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Why would you want to learn to love eating alone? Because it will make you a more confident person, spare you from the humility of doing anything alone, and will help you to enjoy the little things in life.

This is not just for the solo traveler’s out there, but for all traveler’s and for anyone in general. Developing a desire to eat alone and to love it will give you more appreciation for food, for tastes, and for time alone. It will allow you to get to know yourself a little better, to people watch, and to try something new.

Gone will be the days of you shying away from eating alone in public and instead grabbing Subway or pizza to eat in front of your TV. Learn to love yourself, learn to indulge more, and learn that being alone is really not that scary. The hardest part is taking the first step, then it’s smooth sailing from there.

Eating Alone in Thailand www.taylorstracks.com
When I first moved to Thailand and didn’t know anyone, I ate every meal out alone!

Eating Alone is Not as Difficult as You Think

Many people overthink it (including myself), and really don’t venture out to eat alone unless they absolutely have to. They avoid it at all costs, and the thought itself of having to eat alone scares them away from giving it a try. But really trying it is the first step. Go to a restaurant you like, somewhere you know and that’s comfortable. Get yourself a drink to get rid of any jitters you have and order your first meal. And there you have it, you’re eating alone.

Bring a Companion

Here I am not referring to a companion of the human type, but instead bring something to distract you from the fact that you’re eating alone. A book, your phone, your laptop to a cafe, or something to write in. When you find things getting awkward just read or keep busy on your phone. It will help you become comfortable being on your own in a public place. Overtime you can use these devices less and less until you find yourself not using them at all.

Start Small

You don’t have to start eating alone at a restaurant. Why not try a cafe where it’s more common for people to be found alone working, eating a piece of cake, or enjoying a good book. You’ll be surrounded by people doing the same thing as you, making you more comfortable.

Focus on What’s Around You

Don’t focus on yourself and the fact that you’re eating alone. People watch, especially if you’re traveling, this can be so interesting to watch other people go through their daily lives and perform their unique mannerisms. Look at how people dress, how they walk, imagine what they’re doing or where they’re going to. Watch the servers run around, and how people communicate with each other. Eavesdrop on those around you, I promise you’ll be quite entertained with what you’ll hear. You’re just one person in a big world, people won’t be focusing on you just because you’re alone.

Use Your Senses

You’ll be amazed by how little you pay attention to your food and drinks when you’re with someone. When you’re alone you’ll begin to notice new tastes, enjoy your food more, and begin to try different combinations of food.

Recognize That Eating Alone is Deserved Me Time

Though many see eating as a time to socialize, it can easily become the perfect time for you, and only you. How often these days do you find the time to just be there with yourself and your thoughts? It doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. Think back through your day, appreciate the delicious food that you have sitting in front of you, and indulge in yourself. Focus on nothing but your thoughts, and treat yourself. You know you want that dessert, so go ahead and get it.

Gyros in Greece www.taylorstracks.com
G is for gyros in Greece, easily the cheapest and most delicious food.

Try New Things

That place that you’ve always wanted to go to but never had friends that wanted to go? Now is your time. You’re the only person who you have to please, so you may as well do exactly what you want. Or try asking locals what’s the best thing to try. If you’re alone people are usually very kind and will bring you things to taste. People are always excited to share their favourite or locals dishes.

You’ll Learn That People Are Friendly

Servers talk a lot more to you when you’re alone, and often they’re quite chatty. They’ll usually strike up a conversation with you, and will be more likely to recommend things on the menu. Sometimes talking to strangers is more beneficial to your self-confidence than you think. In the end you’re not really alone.

If you can develop the confidence to eat alone anywhere and to love it, then you will radiate that confidence at every place you eat. People will see you and envy your power to enjoy a meal alone. You’ll be seen as someone who is brave, even though eating alone is really quite simple. Once you start you’ll most likely continue to keep going solo.

You’ll never feel awkward again, and in the long haul you’ll end up doing even more things alone without hesitating.

What’s stopping you from eating alone? What do you love about eating alone?

Learn to Love Eating Alone and Develop More Confidence www.taylorstracks.com Learn to Love Eating Alone www.taylorstracks.com