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5 Best Yoga Retreats in New York to Feel Refreshed in 2022

5 Best Yoga Retreats in New York to Feel Refreshed in 2022

While many opt for or only think of yoga retreats in lush, tropical places, that certainly isn’t the other type of destination for a yoga retreat! Practicing in nature anywhere is truly beneficial for your connection to Mother Earth herself, and New York state has some picturesque nature that is a treat to practice in. I’ll be honest though, while there aren’t many yoga retreats in New York offered, especially compared to other top yoga destinations, there are a few that are absolutely stellar. Check them out and if they don’t suit your fancy, don’t miss seeing other top yoga retreats in the USA.

Top Yoga Retreats in New York

Treat yourself to a transformational weekend at one of the New York yoga retreats.

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3 Day Catskills ‘Relax & Refresh’ Retreat in Ellenville

This yoga retreat in New York has a little bit of everything to ensure that you have truly relaxing long weekend. Set in upstate New York in the beautiful Catskills, this is easily one of the best yoga retreats in the US and with good reason. A number of yoga styles are practiced at this retreat including restorative and transformational yoga as well as Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which are similar ways to move energy through your body but they are different and can feel odd but amazing. Regardless, all classes during the retreat are meant to tune into and relax your energy so you will feel rejuvenated. The beauty of the Catskills isn’t missed either as you will spend time outdoors doing nature meditations by a waterfall. Not to mention the workshops for stress management and wellness that are also included as well as access to the on-site spa. Talk about an informational and relaxing weekend!

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4 Day Streamside Yoga Retreat in the Catskills

Get the chance to flow through your yoga practice in a space located close to a steam and nature, an opportunity that is truly special, not to mention beautiful. Hatha and yoga Nidra are taught on this retreat and is open to practitioners of all levels. This New York yoga retreat includes twice daily yoga classes in the morning and afternoon with time outdoors too to go hiking in the nature right on your doorstep. Group meditation, a chakra sound bath, and an evening lecture are highlights as well for a relaxing weekend of practicing mindfulness.

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5 Day Private Women’s Five Elements Healing Yoga Retreat in Dutchess County

Designed for healers, this solo woman retreat is for those who wish to explore yoga beyond the asanas (the physical practice). While yoga Nidra is practiced, you can expect deep healing in 5 days with activities that included guided meditations, mindfulness workshops, and art. You’ll have time to explore the area but will spend most of your time connecting with yourself and nature to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

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3 Day “Couples Reconnection” Yoga Retreat in the Catskills

Deepen your connection with your partner at a couples reconnection retreat in the picturesque Catskills. Through daily yoga, wellness workshops, Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, and time in nature, together you and your partner will no doubt come closer together. Staff on-site is there to help guide you and assist you through the process and to make sure all of your needs are taken care of on this journey for both of you. Self-reflection and workshops that dive into topics such as letting go of attachment, love language, and couples healing, will give you both the space to open your hearts and delve deeper into healing, clarity, and emotional wellness. This is a truly relaxing, yet transformational weekend, and a unique opportunity to do so with a partner.

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6 Day Spring Cleanse, Yoga and Meditation Holiday in Delaware County

Yoga is all about the union of your mind, body, and soul, and continuing to always connect more to yourself, others and nature. There’s a reason why all of these retreats are in the mountains of the Catskills, the nature here is stunning, and a spring retreat is the perfect time to reawaken after your winter slumber, just as your surroundings are waking up too. For a week of morning Ashtanga, and evening restorative, lectures, workshops, and outdoor activities, look no further than this seasonal retreat to wake you up feeling refreshed.

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