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Meet Taylor Myanmar
Exploring temples in Bagan, Myanmar

Like most millennials I’ve felt a little lost in life, changed directions multiple times, and was determined that I would do something that I love for work.

And that’s where Taylor’s Tracks comes in, a blog for millennials who are stumbling along the crooked path of adulthood. Here I share all of my embarrassing mistakes and how to avoid them so you don’t make the same ones. I’ve moved abroad completely unprepared, only to move back home three months later. I’ve paid to sleep on the floor thinking it would be an experience, and I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on single trips (no regrets).

I’m a backpacker turned digital nomad (I hate that word but it’s the best way to explain it) who can show you how to travel the world on a realistic budget. I believe in the occasional splurge (#treatyourself), and that travel has the ability to truly change you.

Meet Taylor Canada
Lake Louise in Banff, Canada

But who am I really? I’m a twenty-something Canadian with a curiosity for cultures, a bad ear for languages and taste buds that love sweet over spicy. I’m a single, tea-obsessed, wine-loving, female memoir reading, yogi with big dreams.

From eating entire pizzas in Rome, spraining my ankle in a typhoon in Vietnam, and drinking beers with strangers at Oktoberfest, I’ve seen a lot, but I don’t pretend that I’ve seen it all. I’m very blunt, and tell it how it is.

I’m a little different, I never even got a career or a full-time job before deciding it wasn’t for me. After graduating from college in 2014 with a degree in film and media production I saved up the last bit of money I needed and headed to Europe for two months.

When I got back I was armed with the idea that I could travel for a living (spoiler alert, I do exactly that now!) I saved up again, travelled for a month across Canada and then moved to Thailand to teach English. Three months later I was back home to save up once again before I returned to Southeast Asia where I backpacked for four months in 2016.

Meet Taylor Vietnam
Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam

After confirming my love for Southeast Asia I decided to blow a good chunk of my savings on getting me to Australia with a working holiday visa in hand. I had a bit of cash and the idea that it would be easy to get a job. It wasn’t. After realizing that working for someone else wasn’t going to help me get my blog off the ground I spent all my money and travelled Australia’s east coast and visited the Red Centre.

Back at home (yes, again) I vowed to never work a job that wasn’t online again. I upped the hours of my freelance gig and starting working on my blog for ridiculous hours until I was making a passive income by the end of 2017.

2018 brought me to living in Bali, falling in love with the digital nomad lifestyle and working my ass off to make a full-time income off of my blog.

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I’m proud to say that my blog now fully funds my travels and I’m comfortable hopping from home where I can be with my family (my moms my best friend you guys), visiting new destinations and revisiting favourites of mine.

Let me help you get started with your travel planning. First up, getting inspired on where to visit. Get started by clicking on a country below!

You can always follow along on my adventures and ever-changing lifestyle.

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