What is bitchy resting face? It’s very similar to asshole resting face. Both are conditions that one is born with and that will affect them for the rest of their lives. There is no known cure and because of this those with either condition are often labeled as complete bitches or assholes. Bitchy/asshole resting face is the face that an individual makes when they are not trying to make a face. AKA it’s the face that you make when you’re in a normal mood, walking down the street, sitting in your room, or while you’re listening to a friend talk, etc.

I, unfortunately suffer from this condition and I can say first hand that it is highly annoying. All my friends always think that I’m pissed about something. I’m constantly asked if I’m okay, or if something is wrong, and I look completely intimidating to strangers. Could this be why I’ve been single for the past 5 years? Well it will be 5 years in a couple of months…and yes I know the exact date of my single anniversary.

Bitchy resting face is a condition that you can not control. You wake up with it, you go to sleep with it, and you live your daily life with it.Image-3I constantly question whether more people would approach me if my face didn’t make me look so unfriendly. There is the option to smile all day, but that really does take a lot of energy if your face muscles don’t naturally sit there.

I used to walk to work everyday when I lived and worked in Toronto’s downtown core, where everyday I would pass a number of regular homeless men that I would see quite frequently. On more than one occasion I had different homeless men yell at me. This is slightly terrifying when you’re not expecting someone to yell at you. But it’s almost mortifying when you hear what they say and it’s “You need to smile lady!”

It was moments like that when I questioned if I really was a bitch. Even in my selfies I look so unimpressed.Image-2About a week after the second homeless man yelled at me to smile more I decided to try it out. One day it was a very quiet night at work and I was at the front of the store (I used to work retail) making the merchandise look pretty. A homeless lady walked by and as she passed I smiled at her. She stopped and yelled “Why are you smiling? What is there to be happy for?!” The homeless were beginning to make me question my life.

I swear these are true events.

At that moment I gave up. I was neither going to try to smile nor try to look like a bitch. I smiled when I felt like it.

Not only do I suffer from bitchy resting face but I also show every one of my emotions on my face. You will know exactly when I am happy, sad, pissed, angry, hungry or tired.

This makes it rather difficult to meet people sometimes, or at least I find it to be so. First off because I usually look pissed thanks to bitchy resting face, and secondly because if someone is boring then I can’t hide it at all.

But in the end I know that I can’t change anything and I can only hope that people will look past my facial expressions and get to know me better personally. I know I can be intimidating looking, and I know that sometimes I can be a bit more rude than I mean to be, but everyone has a good side, and I hope that people know that my bitchy side is not my good side.

would you approach someone who always looks pissed or unimpressed?

This post was most certainly a #firstworldproblem. And this is something a little different than what I usually write. Did you like? Let me know below, or tell me if you hated it…don’t be too harsh, please?