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Why Your Breakdown Could Be Your Next Breakthrough

Why Your Breakdown Could Be Your Next Breakthrough
Your breakdowns are not something to be ashamed of or be hard on yourself for, because it is often the breakdowns that really lead to breakthroughs. Click to find out how you can breakthrough to live your best life, be your best life and see your breakdowns as opportunities to work on your personal development.


Your mental health is one of the most important things to take care of. When you’re going through a breakdown, learn how you can reframe it to see it as an opportunity to breakthrough. Choose to see your breakdowns as something to work through for your well being as a form of self-love. Click to find out just how to do so!


Breakdown to breakthrough so that you can live your best life, continue on your personal development journey and learn to love and trust yourself even more. You are so much more than your breakdowns and they’re not something to look at as a bad thing. Click to find out how to see your breakdown as a good thing.


Breakdowns are not bad, they’re just a signal to you that something needs to change. Click to listen to a podcast for women that will help to completely reframe how you look at your breakdowns - for the better.


Self-love and self-care are about learning how to treat yourself with compassion, even during your lowest moments like your breakdowns. Click to learn how you can see your breakdowns as a good thing and why they lead to better mental health and breakthroughs.


If you think you’re about to go through a breakdown, are currently experiencing one or are just prepping yourself for what you think will inevitably happen in the future, let’s start off by understanding that breakdowns can actually be a good thing.

This article was written to help convince you it is essential to breakdown in order to breakthrough.

Instead of looking at your breakdown like it’s a dark place, let’s reframe it so that you can see how this breakdown was actually something you needed and how you can use it as fuel to get you to where you want to be and the person you want to be.

What does breakdown mean?

Let’s start off with figuring out what breakdown means because it can mean any number of things to different people.

According to dictionary.com, a breakdown can mean:

1. a breaking down, wearing out, or sudden loss of ability to function efficiently, as of a machine.

2. a loss of mental or physical health; collapse.

While the first definition is in regards to a machine, I believe it can be applied to humans as well. As humans we too can feel worn out (or burnt out) and can often feel like we’re losing our ability to function as efficiently as we usually do.

A breakdown then, in my opinion, is anything from a nervous breakdown that requires medical attention or treatment to seemingly spontaneous moments of crying, fits of anger or any other emotions that stop you from performing at your regular capability.

Personally, I cry most often as my form of breakdown. I mean sobs that are so strong and tears pouring out of my eyes so much so that I can’t see or function on anything.

While all breakdowns are not equal, as in some require treatments and others don’t, I do believe that each and every one you experience is telling you something, that something needs to change.

Simply put, breakdowns are just a signal.

Breakdown to breakthrough | From breakdown to breakthrough | How to breakthrough | How to breakthrough in life | Breakthroughs | Breakdown breakthrough
How to breakthrough in life? Treat your breakdowns as opportunities.

Why breakdowns are necessary

In order to truly up-level your life you simply can not expect things to stay the same, for things to not shift and for them to just magically get better.

Lets get real, sister.

Up-levelling, improving your life to live your best damn life takes work. It takes commitment and energy and dedication to yourself so strong that nothing will stop you from working on your personal development.

Quite often things get worse, or at least they feel like they’re getting worse before they get better.

This is because things literally need to have a breakdown in order to rearrange themselves. And this can often present itself as chaos.

I encourage you to reframe your thinking to look at chaos instead as a blessing from the universe that things are already working in your favour. Things are rearranging for you to make room for the new, to make room for the good.

If you let the universe do its thing and trust that you are doing the best you can to get through, then my darling you will.

You are more powerful than you think and you can get through anything life and the universe throws at you because everything we experience is really just a test. And the universe never gives you anything that you can’t handle.

Breakdown to breakthrough | From breakdown to breakthrough | How to breakthrough | How to breakthrough in life | Breakthroughs | Breakdown breakthrough
Your mental breakthrough will happen whenever you’re ready for it to.

Your breakdown is what is essential for you to up-level and for you to get to the good. Without making room for your new thoughts and beliefs something has got to change.

Instead of seeing a breakdown as something bad, choose to see it as a sign that your body, mind, soul and universe is telling you that something is shifting so you can experience better.

When you choose to believe and see your breakdowns as a good thing, they get that much easier to get through.

When you begin to see your darkest moments as the moments before your brightest then you’ll be grateful to experience them. Your low moments, your dark moments make you the strong, powerful woman you’re becoming. These low moments are nothing but opportunities for you to grow, learn more about yourself and become more resilient.

If you don’t experience the lowest low’s in your life, you won’t be able to experience the highest of highs. Both are necessary in order for there to be a contrast in your life so that the highs feel really freakin’ amazing.

Breakdown to breakthrough | From breakdown to breakthrough | How to breakthrough | How to breakthrough in life | Breakthroughs | Breakdown breakthrough
Your breakthroughs are what you’ll cherish forever.

How to get from breakdown to breakthrough

Please note that I am not a doctor and encourage anyone who needs help to reach out for it. I can only share what has worked for me getting through my breakdowns from my own anxiety, stress and burnout.

The first thing to understand is that your breakdowns are the beginning of you and your body releasing negative energy from your energetic field.

This release can come in the form of crying, sadness, anger, jealousy, fear, guilt, shame and so on. It can feel like a tightness in the chest, an upset stomach, a restriction in your throat or a pressure in your body that makes you feel tense.

Acknowledge that you feel these physical symptoms or emotions and know that you can do something about them.

You can get rid of negative emotions by crying, yelling (maybe into a pillow depending on where you are), physically moving your body, journalling, EFT tapping, meditating and getting out into nature.

Now I understand that while you’re in the middle of a breakdown none of those sound possible or that you’ll want to do. But you can remind yourself that your breakdown will lead to a breakthrough. You can remind yourself that you must experience the lows to experience the highs.

And when you’re feeling good enough to try one of the above-mentioned tips, you go for it.

Better yet, incorporate any (I encourage multiple) of these activities into your daily routine or life and you will be better able to handle your breakdowns in no time.

Breakdown to breakthrough | From breakdown to breakthrough | How to breakthrough | How to breakthrough in life | Breakthroughs | Breakdown breakthrough

Learning how to breakthrough is as simple as understanding that you’re having a breakdown, seeing it as an opportunity instead of something that’s holding you back and then taking the appropriate action when necessary to help you get through it and remove any low vibe, negative or stagnant emotions that need to leave your body in order for you to level-up and become your best self.

Believe that you can get through anything and you will. Your lowest moments create the parts of you that make you, you.

Your lowest moments do not define you, they make you.

Your lowest moments are not moments of defeat, they are simply a signal to you that something had to change in order for you to get even better.

You got this girl, you can get through anything.

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