Fear and panic do nothing to solve the outbreak of viruses. Here's how you can stay high vibe and help yourself and the world as a whole get through scary and intense situations as calmly and healthy as possible.

It doesn't matter what is going on in the world, learning how to stay high vibe is a skill that you can use at any time. Click to learn how to take care of yourself and how to take care of your mental health now and always.

Energetics can help you stay high vibe during any time so that you can continue to live your best life, in and out of isolation. Click to happiness tips and tools to keep you high vibe and happy during isolation.

I want to start off by saying that this article is not a place to find information or updates on coronavirus. I am not a medical expert. I encourage you to visit the World Health Organization’s website or your countries official site in regards to updates around travel, medical advice and measures that are being put into place to help stop the spread of covid-19.

This article is a collection of resources that you can use to help you stay calm, keep you mentally healthy and to keep your panic, fear and anxiety around coronavirus at bay.

Why should I be concerned with keeping my vibe high during a pandemic?

Everything in the world and on this planet has a frequency. We all vibrate, including ourselves as human beings. Even coronavirus has a vibration. These vibrations determine our frequency and that frequency we give off. People around us, plants, animals, can all feel whatever frequency we’re vibrating at.

We give off an aura of up to 3 metres around us, meaning that everyone we’re around, even those we’re not in direct contact with can feel our frequency.

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt that if was off? Could you feel that there was a mood and that the energy wasn’t good? That’s because you felt other people’s frequencies and if there are multiple people in the room vibrating at that frequency, you’ll feel it a lot stronger.

This is what’s happening right now, there’s a bad vibe, a not so great feeling mood, only it’s more extreme because it’s happening globally.

Right now there is a lot of fear and panic happening around the world and it’s spreading like wildfire. You can feel it when you go to the grocery store to stock up on supplies and you can even feel it when you watch or read the news as they’re responsible for spreading most of the panic and fear.

Even social media, with every post or share there is an intention behind that post or share that is most likely fear or panic. You can feel that too because social media is an energy exchange.

Fear is one of the lowest vibrations on the frequency vibration scale and do you know what fear aligns with? Suffering. If you’re giving into fear and panic you’re allowing yourself to suffer even without being sick.

Source: https://freedomwithin.org/

Keeping yourself at this low vibe of fear by continuing to take in the information provided by the media and social media will keep you vibing low. When you’re vibing low it’s easier to get sick because you’re not at your strongest.

This is why you need to keep your vibe high. You need to protect yourself from getting sick and as a world citizen it is your responsibility to keep the global consciousness and health as a whole as high vibe as you can. You keeping yourself high vibe is the best thing that you can do for yourself and everyone else.

What does staying high vibe do?

Staying high vibe will keep you in a healthy mindset. It will allow you to make clear decisions that are best for yourself and the world. It will help keep you safe and informed without losing your mind.

Staying high vibe means that you spread higher vibrations such as love, joy and peace. It means that you can reach out and help support others who are panicking or experiencing fear.

It means that you’ll prioritize our global health as a whole and not just your own. This means that you won’t be stealing masks from health care facilities where healthcare workers who really need masks and hand sanitizer more than we do get them.

It means that you think of the elderly and don’t stock up so much that none is left for others. Staying high vibe connects us all more on a global scale so that we can get through this pandemic together and with as few casualties as possible.

In short, staying high vibe keeps you healthy and rational.

Does this mean ignoring the media or connecting more spiritually?

I do think the media should be ignored as their main focus is spreading fear and panic. I believe we should only be looking at sources that are here to deliver the facts and keep us safe without causing panic. Your government’s website and the WHO website are the two main places you should be looking for information in regards to where you are, travel and how to prepare.

No harm can come from us connecting more spiritually but what I am not saying is just spread love and we’ll all be fine. That is a form of spiritual bypassing.

While I am a spiritual person and believe there is a time and place for it, I’m much too realistic to know that just sending good vibes is not going to heal the world.

I encourage you to stay high vibe because it will allow your mind and body to be healthy. The most important thing I think about staying high vibe is having a clear mind so that you can be rational and realistic.

Fear and panic put us into a state where we do stupid things, such as stocking up on toilet paper. I mean, isn’t food more important?

So yes, ignore the media but stay informed on decisions made by your government that will affect you. And yes, connect more spiritually but do not just sit back and send love hoping to heal the world.

How can I stay high vibe?

I understand that staying high vibe in a situation like this where the majority of the world is going crazy is hard. And I’m here to say I get it. I’m currently living abroad in Bali and don’t know if I’ll be able to get home in a few months. I don’t know if I’ll be kicked out of the country. I don’t know if flights home will even be available.

On top of the uncertainty, my income has dropped drastically.

Staying high vibe and looking at the positive, such as the fact that more people are recovering from the virus than dying keeps me focused on what I can do to keep me healthy and surviving even as my income drops.

Does this mean I’m ignoring the bad things that are happening? No. I’m staying aware of the situation but I’m not letting it consume me.

