Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Why You Need to Focus on Pinterest

Pinterest is a goldmine of traffic referrals for both bloggers and businesses. It has the potential to sky rocket your pageviews and it puts your brand in front of new eyes, making it an essential platform for any brand looking to grow. It’s like Google but with pictures, making it a much more appealing medium for your audience. It will help to establish your brand and your content will live on forever. With Twitter your content in gone within minutes, Instagram doesn’t deliver you direct traffic, and Facebook is tricky with its changing algorithms. With Pinterest you can guarantee that your content will be seen today, tomorrow, and forever onwards.

Why You Need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Like any social media platform it takes time and patience to learn new practices and to upkeep engagement. With a Pinterest VA you can sit back and watch as your brand becomes noticed in a short period of time as an expert (me!) tackles the best practices for your brand. With any of my packages I’ll take the tedious task of pinning off your shoulders, optimize your brand on Pinterest, and deliver you results. Your time is precious, you need someone to do the nitty gritty and get things going fast. Though it is important to know that Pinterest does take time and you won’t see results overnight!

So Why Hire Me?

Because I’m a Pinterest wiz! I have the skills and knowledge to grow your audience on Pinterest from building my own account and brand.

  • My blogs #1 referral is Pinterest, driving 88% of my traffic
  • I have a 40.2% engagement rates on all my pins (this includes both my own and others)
  • I’m currently gaining 40+ new followers a day
  • I have a passion for Pinterest and am dedicated to constantly learning more about the platform
  • I know the best tools to use and how to utilize them for the best results
  • I design pins that reflect your brand and pin content specially picked for your brand

Don’t believe me? See the results for yourself! Check out my Pinterest page.


I am currently updating my services offered. Please send me an email for inquiries.

Please enquire here for more details or to tailor a package specifically for your brand.

If you’re ready to get your brand noticed and see a huge increase in pageviews then let’s chat and get started!