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10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

10 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

Yoga teacher training is an intense but also truly transformational experience that is deeply personal and enlightening. While you can do your YTT (yoga teacher training) just about anywhere, there is certainly something to be said for choosing a destination that is nourishing to your soul and is calling you. Luckily, Europe has a number of destinations that are ideal for yoga teacher training abroad. You do not need to want to become a yoga teacher, simply wanting to deepen your practice is enough to invest in yourself.

These yoga teacher training in Europe are amongst the best and most popular that the entire continent offers, with most of them being 200-hour training, with some expectations for longer or specialized training. You can expect to find most in Greece and Spain, but other stellar locations are included as well.

Top Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

The majority of these training are Yoga Alliance certified if that’s what you’re after so you have plenty of amazing opportunities! 

Image by Green Yoga International

21 Day 200-Hours Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training from Indian School in Mallorca Island, Spain

This multi-style 200-hour course is one of the best yoga teacher training in Europe and for good reason. The school which originally started in India has expanded to Bali and Spain to reach students and yoga practitioners who aren’t able to travel as far. The training aims to combine East and West ideas, science and spirituality, for a well-rounded education. What’s so great about this specific training though is that it introduces you to so many styles of yoga. This gives you the opportunity to truly pick what style suits your teaching best (because it’s not always the same style you love to practice!).

There are a few bonuses with this YTT course too. Extras include an Ayurveda workshop, a Thai massage workshop, and the option to do a SUP yoga workshop in the Mediterranean sea. Plus, with this training, you’re able to apply for Yoga Alliance certification in the US and the UK upon completion.

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Image by Conscious Yoga Academy

22 Day 200-Hour Yoga Conscious Yoga Teacher Training on Karpathos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Yoga teacher training in Greece on an island just sounds dreamy, which is most certainly one of the reasons why this training is the most popular listing on BookYogaTeacherTraining. But aside from the picturesque location, this training aims to deepen your consciousness for a truly transformational experience through Vinyasa and Hatha styles. Whether you want to teach others yoga or just strengthen your personal yoga practice, this 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified training is open to all. 

Aside from the YTT basics that are of course covered, you will get bonuses that include 3 excursions during your training to beaches and a historic site, and you’ll also be able to participate in sound healing, with the option to learn how to do it for yourself for an additional layer of connection to yourself. Not to mention that the accommodation is lovely, and is where you’ll get to wake up to the ocean breeze and get uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea.

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Image by YogaUnion

23 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Charming Palairos, Greece

Another popular option is this idyllic YTT in Greece on the charming island of Palairos. The course’s teachings are heavily on combining breath with movement and practices Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. What’s interesting about this training is that is varies quite a bit from traditional YTT programs. While this course is Yoga Alliance certified, you will have the opportunity to take a different approach. 

Mornings are filled with more vigorous teachings and yoga flows, while afternoons are more relaxed, where learning is dedicated to restorative styles of yoga and workshops. Ayurveda, nutrition, healing, and rejuvenation are aspects that are definitely focused on in this training and specialized workshops will take you deeper into practices such as handstands, backbends, hip openers, and more. Yoga business is also taught in this course as well as how to use props such as blocks, straps, blankets, and walls. 

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Image by Nydum

27 Day 200-Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by the Beach in Costa Brava, Spain

You’ll get to start your days practicing yoga overlooking the ocean in beautiful Costa Brava on this YTT course. Here you’ll live in a stunning villa developing your personal yoga practice, and learning what kind of style you wish to teach. This YTT focuses on Ashtanga and Vinyasa but with workshops you’ll also learn Acro. Other workshops include Ayurveda, myofascial release, backbends, and inversions, which are all amazing skills and knowledge to have as a teacher.

Designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners, this training takes in only a small group of students so that you get plenty of time to ask questions if need be. Plus, everything is included so there is no need to worry about finding or cooking your own food, or accommodation. Everything you need is in the villa, and you and the other students can dedicate your time to learning, reflection, and growth.

Image by Sundari Integral Yoga School

21 Days TTC 200-Hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Madeira, Portugal

This yoga teacher training in Portugal is on the scenic island of Madeira, one of the best islands in Europe that is known for its welcoming culture. But what makes this course so great is the price. As one of the most affordable yoga teacher training options in Europe, you can become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher without spending a lot! The price can also be adjusted based on individual financial situations, making YTT accessible. 

