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5-Minute Confidence Boost Yoga

5-Minute Confidence Boost Yoga

There are times when you need a boost of confidence and quick. We don’t always have time to roll out our mats and practice for 20+ minutes. While it’s certainly beneficial to have a yoga practice that is consistent as it can help build your confidence, this yoga sequence is designed to give you a quick boost of confidence to start your day, to do before a big event, or anytime you need to ground into your body to ease nerves.

Confidence Boost Yoga Video

Do this whenever you need to feel great about yourself quickly. A mat is totally optional.

Tips to Boost Confidence

Of course, there is much more that you can do to boost your confidence other than yoga. Here are a few tips and practices that you can add to your daily routine or do when you need confidence most.

Practice Yoga Regularly

While yoga has many benefits, it’s also a great way to build confidence, self-esteem, and release self-doubt. Having a regular practice, no matter how frequent, will give you the opportunity to come home to yourself, get to know yourself, and listen to yourself, both your mind and your body. This deeper connection certainly leads to more confidence. Try adding some of the videos below into your yoga mix for a strong focus on confidence.

Mirror Work

Take time to meet your own gaze in the mirror and get used to seeing yourself. This is especially helpful for body confidence. Stand back and take yourself in, noticing what comments you’re making to yourself internally without judgment. Or step up close to the mirror and look directly in your own eyes. While this may seem weird, it’s truly powerful!

Wonder Woman Pose

When in doubt, stand in the Wonder Woman pose. Step your feet wide, and place your hands in fists on your hips, elbows pointing to either side. Stand tall, chin up, chest open. Stand just like this, breathing deeply for a few minutes, and feel your confidence build in just minutes or moments.


Affirmations can be paired with mirror work, can be said out loud, can be written out, or repeated in your head. Come up with a few phrases or use inspiration from others to create affirmations that make you feel more confident. One of my personal favourites is “I am fabulous.”

Get Off of Social Media

As wonderful as social media is, it can totally destroy confidence when we begin to compare ourselves to others. And there’s no doubt that everyone does this, no matter how many times we tell ourselves not to. We’re not perfect, we’re human, and it happens. Spend less time on social media and more time doing things with yourself and watch your confidence soar.

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