While there’s nothing quite like completing your yoga teacher training in person, there are many benefits to online yoga teacher training.

Yoga teacher training (YTT) is notorious for being rather expensive and even though it’s definitely an investment worth making, turning to get your yoga certification online means that you get access to teachers from around the globe and for a fraction of the price.

Trainings that were once unavailable to those who couldn’t take three weeks or more off of work or travel to far off destinations are now available for anyone to access to become a yoga teacher online.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a yoga teacher and have had restrictions holding you back, now is your time to become a teacher, deepen your practice and learn from knowledge and incredible teachers without even having to worry about timezones!

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Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

All of these online yoga courses are 200-hours unless indicated otherwise and are Yoga Alliance certified. Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit governing body of that represents the yoga community.

It is not necessary to learn from an online yoga school that is Yoga Alliance certified, but it does ensure that a certain level of standards, practices and requirements are being met. It also means that you can become a registered teacher after your training.

See info below to get a discount off of this YTT course!

Odyssey MVMT

I’m biased when I recommend Odyssey MVMT for online YTT because it’s where I personally practice when I’m living in Canggu, Bali and where I did my training.

I can’t speak highly enough of the head instructor, Erin, who truly embraces all of the eight limbs of yoga not only into her practice and teachings but also in her life.

When you join with Odyssey MVMT you get instant access to course materials to complete at your own pace and then get to join in-person training in Bali when it’s available to you!

Odyssey MVMT’s training is very well balanced between philosophy and anatomy, both of which are important and Erin also includes personal development into the course so that you have the opportunity to grow significantly as an individual and a teacher.

Plus, just because you read this you get $100 off when you book and $50 off of online yin yoga teacher training! Just email Erin, [email protected], and tell her Taylor sent you to get your discount! With this discount, it makes it the most budget-friendly YTT!

Get a yoga instructor certification online with a touch of feminine energy.

Rasa Lila by Dijan

This online yoga school is great for those who prefer lots of time to study on their own. About 170 of the course hours are self-study with 30 live hours. A great bonus is that you get one-on-one sessions a minimum of twice a week.

Rasa Lila by Dijan yoga teacher training is for you if you want to tap more into your feminine energy as Dijan incorporates both hatha and tantra into the training along with dance which she has a background in.

An added bonus are the sharing circles which are held, giving you the space to get to know others and yourself on a much deeper and more personal level.

Your online yoga teacher certification can be done on your own time!

Wonderland Healing Centre

Wonderland Healing Centre offers students 90 days to complete their online training with a mixture of contact and non-contact hours. Hatha is taught throughout with a heavy focus on using yoga and meditation as a tool to heal your life.

The teachers both have years of experience and are well-rounded with practices and trainings in multiple styles.

Become a yoga instructor online with teachers from destinations around the globe.

Spirit Sadhana

Spirit Sadhana is one of the most popular yoga teacher trainings in Spain and now it’s available completely online! You can complete this course in anywhere from one to six months. The course focuses on a combination of yoga styles including hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga.

It is also bilingual in both Spanish and English.

If you’re interested in yoga philosophy then this is the course for you. The instructor has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and is able to bring her passion for eastern philosophy and her education around it into the teachings.

This course is a 200-hour yoga teacher training online with extra bonuses!

Ulu Yoga (200-hour)

Ulu Yoga offers very affordable online yoga teacher training and your payment for online training can then be used as a credit for any in-person training in Bali or Thailand!

You will have up to 12 months to complete the online training with a mix of both live and pre-recorded trainings. Plus, as an added bonus you’ll get acro and aerial yoga workshops on top of the vinyasa and hatha training.

You’ll learn from six teachers, giving you access to a plethora of knowledge from teachers with backgrounds in all different styles.

Get acro yoga teacher training and more with this course!

Ulu Yoga (300-hour)

If you’re doing training already, why not go all out? Ulu Yoga also offers a 300-hour yoga teacher training course that includes hatha, vinyasa, yin, aerial and acro. Talk about being a well-rounded training!

Same as the 200-hour course by Ulu Yoga, you’ll be able to use your payment as a credit for in-person training in Bali or Thailand for any of their courses offered.

You have the option to attend the 25 online classes that are offered a week live or watch them after if your timezone doesn’t line up with Thailand (GMT+7).

Thailand yoga teacher training has gone global with this top studio.

One Yoga Thailand

One Yoga Thailand offers a very flexible training as you’re able to join and complete at any time that suits you with the option to complete the course in as short as 4 weeks or as long as 12 months.

You’ll leave trained in multiple yoga styles including hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative and ashtanga and learn from five teachers who have a wide variety in yoga trainings, practices and additional trainings such as yoga therapy, Buddhist studies and more.

Even studios in Portugal have gone digital.

Bend it like Buddha Yoga

Learn from four teachers who have trained worldwide at one of Portugal’s top yoga schools for teacher training with 180 online contact hours. Your teachers are a combination of yogis who are also spiritual authors, studio owners and more.

In this 200-hour training, you’ll learn vinyasa and hatha plus get a bonus 6-hour Ayurveda massage therapy course included!

One of the best online yoga training programs is based in the capital of yoga, without you even having to travel to India!

Arohan Yoga

This self-paced course is originally offered in the world capital of yoga, Rishikesh, India. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from two teachers with years of experience training teachers in hatha, yin and ashtanga.

With this training you’ll graduate with a strong base in traditional yoga and meditation with holistic knowledge of both.


You have plenty of choices but before you choose be sure to do your research on both the teachers and the yoga schools offering training for an online yoga certification course.

Take a class online with the teacher to see if you like their teaching style, read reviews and definitely reach out to ask questions if you have any! This is an investment for your health and knowledge, you want to learn from a pro who has similar values to you so you can get the best experience possible.

Enjoy your training and who knows maybe you’ll be the next one to become an online yoga instructor!

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