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9 Best Self-Love Books for Women

9 Best Self-Love Books for Women
These books about self love will help you have a deeper understanding of what self love entails from self love experts. Learn how to be confident with your next great read. Click to find a new self love book!

These self love books for women are the perfect pick me ups that will help you develop your self love, confidence, self esteem and more. Click to find which self love book will be your next read!

Self love starts with learning how you can love yourself. Grab one of these top self love books for women and dive into useful self love tips from the experts. Click to find your next great read!

These books for self love are written by self love experts from around the globe who teach their unique ways of learning how to love yourself unconditionally. Click for find the top self love books for women!

Self-love is a topic that has been booming lately and for good reason. Without self-love it’s difficult to find your passion, your purpose, live your life to its fullest and become truly happy with your life.

It was through these best self-love books, following others on social media who shared their self-love journey and podcasts that I understood the true meaning of unconditional self-love.

Now I want to pass this incredible feeling onto you by sharing some of the books that helped me become so in love with myself and my life without having to change anything. Because self-love begins with loving yourself exactly where you are.

The best self-love books that you’ll adore

Without a doubt I know you’re going to love these books for self-love and I’m willing to bet that more than a few will change your life. I’m confident that with these self-love books you’ll learn to love yourself unconditionally so long as you put in the work that is suggested.

The Self-Love Experiment

Shannon Kaiser details her struggles of learning to accept herself and to become more compassionate and kind to herself. From drug addiction to corporate burnout, she not only shares her deeply personal stories with passion but also gives you tips of how you can learn to accept yourself just as you are on a journey across 15 core principles that Shannon believes are the key to unconditional self-love. The Self-Love Experiment is easily one of the best books on loving yourself.

You Are a Badass

Jen Sincero delivers a no frills, this is how it’s done book that is to the point and inspires you at the same time. While many self-love books focus on acceptance, Jen dives into how you can overcome one of the lowest vibe emotions out there – guilt. Her no-nonsense attitude comes through her words in the form of hilarious stories, simple no-excuse tips and advice that you’ll want to take immediately.

The Goddess Revolution

For all the ladies out there who struggle with body image, eating disorders or a unhealthy obsession with food, this is one of the top self-love books for you. Mel Wells dives into how making peace with food leads to love for your body and ultimately a life that you’re satisfied with and in love with. Her helpful tips, inspiring quotes and personal stories will have you feeling like true goddess.

Hungry For More

I personally think this is one of the best self-love books written by the queen of self-love herself, Mel Wells. This is her second book which focuses on food psychology and helping women overcome their cravings by creating a life that they’re fulfilled with. Mel Wells goes deep into how food isn’t the reason why women can’t love themselves but instead it’s the life that they created for themselves that’s just not what they’re craving, plus how to fix it.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Perhaps one of the most refreshing self-help books on the planet, Mark Manson is brutally honest and real of how to deal with things in your life and the world. He shares personal stories that will inspire you to fully embrace who you are and be so real with you that you’ll stop doubting how freakin’ awesome you already are.

The Universe Has Your Back

Gabby Bernstein takes the most spiritual outlook on self-love of all these books by reassuring you that the universe really does have your back. She details how to tune into yourself and in doing so, accept yourself so that you can fully surrender and allow your fear to turn into a strong faith in yourself, your path and your life.

The Gifts of Imperfection

Need I say more than Brene Brown? Her words come to life in one of the best self acceptance books to encourage you to embrace authentic living which leads us to more self-love and acceptance of ourselves. Her powerful storytelling and researched backed topics are delivered to you as ten benchmarks that Brene Brown claims are needed for living a perfectly imperfect life.

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements is a powerful read based on ancient Toltec wisdom and four agreements that act as a code of conduct for how people can live their lives in order to experience freedom, happiness and love for themselves and others. This book is a short read and a classic, one that can be returned to over and over again. And if you’re looking for spirituality self-love books then this is the best option for you.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

While this book is not seen as one of the best books to help you love yourself, I think it’s a great addition to this list because it provides science-backed proof of how we are not hard-wired to be a certain way. It provides motivation and inspiration for creating your best self, understanding why you’re acting how you currently are and takes a deep dive into science for all the skeptics out there who think that thinking isn’t believing.

By choosing to read one of these books you’re opting to put self-love first and that’s a strong and powerful move for you to make in your own life.

I applaud you and know that you’ll love more than just one of these self-love books for women. Happy reading dear readers!

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