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7 Enlightening Meditation Retreats in the US

7 Enlightening Meditation Retreats in the US

Bring yourself on a journey to inner peace on one of these magnificent meditation retreats in the US. Combining a number of mediation techniques, energy healing, moving mediation, yoga, and more, these retreats have something for everyone. But there’s one thing that is common across all of these retreats other than meditation: nature. Step away from the hustle and bustle, take time to learn new techniques and about yourself, and more importantly, reconnect with mindfulness.

Best Meditation Retreats in the US

Spiritual, strictly mediation, or even Qigong, find a retreat that’s perfectly suited for you.

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Image by Yoga Bloom Wellness

7 Day Personal Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Retreat in Carlsbad, California

This retreat in California focuses greatly on mindfulness, guiding you through a week of teachings that will have you living in the present moment more often. Less about meditation specifically, and more about learning to ground into mindfulness, this retreat is a 7-module in-depth training program that will leave you feeling reconnected and rejuvenated. Yoga, access to paddleboards, and guided nature walks are all apart of the program to have you living mindfully with ease. This retreat is a great option for solo travellers and couples.

Image by Art of Living Retreat Center

3 Day The Art of Living Meditation Retreat with Yoga in North Carolina

Step away from the daily stress and your busy time to find peace and solace in North California for 3 or 5 days of meditation, yoga, and relaxation. The centre of this retreat sits atop a mountain and is designed to invite a greater connection to spirit and calm. During your free time you can enjoy the services at the spa or venture into the surrounding nature, getting lost in the forest with your thoughts. Join this retreat solo or as a group to slow down, reflect, and find ease in stillness.

Image by Yoga Inspirations

5 Day Sedona: Re-Invent with Vortex Activations, Meditations & Kundalini Yoga in Arizona

Make your way to Sedona to experience the energy vortexes that are present on the magical red land. For 5 days you’ll join an experienced retreat leader who is passionate and skilled at making each retreat personalized for each individual, making it a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll go together on guided hikes to feel the impact of the energy of the vortexes, participate in sound healing with crystal bowls, meditate, and practice Kundalini yoga which is a powerful and transformative form of yoga.

Image by EarthMind Wellness

4 Day Healing Qigong and Meditation Retreat in the Catskills, New York

Stay and participate in one of the best retreats in the US where you’ll practice Qigong daily. This moving meditation is a wonderful way to bring more vitality to your life and awaken your energy. Daily guided meditation classes are also held, you’ll have plenty of time to use the on-site facilities which include indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a sauna, and more to help you find even more relaxation between sessions of learning about the ancient practices of Qigong.

Image by Fire Reiki

3 Day Meditation in Motion Retreat with Yoga, Hiking & Qigong in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Find meditation in movement through Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that is known to have many health benefits alongside a calmer mind. If sitting cross-legged or laying down to meditate doesn’t intrigue you or intimidates you, then Qigong is a wonderful practice to try instead. Learn to move as a form of meditation and get lost in the moment and the peaceful surroundings of the idyllic retreat centre nestled among the hills in Pennsylvania. Awaken your energy, connect to your breath, and move in a manner dedicated to your health and well-being for a peaceful weekend.

Image by Love is the Prize

6 Day Find Your Secret Key Heartmath & Sound Healing Meditation Retreat in Santa Ysabel, California

For those who are beginning their spiritual journey, who are curious, or wishing to deepen their spiritual connection, don’t miss this retreat! For a short week you’ll spend your days participating in spiritual discussions, basking in noble science, meditating, journaling, practicing yoga, having sound healing sessions, and learning about Heartmath. You’ll also have personal counselling sessions and plenty of free time to enjoy the nature in the surrounding area on the property.

Image by Cottage Lake Bed & Breakfast

Spiritual Meditation Retreat at Cottage Lake Bed and Breakfast in Woodinville, Washington

More like a weekend getaway (or longer) than a guided meditation retreat, this accommodation will transport you to a place of serenity. Venture to the shoreline of a lake in Washington where you can wake early and watch the sunrise, meditate in a treehouse, and have guided mediation. For each day on this retreat you’ll meditate for 3 hours in 3 different kinds of techniques. One hour will be guided, one solo, and one with Japanese Zen music, each giving a different perspective on meditation. It’s also optional to add a day or days of silence to this retreat and to add private yoga classes, massages, astrological readings, and life coaching.