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8 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

8 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for yoga, and yoga teacher training abroad, with instructors and students alike flocking to the shores and jungles of this tropical land that truly embraces Pura Vida, which translates to “pure life”. This culture is what yogis adore and so they come here for Costa Rica yoga retreats or maybe even to become a yoga teacher. 

You have ample opportunities here to find training that suits your budget, wants, needs, and yoga style. So whether you’re after your classic 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, your advanced 300-hour, or a shorter course to test the waters, Costa Rica certainly has choices for you and with world-class instructors to learn from too.

Top Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

These teacher training in Costa Rica are a mix of 100, 200, and 300 hours covering a wide variety of yoga styles. Most are Yoga Alliance certified and many go above and above the certification requirements for training that exceed expectations. 

Image by East+West Yoga

21-Day In-Person or 14-Day Hybrid with East+West Yoga in Playa Coyote

Travel to one of the most beautiful, natural areas on earth and surround yourself with all things yoga and high-frequency living. In this 3-week journey, you’ll be surrounded by organic plant food, a regular daily yoga practice, and inspiring spiritual teachers from many walks of life. You’ll be guided by master level teachers into deep personal work as you set new foundations for your life, build around true inner harmony and professional excellence. Held at a majestic retreat in Playa Coyote, one of Costa Rica’s most beloved areas known for its incredible beaches and vibrant nature.

The East+West ®200-hour certification course provides students with a strong foundation in yoga asana, including alignment, anatomy, adjustments, and modifications. The yoga style is a combination of traditional Hatha and modern Vinyasa, weaved together with the science of physiotherapy to give students a strong foundation that can be applied to any teaching style. You will gain a strong foundation in the tradition and techniques of yoga necessary to competently teach at a 200-hour level and gain practical tools to actively balance your life and the lives of others.

This teacher training in Costa Rica is for those looking to apply the principles of yoga to every area of their life, not just teach in a studio. We train our students to deeply respect the integrity of the practice, and to discover the application of that in their own unique way. 

Image by Caribe Yoga Academy

26 Days 200-hour Foundational Level Teacher Training in Puerto Viejo

Ignore that the name of this YTT is 200-hours, it’s actually 250-hours which goes above and beyond the requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance by 50 hours, which means that you’ll leave this training well-practiced and ready to start teaching! This is an exceptional foundation training across 26 days which are full days, that begin at 8AM and finish just before 9PM. You’ll have days off, of course, 3 of them, plus 2 half days and a trip to a national park and a magnificent waterfall is included.

Forget about all the extras though, this is overall one of the best yoga teacher training in Costa Rica that covers all over the basics and more with additional contact hours. You’ll learn to teach Hatha yoga and will also have workshops on starting your yoga business once you step away from this training. I have no doubt that this training will leave you feeling confident, skilled, and ready to be a yoga teacher. Did I mention that the accommodation is nestled among the rainforest, tucked away just enough for peace and serenity, but still only a short walk to the beach?

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Image by SOMA Yoga Institute

18 Day 200-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training in Playa Costa de Oro, Guanacaste

This 200-hour, Yoga Alliance certified program really covers a lot of groundwork in just 18 days. This training doesn’t just cover vinyasa yoga, but once completed, you’ll be able to teach restorative yoga which is a great foundation for seniors and for those who like gentle yoga, as well as alignment-based classes. The approach of this training sees yoga as a way to contribute to your health and personal empowerment. Thus, teachings are not based on one set of standard sequencing, but a few, which encourages students to find what works for them and allows them to be creative. 

The location is a big draw in itself as the eco-resort is set in a tropical hot spot that has been included as one of the five blue zones on the planet, which means you may just spot some endangered species here. Not to mention on the beach close-by you can find world-class surfing, kayaking, and nature activities that will surely soothe your soul.

Image by Pranaluz Conscious Living

36 Day Pranaluz 300-Hour All-Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your teachings or practice even more with this 300-hour YTT in Costa Rica. For just over a month you’ll learn more about or maybe for the first time, Nidra, Bhakti, and Karma yoga, along with more depth of vinyasa and Hatha styles. You will learn advanced teachings on anatomy, asanas focused on alignment, as well as more teachings on variations of poses, the use of props, and adjustments. Not to mention that your teachers will guide you through how to adapt your practices for teens, children, seniors, pre and post-natal, and for those with injuries to become a truly well-rounded teacher who can teach any age!

All of these teachings, and specifically for adjustments, are based on Thai massage practices, where you’ll learn techniques to release fascia, and more. Plus on top of all of this, you’ll gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the spiritual practice of yoga through mindfulness and meditation.  Your accommodation for this training will be in a lodge that is only minutes walk to the lodge, the rainforest, and the beach. 

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Image by Kindred Spirits

22 Day Transformational 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, Puerto Viejo

This yoga teacher training in Costa Rica goes above and beyond, which is why it’s one of the most booked on the BookYogaTeacherTraining platform. The teachers of this program will guide you through the various modules that include philosophy, anatomy, chakras and energy, sequencing, meditation, and more. By the end of the program, you’ll be trained to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, and Hatha styles.

The training itself takes place on a permaculture farm so it’s not unusual to hear the sounds of nature close by or to have the horses on the property join the trainees during their meditation. But the best part of this YTT in Costa Rica is that it is limited to small groups of only 6-10. While some training can get quite large, you’ll no doubt be able to learn hands-on with these teachers and have plenty of one-on-one time to ensure that your teacher teaching education is up to par and better than you’d expect.

Image by GypSea Yoga School

18 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Uvita, Puntarenas

This is a great option for those who want to deepen their yoga practice and can’t more time off! This training is more like a trip with workshops, and while you will learn plenty, you’ll also get to explore Costa Rica by going on hikes, visiting a national park, heading to waterfalls, and more, which are all included. Your training itself though is based on the traditional Hatha principles as your foundation, but you’ll also be introduced to Hatha Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Yoga Nidra so you have ample choices when it comes to what style you’d like to teach and/or practice. And of course, you will be qualified for Yoga Alliance Ceritifcation upon completion.

Image by Sacred Paths Yoga

21 Day 200-Hour Pura Vida Yoga Teacher Training in Mal Pais, Puntarenas

This Costa Rica yoga teacher training goes above and beyond the requirements set by Yoga Alliance as it delves into all aspects of yoga, but especially spiritual. While you will leave this program being able to guide students through a class and be able to apply for your Yoga Alliance certification, you will also embark on a deeply spiritual experience as you connect to yoga’s philosophy. You can expect this training to teach you through the style of mindful vinyasa flow which acts as a tool for insightfulness within, which is rooted in both Ashtanga and Hatha practices.

Highlights of this 200-hour training include ceremonies, learning of Earth medicine, all meals are included, and you will be introduced to a number of yoga styles for a well-rounded approach. The resort where you will stay and learn is a boutique hotel designed for those who love healthy living, surfing, and yoga and is a lovely home away from home that truly embraces Costa Rican culture.

Image by Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa

15 Day Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Jimenez

Last but certainly not least is this short and sweet 200-hour intensive that focuses on personal transformation and empowerment. The 200-hour course works on developing a rock-solid practice before going deeper into teachings so that you have an extremely well developed foundation to build off of.

This training includes the basics that cover the 8 limbs of yoga (and more) and pulls from multiple yoga linegaes (Vinyasa, Iynegar and Anusara) but focuses on teaching Hatha yoga. Your accommodation are beachfront suites with the option for triple, double, or single occupancy. Whatever you choose, you can expect to feel close to Mother Earth and divine nature.

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