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Cancer Zodiac Yoga: A Flow for the Cancer Season

Cancer Zodiac Yoga: A Flow for the Cancer Season

Whether you’re a cancer or not, this yoga flow for the star sign of cancer will help you get through this emotional season. That’s right, cancer season can bring up a lot and movement is a great tool to help you feel through it, release tension in your body, and move some energy. Keep reading to know what to expect for this season and for a cancer zodiac yoga flow!

Yoga and Astrology – How Are They Connected?

The simple answer is, they kinda are, kinda aren’t! While I have read some places that yoga and astrology are sister sciences, I wouldn’t go so far to say that they are personally, as it would be more accurate to say astrology is a sister discipline. The main reason why you see yoga and astrology practiced together so often is because both practices relate to our energy and the elements.

Together, when you practice yoga in tune with the planets you can create a deeper understanding and connection to nature, whether that be through the phases of the moon when practicing moon yoga, or practicing zodiac yoga to get through each star sign season as the planets shift.

Whether you notice the shifting of the planets with your energy or not, there is no harm in picking a practice that aligns with the stars or moon at the time or opt to practice a flow that is what your body is craving. Astrology yoga simply adds a layer of theming that gives teachers the opportunity to dive into questions of the star sign’s season.

What Can Be Expected in Cancer Season

Cancer is ruled by the moon, the moodiest, dreamiest, and the intimate planet. Because of this, you can often expect cancer season to be filled with emotions, more cravings to be home and cozy, and a wanting to deepen your relationships. Cancer season will encourage you to open up, and even though it can seem daunting to expose your soft side, it is well worth it, in the end, to feel more open with those around you.

That being said, don’t forget that you don’t have to take astrology so seriously. Use this as a guide and move through your emotions as they come up, not always based on what the stars are doing! That is where you’ll find the deepest connection with yourself.

Cancer Zodiac Yoga

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