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Canggu Yoga Guide: Top Studios, Retreats & Accommodation

Canggu Yoga Guide: Top Studios, Retreats & Accommodation

While Ubud is the yoga hub of Bali, Canggu certainly isn’t far behind. Since Canggu is a centre not only for tourists but also digital nomads, short and long term, this upbeat area of Bali has become a hot spot for yoga too with studios that cater to all levels and styles of yoga.

This Canggu yoga guide breaks down where you can find yoga classes in Canggu, at what studios, where you can stay to practice yoga, and the best yoga retreats in Canggu for a vacation or even for a mini-break if you’re living in Bali.

Whether you’re new to yoga or are a long-time lover, yoga is certainly one of the top things to do in Canggu.

Yoga Studios in Canggu

No matter what yoga style you love to practice or want to try, there’s a Canggu yoga studio that offers what you want.

The Practice

The Practice is perhaps the most famous yoga studio in Canggu and is a fabulous place to unwind and deeply connect to your practice. Just off of the hustle and bustle of Batu Bolong, The Practice offers students a quiet and serene environment in a beautiful bamboo studio.

The Practice teaches traditional tantric Hatha classes, workshops, teacher training, and events. The studio and the co-founders pride themselves on delivering exceptional classes that have no gimmicks, keeping as close to yoga’s roots as possible.

See The Practice schedule.


If there’s a style of yoga that you’ve been wanting to try, there’s a very good chance that Serenity offers it. Serenity has an incredibly diverse yoga schedule with a number of yoga styles and a large team of experienced teachers that will lead you through classes such as Hatha, yin, aerial, vinyasa flow, restorative, Ashtanga, power, core, chakra flow…there’s little that Serenity doesn’t offer.

Located just a minute’s walk from the beach, you clearly have an abundance of options to choose from for yoga styles and can flow it out in one of the open-air studios with the ocean breeze just off in the distance.

See Serenity’s schedule.

Desa Seni

Desa Seni offers quite a few yoga styles as well that include Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and vinyasa flow yoga. But what sparks interest here are the classes that go deeper. While there are yoga classes available to all levels, Desa Seni also has what they call a master class which goes deeper into yoga and beyond just the physical practice, sharing more about yoga philosophy and the 8 limbs of yoga.

See Desa Seni schedule.

Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali is the top place to practice yoga in Canggu if you’re looking for Ashtanga classes. This serene studio is a heavenly paradise that is a “community hub for health-freaks and conscious-living addicts.” Far from just Ashtanga yoga classes, Samadi Bali invites guests in for ecstatic dance, moon rituals, women’s circles, workshops, and more.

See Samadi Bali’s schedule.

Canggu Studio

Canggu Studio is a top choice if you are looking for more than just yoga. With over 30 different types of classes, getting a pass here means that you’ll be able to sweat it out dancing, boxing, doing aerobics, barre, and of course yoga.

There are multiple styles of dance available including Beyonce, dancehall, high heels, jazz and more. The focus for yoga here is power but for more mindful practices breathwork and emotional freedom classes are on the schedule too.

See Canggu Studio schedule.

Yoga Retreats in Canggu

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to immerse yourself into a weeklong getaway or are content for just a few days to shake things off, there are no shortage of Canggu yoga retreats. From retreats that are already pre-planned with a schedule to make-your-own retreats, you truly have endless options for yoga in Canggu.

Loka Yoga School

Definitely a ‘must’ for any yoga enthusiasts in Canggu, Loka Yoga School have a stunning venue by the beach and an amazing line up of expert teachers from around the world.

Specializing in 200-hour yoga teacher trainingsYin Yoga teacher trainingBreathworkMeditationYoga Philosophy and advanced workshops and classes, the school is in a fantastic location right by the beach, surrounded by rice fields and one street away from the best cafes, restaurants and boutiques in Canggu.  You really do enjoy the full Bali experience here at Loka Yoga School, whilst immersing yourself in the culture and yogic world!

Use the code TAYLORSTRACKS for a special discount on retreat and training!

8 Day Bestseller Yoga and Surf Holiday

Canggu is not just known for yoga, but for surfing too. With some of the best waves on the island, it’s a great place to practice standing on the water and feel rejuvenated before stretching it all out on the mat. This yoga holiday gives you the freedom to scoot around on your own scooter to discover Canggu between surf lessons and yoga classes.

