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Blanket Yoga – Gentle Floor Yoga Sequence

Blanket Yoga – Gentle Floor Yoga Sequence

What is blanket yoga exactly? It’s simply practicing yoga with a blanket! Using a blanket in your yoga practice has many benefits and uses including padding, support, and comfort. Whether you have sore wrists or knees that need a bit of extra padding, are finding certain poses don’t work great for your body, or just prefer to have a relaxing, cozy, yoga class, a yoga blanket can help you out.

You do not need a specific blanket for yoga. The best part about this prop is that you already have one at home! Or if you just prefer to hate on blankets, a towel can work too.

Blanket Yoga Flow

Join me in this gentle floor yoga sequence that will have you feeling cozy, supported, and relaxed.

Ways to Use a Yoga Blanket

  • Use folded as a cushion for your knees or wrists when on your hands and knees or just knees.
  • Use folded to sit on for cushion or to assist in folded folds for more length (it helps to tilt your pelvis).
  • Use rolled to provide support for your lower back in savasana by placing it under your knees.
  • Use rolled at the base of your spine running towards your head in reclined butterfly for a deeper heart opener.
  • Use rolled under your chest in child’s pose for a comfy variation that will bring the ground to you.
  • Use rolled in child’s pose to place under your hamstrings and on your calves if you’re tight and your sit bones don’t touch your heels.
  • Use folded or rolled between your thighs or on the ground in reclined twists.
  • Use it open to drape over you when in savasana for warmth and to feel extra cozy.

Practice more cozy yoga with Taylor!

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