It’s December 17th and I’ve finally allowed myself to watch my first Christmas movie of the year and listen to Christmas music as I write this post. I held off on these seasonal habits thinking that they would make me homesick if I gave in too early. It does feel slightly wrong to have Christmas music playing when I can hear tropical birds outside.

love Christmas, and when I decided to move abroad 2 months before Christmas I had no idea how hard it would be to be so far from home. I was excited to experience Christmas in the heat, but there are so many little things that I miss that I didn’t plan on missing. Humans are creatures of habit, and when I see December written on my calendar its habit to eat too much and shop.


I miss cooking baked goods, I miss the boxes of chocolate and wine that my dad brings home from work from clients. I miss seeing all the chocolate and crackers packaged to look like presents, shaped in snowflakes, and decorated in gold. So basically I just miss all the sweets. I associate Christmas with certain chocolates and candies, and when I look at the date it just feels so odd to not have Toblerone or salted nuts around the house. Luckily I found some Toblerone and ate it half melted because you know it’s like 35 degree here everyday. And egg nog! So much food is associated with Christmas I’m starting to realize how much a food holiday it is, but that’s okay and can’t wait until next year to eat it all.


The first package I received here in Thailand was a small Christmas tree with mini decorations and snowmen from my mom. I opened the package half-way and when I realized what it was I started to cry. One of the best parts of Christmas is decorating, hanging colourful lights in my room, digging out the tree and laughing at all the handmade ornaments from when my sister and I were younger. Seeing all the malls decked out with their best decorations and massive trees, I miss it all. Though the mall here does have a 3-storey Christmas tree, and my school, it still all feels off.


Snow (surprisingly)

This was a shocker for me as I realized that I really did miss the snow. Your body really does get accustomed to the seasons and I keep waiting for it to get colder. I do consider myself lucky that I’m not home this year because it would just be depressing to have a green Christmas. Usually the city I’m from is piled in snow, but this year they’ve barely had below zero. What’s wrong with you Canada? Seeing the snow from other’s on Snapchat in Europe, bundled up in their scarves and fuzzy hats has me wanting to curl up with a warm up of tea and watch the snow fall outside.


I really do miss having the seasons change and with that new clothes. With every change of seasons its like getting a wardrobe update as you dig out the comfy sweaters, wool socks, and big scarves. I only have what I could fit in one pack, and I don’t mind having a limited wardrobe, but I miss the fun of dressing differently for a period of time and being comfy. And how could I not miss wearing a shirt that’s covered in cats wearing Santa hats (see below)?



I’m very close with my family and definitely miss being around them, especially for this time of year. No Christmas movies in the basement, or drinking hot chocolate together. No complaining about the cold and the snow, no baking together, or wrapping gifts for. It’s simply not the same. I hate to admit that I even miss all of our family pets (and I always complain about our pets).


What do you miss most about Christmas while abroad? share below!

Spending Christmas abroad can be a real eye-opener though, I came to some realizations and found a few things that I didn’t miss about Christmas.