Styles of yoga offered include vinyasa, yin, restorative, and Ashtanga. Surf lessons are ideal for those with little to no experience, so there’s no need to stress if you’re a total newbie on a board.

Odyssey MVMT 7 Days Yoga and Fitness Retreat

Not your average retreat, Odyssey MVMT allows you to call the shots and have a luxury retreat of a lifetime. With unlimited yoga and fitness classes, you can practice whenever you want and get advice during your personal one-on-one sessions with Odyssey’s yoga and fitness experts.

Aside from getting your sweat on, you’re treated to 5 beauty and massage treatments and will have a personalized schedule made just for you so you and be truly pampered and taken care of. Yoga styles offered at this retreat include power, vinyasa, and yin.

4 Day Yoga Holiday in Canggu, Bali at Fully Sustainable Eco Retreat Center

You’re spoiled for choice at this eco-friendly Canggu retreat. Choose from up to 10 different classes a day and be just minutes from the beach or opt to relax in the pool on-site. This retreat has a holistic approach so your food will be vegan, healthy, and give you lots of energy for your yoga classes and to explore Canggu for a mini holiday.

8 Day Free to Roam Yoga Holiday in Bali

Designed with the independent traveller in mind, The Pineapple House is a top spot for yogis of all levels to come and flow it out. Surfers of all levels are welcome too as you get to choose what you do with your day and all of the activities and amenities that you have access to.

The Pineapple House believes in simplicity and thus this retreat and accommodation provide just that, so that you can build and create a retreat just as you like it.

7 Days Luxury Bucket List and Yoga Holiday in Canggu, Bali

If you’re after more than just yoga and want to see the best of Bali, then look no further. This luxury Canggu yoga retreat will take you across the island for hikes up Mount Batur, to the waters around Nusa Penida to swim with manta rays, to rice fields, to sound healing, and much more.

But none of this is done without first flowing it out through a Hatha yoga practice and a bit of pampering.

Accommodation & Yoga in Canggu

These options are great if you want to stay on the location of a yoga studio without needing to book a retreat.

Serenity Eco Guesthouse

Perhaps the most popular choice for yoga and accommodation in Canggu, Serenity Eco Guesthouse is a top choice not only for its location but also its amenities, price, and number of yoga classes and styles available on-site.

There’s really not much need to leave the property, except for maybe the beach which is 150 metres away. The guesthouse is in the heart of Canggu so you’re close to all of the highlights but on-site you can enjoy the pool, massages, and the Alkaline restaurant which serves vegan meals.

Despite being in the middle of Canggu, you’ll feel like you’re in a peaceful oasis, walking through gardens on your way to your room. Both private and shared accommodation is available here, making it affordable for all budgets.

Matra Bali Guesthouse

Just a 5-minute drive from Berawa Beach, Matra Bali Guesthouse is set in the heart of Berawa (my personal favourite part of Canggu) where you will find an abundance of cafes and shopping. The accommodation itself is simple but offers private patio and garden views for a truly relaxing way to wake up in the morning. The yoga studio to practice is just minutes away and there is also a restaurant on-site.

Udara Bali Yoga Detox & Spa

If you’re looking to truly get away from it all and to immerse yourself into a few days of peace, quiet, and relaxation then look no further. Udara is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Canggu’s busy streets and is set right on the beach where the only people you’ll see are really those from the resort.

Unlike any other accommodation in Canggu, Udara has created what feels like another world in their creative spa that includes a sauna, hot and cold pools, a meditation cave, and much, much more.

On top of the spa amenities, Udara offers complimentary yoga in their open-air studios that include aerial yoga that overlooks the ocean. There’s simply nowhere else in Canggu with a view like it for yoga.

Dreamsea Canggu

Dreamsea Canggu is, as the name suggests, dreamy. The accommodation is decorated in boho style that’s light and airy and will make you feel like you’re on the vacation of your dreams. This Canggu yoga accommodation is a surf camp but yoga classes are offered at the on-site fitness studio too.

Find more places to stay in Canggu.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which I earn a small commission from and are at no additional cost to you. See my disclosure policy for details. Thank you for supporting my small business!

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