so much happier.

Covid hit in Asia the month I did my yoga teacher training and a few months later, after deciding I would settle in Bali for the next little while, my plans were thrown out the window as I made my way back to Canada to wait out the pandemic. Like many others, that year challenged me, my new-found ideas on spirituality and personal development, and my mental health suffered greatly as I lost 95% of my income, and I found myself living in a cottage town of 1200 people in the dead of winter.

I pivoted my business to include yoga, started a YouTube channel with free yoga classes, continued my yoga teacher education, and moved back to Ottawa where I now live with my partner who I met on Bumble during the pandemic.

Today I believe there is a lot of BS in the spirituality and personal development worlds and have come to a place where I feel good about my beliefs, myself, and my body. While I’m far from done travelling yet, you can still expect much more travel content here and of course, lots of yoga.