I’m sharing a few resources that will help you stay high vibe, in a good vibration, for you both mentally and physically.

My coach, who has a background in health and nutrition and is someone who is very well informed on energetics has a podcast detailing what you can do to stay healthy.


This post talks about how this pandemic is a wakeup call for us all and gives a new perspective.

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The corona virus is showing us that we are all ONE, we are all connected and that these “borders” we made up, don’t really exist. 🌏 This is affecting all countries worldwide. A chance for all nations to come together… can you see the beauty in that, amidst the suffering? We are all the same, and we all ultimately want love, connection, safety and belonging. But when fear takes over and there is a threat, are we collaborating, supporting and sharing with each other? Or are we fighting and in scarcity and greed, only thinking for ourselves? Are we thinking about our health and community, or are we thinking about economy and money? This is an opportunity for us to come together and show up for one another. 2020 is going to continue to be full of wake up calls just like this. Because it is exactly what is needed. This is not just a virus pandemic, it’s a fear pandemic too. Fear spreads faster than any virus. Even when we allow ourselves to be in the energy of fear by just 10%, our whole vibration lowers. When we allow ourselves to instead be in the space of love, it raises infinitely, and we can spread love just as fast as we can spread fear. May everyone do what they need to do in current times to make themselves feel safe. But do not forget that constant anxiety and worry is like praying for what you don’t want. Do not forget that media is driven by fear and scare tactics. Remember to read the facts, not the fear. Hold the vibration of love, always. Be kind to everyone you meet. Take beautiful care of yourself, today, tomorrow and always. Breathe. Meditate. The Universe loves you. Exhale. You are safe. ❤️ #coronavirus

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This post details some of the facts around the virus and shines a light on how it’s improving in areas like China.

This video is an EFT (emotional freedom technique) guide to help you release any fear, panic or anxiety regarding the outbreak

Listen to music that is uplifting, dance around to release energy (doing it naked is even better). There’s even a coronavirus quarantine party playlist .

Keep up or start a morning routine.

Practice gratitude.

Distance yourself from the media and people who are spreading fear.

Limit your conversations around coronavirus that are not directly helping the situation or discussing ways or things that you need to do.

Stay connected. Reach out to others who are also working from home so that you still have a sense of community and avoid a sense of complete isolation. If you’re not used to spending so much time by yourself or working on your own it can be very jolting. Don’t hold in your emotions, let others know that you need help, that you need someone to talk to.

What can I do to stay safe?

Do your best to keep yourself high vibe so that you can make clear, realistic and responsible decisions for yourself and for the world.

If you feel even a little bit sick, stay home, rest up and contact medical help if you believe you could be infected. Some places are asking people to call in first so do your research before you go out to a medical facility.

Wash your hands, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face.

Cough or sneeze into your arm, not your hand.

Stay away from elderly people or those who have weakened immune systems if you have been in an area that had or has someone infected.

Keep up to date with what’s going on in your country by visiting the  WHO’s website to find the latest, most accurate information or sites such as the CDC, Public Health Canada or the equivalent for your country.

The World Health Organization even has Instagram and they’re sharing helpful news with a hint of humour which I so appreciate.

This video gives simple steps of what you can do to protect yourself:

What can I do while I’m off work or in quarantine?

While I understand that not everyone has the benefit of getting time off (paid or unpaid), if you’re forced to stay at home or are quarantined it doesn’t have to mean that you sit around and sulk or worry about the state of the world that is completely out of your control.

I encourage you to feel through whatever emotions that you’re facing, let them come up and out. This can be in the form of journaling, through talking to a friend, crying and more. I go into more detail of how to release negative emotions in my podcast episode, how to stop being so negative.

What you can do with this time is embrace it and use it to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Use this time to be creative, to start that project you’ve always wanted to (maybe it’s a blog!), to write that book you’ve always wanted to or to start a YouTube channel.

Maybe it’s something as simple as starting a morning routine or making more time to read or listen to podcasts. Maybe it’s as simple as watching a documentary or finally finishing that series on Netflix.

I encourage you to rest if you need it or dive into a project if that’s going to help stop you from going stir crazy.

You are not alone, even if you are physically alone in quarantine. You will always have people to reach out to because of the amazing technology that we have available to us today.

What to takeaway from this article

Spreading panic and fear does nothing to help us, in fact it only hurts us. Rely on resources given by official government sites and listen to information by those who are spreading love and realistic ways that we can help.

Keeping yourself high vibe, mentally and physically, is the most important and responsible thing that you can do for yourself and for the world.

We will get through this all together. Yes, it is scary and yes people will die, but we will come out the other side stronger, better prepared and more connected.

The world is not ending, don’t let the media fool you, it’s their job to spread fear and panic.

Stay high vibe, stay healthy and stay calm my dear friends.

To end on a laugh, this video gave me a really good giggle on how 2020 is turning out so far. Enjoy the laugh and stay in that vibration friends!

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