The program itself focuses on Integral yoga, a type of yoga that combines the 6 branches of yoga practice and philosophy. This training is different, too, in the way that it typically has a later morning start (think 10AM), which is ideal for those who are night owls!

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Image by Yoga Skyros Academy

21 Day 200 RYT Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Athens, Greece

Learn from an exceptional teacher who will leave you ready to teach from day one once your training is complete. Taking place in Athens, but in a serene setting, this is one of the top YTT in Europe. You’ll learn from a master of yoga herself in a very small group setting of just 6 people, ensuring that you receive the utmost attention and the best learning environment to prepare you to become a teacher.

Hatha is taught for this YTT, considered the Mother of all yoga, which will provide you with a strong base to teach other styles too. Expect an in-depth, well-thought-out, and dedicated teacher for a course that will prepare you to become a teacher as well as change your life. This program is Yoga Alliance certified, and can also be done with the 300-hour training together for the 500-hour teacher training.

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Image by Bend it Like Buddha Yoga

16 Day 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Ayurvedic Massage in Portimão, Algarve

Short on time? No stress! This YTT in Portugal’s stunning Algarve region has got you covered. In just over 2 weeks you’ll leave this training not only able to apply for your Yoga Alliance Certification but you’ll also be certified for Ayurveda massage, as an 8-hour course is included in the training!

Welcome to all levels, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from 8 experts and guest teachers who will guide you through the basics of yoga anatomy, philosophy, meditation, and more. Created around the practices of Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles, you’ll also get to practice restorative yoga during your training such as Yin, and Yoga Nidra. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get further training for 8-weeks after the YTT for learning how to get your yoga business started and further implementation of what you learned while in Portugal.

Image by Yoga Skyros Academy

7 Day SUP Yoga Foundation Teaching in Paiania, Attica, Greece

For something unique and equally fun, why not add SUP yoga to your teaching skills? In just 7 days you can enhance your existing yoga teaching repertoire or those who just want to practice and learn more about SUP yoga are welcome to join as well.

In a week you’ll learn the many benefits of SUP yoga, like slowing down, and have plenty of time to practice yourself while building your foundation as a SUP yoga teacher.

Image by Aegialis Hotel and Spa

25 Day 200-Hour Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Amorgos, Greece

If that picturesque location doesn’t sell you…then let the training convince you otherwise! While YTT is about much more than learning in an incredible environment, this course had lots to offer as one of the best YTT in Europe. The island of Amorgos is known for its peaceful energy, and with the luxury accommodation that is also the host of retreats, there’s no doubt that this space is one that invites relaxation, internal exploration, and serenity as you learn to teach Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga styles.

You’ll have 2 dedicated teachers who will lead you through your training on yogic philosophy, anatomy, and more. You’ll also get dedicated time to learning how to run your own yoga business and/or studio, running retreats, and even a workshop on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), plus more extra goodies that will enhance your training. You will be able to apply for your Yoga Alliance certification after this course is completed.

Image by YOGAMEA

28 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training on The Beach in Misano Adriatico, Province of Rimini, Italy

Get to dive into the connection between the ancient yoga teachings and how they connect to modern, Western views in this YTT in Italy. As one of the top offerings in Italy, you’ll get to practice daily Hatha yoga on the beach as you learn the vital aspects of teaching yoga from skilled instructors. Your days on this training are full but you do get Sundays off to relax, rejuvenate, and grow closer to your fellow trainees.

Expect teachings from classic texts and yoga and teachings that facilitate deep inner healing for both yourself and your future students. Yoga practitioners of all levels are welcome but some previous history of practicing yoga is recommended. This course is also Yoga Alliance certified.

Image by Yogaji

25 Day 200-Hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Saint Michel de Chabrillanoux, the Ardèche, France

This yoga teacher training in France differs from other mainstream YTT because it focuses on more traditional yoga practices that include Mantra, and Pranayama. In this deeply transformational training, you can expect to be in a serene environment while connecting to yourself, others, and nature as it’s quite a picturesque location!

As one of the top offerings in France, this training is deeply spiritual but will still give you the opportunity to see how to use these practices in modern life. This training follows the sun and adjusts the schedule as the sun changes, much like living in an Ashram. So if you wish for a more traditional experience without going to India, this is a top choice for you.

Not quite what you’re after? Find 100-hour, 300-hour, 500-hour, specialized training and many more options on BookYogaTeacherTraining as more training is always being added!

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