A lot happened this month on Taylor's Tracks including a ton of new content on Croatia, four new books read, a trip to Ubud and finally discovering what total bliss really feels like. #travel #travelblog

Back home in Canada February is one of the worst months of the year. The month drags on despite it being the shortest month of the year, it’s dark, cold and there is no sign of blooming flowers and warm spring weather anywhere in sight.

It’s because of this depressing weather that I’m forever grateful that I have a job that gives me the opportunity to chase an eternal summer and to be somewhere that my lack of vitamin D doesn’t mean I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD.

Let’s dive into what went on in February because there was a lot that happened. Including lots of new content, a total major fail some epic photoshoots.

Ubud with the girls, doing group shots after a waterfall photoshoot!

Where I went in February

The entire month of February I’ve been in Bali! More specifically in my second home of Canggu, a beachside area of Bali that is basically a utopia made just for westerns working online (I’m seriously not exaggerating).

I did do a weekend trip with some new friends up to Ubud to see some of the sites I’ve seen before but was happy to go back to and to check out some new places. Ubud is fabulous and every time I go I ask myself why I’m not living there. Then I remember there’s no beach.

Canggu sunset

How I went from burnt out to reaching happiness

Emotions ran high in February that put me on a serious roller coaster. I arrived at the end of January feeling totally burnt out and just wanting to be in one place (hence why I knew I was coming to Bali for 2 months). I arrived the Monday night and Tuesday woke up with a fever.

I ended up being sick my entire first week in Bali with a fever, had to get antibiotics which made me even more sick and which I reacted to but then I was ‘better’. I still felt like shit even though my fever was finally gone after a week so I went to see a doctor and I was told I was fine.

Never in my life has my body been so beat down that it took me a full week to recover, get back to my normal self and feel like my head was clear enough to actually think properly.

It was rough.

Once I was back to my normal self I mingled with new friends, got back into yoga at an awesome studio (Odysessy Movement for anyone who’s interested) and was able to create my own routine, which I have seriously been craving for months.

I got to bring two friends to a beach club in Nusa Dua as “work”.

So how exactly did I get from being burnt out then sick to total bliss and being that annoyingly happy person?

It was a combination of things, some of which built up over time that got me to the point where one day I was sitting in my room and I thought “holy shit, I’m so happy.” I suddenly realized that I had everything that I wanted.

Not many people know but this blog originally started out as a happiness blog that I created to keep tracking of new things I was trying to be happier. I was in a rough spot and needed out and the book The Happiness Project inspired and fueled my decision to start Taylor’s Tracks.

Obviously, it’s turned into a travel blog but since this blog began in 2015 I have always been obsessed with finding true happiness. I knew things that made me happy but I felt like I could feel happier.

It wasn’t until this month that I believe I felt true happiness.

I get to eat amazing food for every meal in Canggu.

It was a combination of my daily routine which includes meditation, journaling (I also practice gratitude while journaling), learning something new (learning German), working on new projects on my blog, having a community, getting back into yoga, finding people that I click with really well with, no longer feeling as many money constraints (though I’m always freaking out about money) and being busy that brought me to my true state of bliss.

But I kid you not about 30 seconds after basking in the realization of finally achieving what I’ve always been dreaming of my next thought was “so what’s next?” What’s after happiness? Later that same day I stumbled across this TED Talk called “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy” (I highly recommend you watch).

So now I’m on a new journey to find fulfillment while still fully enjoying this ultimate level of happiness that I now come across almost daily.

I can tell you that this happiness feeling is so so so awesome but that it doesn’t last. Something will happen and through you off course and you’ll need to get back on again, such is life. Oh, and that it takes a hell of a lot of work to feel this good, to find your balance and to keep it going.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

What’s new on the blog

February was all about Croatia content! I love Croatia and think everyone should go and explore more than just the touristy hot spots and don’t worry, you know I’ve got you covered on how to plan your dream trip.

What’s new on YouTube

Yeah, that’s right, I started a YouTube channel! I was doing a 30-day video challenge but that lasted about 4 days…I definitely underestimated how much time it took and I was getting super anxious and stressed so I stopped and decided to focus on doing fewer videos but better.

My first videos are out and they’re all about how to save money for travel before and during your travels. Here’s a peek at just one of the videos that I made!

What I’ve read this month

My goal is to read a book a week, 52 books in 2019, here’s what I read in February.

The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine: A short but incredibly fascinating read about how the female brain differs from the male brain. It explains why women act certain ways, how we mature faster and has all of the answers as to why women think so differently than men, all backed up and proven by research.




Help Me: One woman’s quest to find out if self-help really can change her life by Marianne Power: I love self-help books as a way to constantly be improving myself and my way of thinking. But can self-help go too far? Marianna dives into this question and beyond as she chooses to undertake a project that involves reading a self-help book every month for a year. A great read with funny stories and interesting self-realizations that will make you think about yourself too.



Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory: When I was younger I read The Other Boleyn Girl and was obsessed with the story. Philippa Gregory does, as always, an amazing job in this historical fiction that follows one of the Tudor daughters, Margaret, Queen of Scots and sister to Henry VIII who has very little information written about her. If you’ve read The Other Boleyn Girl, this novel takes places and slightly overlaps with the story.



Flat: Reclaiming my Body from Breast Cancer by Catherine Guthrie: I love to read memoirs because people have such amazing stories to share. And while I consider getting breast cancer the total opposite of amazing, what Catherine did, sharing her story and the issues behind medical mistakes, women’s health journalism and reflects on how people deal with breast cancer is an amazing and brave act. I highly recommend this book.



Positive news of the month

I compared my advertising stats from February of 2018 and was thrilled to see that I have more than doubled my income just through advertising. I don’t say this brag, I saw this to hope to inspire others who want to do the same and create a job that allows them to live nomadically.

If you’re interested in creating a blog or making money from blogging then I’ve got news for you, this month I’ll be starting to create content on how to do just so! If you have any questions that you want answered I want to hear. Don’t be shy, email me at [email protected] and I’ll include answers to your questions in my posts.

Until next month!