Fierce Feminine

It's time to join the Fierce Feminine Revolution

Fierce Feminine is…

  • A woman who is confident in her power but also her ability to just be.
  • A woman who has mastered the ultimate balance of masculine and feminine and knows when to work both.
  • A woman who is empowered and stands in her power unapologetically.

Join the revolution for 12 empowering & transformative weeks through my 1:1 coaching program.


“Women are the greatest untapped natural resource on this planet.”

-Regena Thomashauer, author of Pussy

Are you someone who...

  • Is your own biggest critic?
  • Feels like there’s a disconnect between your drive & your accomplishments?
  • Is a perfectionist who strives to achieve the most possible?
  • Is an over thinker who can’t top analyzing what isn’t working?
  • Is lacking direction & an idea of what to do next?
  • Feels like you aren’t yet living to your fullest potential?

Are you ready to...

  • Get out of your own way so you can achieve your dreams?
  • Love & trust yourself so you can stop your inner critic and the ongoing war in your head?
  • Access your inner power so you can own your confidence & be the leader of your own life?
  • Embrace your feminine energy so you stop doing, working and forcing and instead start being and receiving effortlessly?

“Chatting with Taylor was more helpful than I hope for. I tend to overthink and then worried that opening up would be difficult but talking to Taylor was easy and comfortable. It was definitely a very helpful experience and I look forward to meeting with her and growing in the future!”


Do you crave to feel...

  • Loved & acceptance for your body, accomplishments & dreams?
  • Trust & in touch with your inner knowing & body?
  • Happy & excited for the present & future?
  • Joyful in the present moment?
  • Fulfilled, peaceful & whole with exactly where & who you are?
  • Empowered to speak your authentic truth?

If you answered hell YES to any of the above...

What’s included in 12 weeks of empowering 1:1 coaching:

1x Dream & Intention Setting Session

    • This session is designed to get you crystal clear on what you want to achieve by the end of the program, what dreams are most important to you, and getting you connected to your values which are the driving forces behind this program.

1x Reflection & Future Mapping Session

    • This session is catered to empowering you by reflecting back on how far you’ve come in the program and dedicates time to making sure you’re fully equipped with the tools and resources needed for you to live to your fullest potential after the program ends.

10x Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

    • These weekly sessions are a combination of mentoring and coaching. They’re a time for you to get guidance through what’s currently happening in your life and receive inspiring yet actionable steps for feeling more connected, empowered & accomplished. At the end of each call you’ll receive a follow-up email which reviews the call and provides you with further resources to keep you on track, growing and improving. 

1x Complimentary Clarity Call

    • If you’re not 100% sure on if Fierce Feminine coaching is for you or if you have any questions, a complimentary 30-minute clarity call may be booked before you begin or invest in the program.

Unlimited Voice, Chat & Email Support

    • Get direct access to unlimited support between calls for those moments of uncertainty that leave you feeling unsure, stuck or anything low vibe. We’re human, those moments happen but you’ll never be left without someone to reach out to in your times of need.

Unlimited Resources

    • Get additional resources and recommendations after each call to help further empower you between calls. Resources may include journal prompts, energetic practices, spiritual suggestions and more.

BONUS: Clarity Card Readings

    • At the beginning of each session you have the option of a tarot, spirit animal or oracle card reading which are designed to provoke thoughts, deepen your connection to yourself and create a trusting bond with yourself.

Investment: $500USD/month for 3 months

Personalized payment options are available because money should never hold a woman back from becoming empowered & living to her fullest potential.

“Her ability to completely change my mindset and approach to a challenge was so valuable to me. If you are looking for someone to coach you through the journey to your highest self, I highly recommend working with Taylor.”


Meet Your Mentor

I’m Taylor, a travel blogger turned personal development advocate and pursuer of happiness. For 4 years I travelled the world, lived abroad and grew my travel blog to be my full-time income. I was living the dream but was somehow unhappy, unfilled and constantly questioned if there was more for me. I was burnt out from constantly working, pushing myself to do more, see more and explore more. A voice in my head and a feeling in my body where screaming at me to stop doing what I was doing, so I listened.

It was when I was in Bali that I had my spiritual awakening and dived into the world of personal development. In less than a year with the help of multiple coaches and mentors I skyrocketed my self-worth, confidence and self-love to become my happiest, healthiest and most empowered self.

The secret? I stopped doing so much, embraced my feminine and just started being totally content with who I was, what I looked like and what I had accomplished. It was a hell of a journey, but it changed everything for the better.

Now it’s my mission to teach ambitious women around the globe how to reconnect with their mind, body and soul so that you can regain your trust, love and power. The world needs more women to step into their power, I believe it’s time for you to be one of them.

Are you ready to embrace the Fierce Feminine within you?


Not only did I enjoy the session but I also had some lightbulb moments where I realized what has been holding me back from loving myself. I found your questions really thought provoking, they enabled me to see just how much my low self worth has been impacting all areas of my life and how I feel daily.

Thank you so much for your kindness and warmth today, it felt like I had known you for ages.”


“Taylor is so personable and easy to talk to, just like she comes across on Instagram. Talking to her was like chatting with an old friend – one who understands my goals and struggles, and who knows what questions to ask to get me thinking. Our call was really helpful in identifying what’s important to me and why certain things are holding me back, and I left feeling excited and inspired.”