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Group tours are often expensive, don’t fit into your schedule, take you to places that you don’t necessarily want to see and usually have that one annoying person in the group. And though I’m a huge advocate for group travel (because not all are bad), there is a way to do it on your own. And that’s with OldView.

For over 100 years cameras have given us the ability to capture a place or a moment in time, making it forever accessible. But these images are usually a part of old family albums buried in basements or displayed in museums. And whether you are a history buff or not, there is something special and fascinating about seeing a place before your time. Now you can see these images without knowing the people who own the images or paying big bucks for a museum.

What is OldView?

OldView is a new app that allows you to access historical images around the world from the exact spot where they were originally taken. You literally have history at your fingertips.

To be able to find the images OldView uses a map that shows you locations where there are images. You can use the map to guide you to the exact spot where it will tell you what the picture is of and when it was taken. All you have to do is click on the image and hold it up to compare it with the view in front of you to be taken back in time.

How to Create Your Own Tour

If you think that making your own tour will take time and planning and just won’t be worth the effort then you are wrong. With OldView planning what sites you want to see becomes easy. Simply open the app and in either the map or list view you can click on an image you’re interested in, click the arrow and click the icon for add to image planner.

Once you have all of the spots you’d like to visit you can view your planner to see the list. From each image you’ve chosen you can get directions through the app on a map to the exact spot. Easy! By saving the spots you’d like to go to you can even avoid using data!

Other Features

  • Set up notifications so you know whenever you are near a spot with a historical image
  • Access information and the date of each image
  • Contribute your own images to share with others
  • Interact with others using messaging and likes through the app
  • Manually view a map or list tagged with the images to see what’s around you

OldView is ideal for traveler’s looking to save a bit of money but still experience the history behind a place. You can access images not just in cities either, they are literally all around the world. Even if you’re not interested in creating your own tour, set up notifications so while you’re exploring a new destination you can be reminded of the old and the story behind the places around you.

So whether you’re on the road or at home walking to work, you can now see a different side of the place you’re in. Learn more about what’s around you and download OldView for free.

OldView for iOS
OldView for Andriod

Would you use OldView while traveling?

This is a post written in collaboration with OldView. All thoughts and opinions are my own.