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Why my “dream life” didn’t make me happy and what I did about it

Why my “dream life” didn’t make me happy and what I did about it

Today I’m going to explain my background story and what’s happened to get me to make a podcast in the first place and so you know my reasoning behind starting to write and create a podcast on personal development.

First off, I am the founder and creator of this travel blog, Taylor’s Tracks. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and I started making a full time income off of my blog in 2019 which was very exciting to be able to work for myself and to fully fund my travels.

In the past I also did freelance writing on the side, also about travel, which I was extremely grateful for because a lot of other people have to freelance and write about really random stuff to fund their blogs and travel. But I was lucky to write about travel. I also did some Pinterest management and VA work, which is a virtual assistant on the side.

Dream life | Travel blogger | Full time travel blogger | Travel full time | Personal development | Personal development podcast | Spirituality | Spiritual awakening
Living in Malta for 2 and a half weeks, thinking a short break from travelling was all I needed.

I’ve spent most of my time abroad since I started my blog in 2015 but I do return home quite frequently to Canada’s capital, Ottawa. I come home to see my family every so often, but for the most part I’m abroad for at least three to four months at a time, multiple times throughout the year.

I could say travel was or is still my life cause I’m still traveling quite a bit. You could say that I’m living the dream life. It is my dream life. I really was excited to start it, but at some point it stopped being my dream life. And I feel almost guilty admitting that because I know there’s a lot of people out there who might think that I’m some spoiled girl who gets to travel around the world and say it’s not her dream life.

Carrying that guilt can be a bit of a heavy burden that I’m currently working on getting rid of. But let me explain a bit more of my backstory before we dive in any further. I understand that traveling around the world and making money mostly passively, is fabulous. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I have gotten and continue to get through my blog and through the money I make off of it.

Dream life | Travel blogger | Full time travel blogger | Travel full time | Personal development | Personal development podcast | Spirituality | Spiritual awakening
On a day trip in Montenegro.

How travel burnout caused me to start making some changes

But there came a time where I actually got completely burnt out from traveling. It’s not something that’s talked about by a lot of people. When you’re working full time, especially when you have freelance clients, as well as moving from hostel to hostel every two to three days, you’re not only working a regular job that you’re just able to do from your laptop,  you’re also constantly thinking about where you’re going to sleep every couple of nights. You’re asking yourself, “What city am I going to go to next?” You can’t just roll out of bed and go have breakfast in your PJ’s. You have to actually go out and explore and find food. And that’s all great and fun, but after a while it can lead to burnout and that’s what it did for me.

I ended up in my beloved Bali, which is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I went there because I wanted to be around other likeminded people, basically other digital nomads who got the travel lifestyle, people who also wanted a break and to be around other people like us who just understood what came with the territory. It was really, really great to get to Bali and to build a community and I was so happy until I wasn’t.

About a month after my second time being in Bali and having this really great community, I started to feel like there was something missing from my life and I didn’t know what could possibly be missing. I was in Bali living my dream life. Why wasn’t I happy?

Why aren’t I feeling fulfilled? I think this feeling is something that a lot of people feel. So they go out and search for some way to fulfill that.

Dream life | Travel blogger | Full time travel blogger | Travel full time | Personal development | Personal development podcast | Spirituality | Spiritual awakening
Visiting a secluded beach close to Komodo Island in Indonesia.

My “dream life” lacked fulfillment

In 2019 I had just finished up all of my freelance writing work. I was super excited to just be relying on my blog and there I was writing a ton of where to stay articles and things to do articles for X destinations. Unfortunately, it wasn’t doing enough for me. I started to question what the whole point of my travel blog was. What was the whole point of teaching people how to have their dream trips? I was missing that connection of why I was writing about travel. I was missing that reason for doing any of it other than earning a passive income. Earning a passive income is fabulous, but money’s only going to get you so far and money doesn’t fill that need for fulfillment, which is what I was looking for.

It was this need for fulfillment that sent me searching for something else that would help me feel whole, help me feel like I had a purpose, help me feel like my passion was doing good in the world. My travel blog wasn’t giving me that.

As great as it is to help people have wonderful vacations, I don’t want to help people just live a great life a couple of weeks of the year. I want to help people have really good, really frickin’ good days every day and to wake up excited. I want people to wake up excited not just because they’re going on vacation but just because they get to wake up and live their life that they love so much.

When I decided to go full time with my blog was at the same time that I ended up being introduced into the world of personal development. Though I always kind of knew what it was, I didn’t realize how closely it is linked to spirituality. And so I was also introduced to spirituality.

Dream life | Travel blogger | Full time travel blogger | Travel full time | Personal development | Personal development podcast | Spirituality | Spiritual awakening
Chasing waterfalls, as fun as it is, did little to help me feel fully fulfilled.

How my spiritual awakening allowed me to become happier

I then had what I call my spiritual awakening, which I know sounds totally woo but it’s true!

My spiritual awakening is what caused me to want to make a podcast and is really what helped me understand my place and purpose in the world. I was introduced to things like mindset and manifestation and crystals and tarot cards and all these really exciting things that just helped me understand the way I think, the way how other people think, and just how the world works.

For me, life really just started clicking and making sense. It was that feeling, that power that I got from using tools and techniques I learned from personal development and spirituality that really made me happier and brought more joy to my life. I

It got to a point where I said to myself, “I can’t just sit back and keep this knowledge to myself. I want to share it with the world. I want other people to be as happy as I am. I can’t be selfish and just keep this to myself.”

Yoga and spirituality helped me get grounded in my life.

Why I started The Happy Tracks Podcast

So I started a podcast. The Happy Tracks Podcast is my love of all things personal development and spirituality and woo. So if you’re open to experiencing breakthrough experiences, then you need to check out the podcast. Breakthrough experiences are literally what I live for. They are the experiences or the moments where thing just start making sense. They are the moments when things just click and you’re like, “Well damn, how did I see that before?”

They’re the moments that you get tears just from being so happy. They’re the moments where you’re literally high on life. If you haven’t experienced being high on life yet, let me tell you, you’re going to learn how to and you’re going to freakin’ love it by listening to The Happy Tracks Podcast.

If you’re interested in up leveling your life, becoming happier, not just on vacation or on the weekends, but every damn day of your life, and The Happy Tracks Podcast is 100% for you.

In the podcast I embrace the woo. I adore spirituality yet I am completely practical. At the same time I’ll be sure to throw in a little bit of science based facts for you as well because a lot of mindset and woo stuff is all backed by science.

I believe in energetics, which is the vibration that you give off and how it attracts your emotions and your mood and your entire life. I also believe in what I call well being, which is the movement of your body, the food you put in your body, the products you put on your body. They’re all very, very important things that contribute to your health, which in turn will make you happier. All of these things that I’ve just mentioned will be combined in The Happy Tracks Podcast. The most important thing is that I’m actually going to give you actionable tips because I’m all for practicality.

I used to be the person who thought people who made podcasts like this were fucking crazy, and now I’m one of them. That’s just proof of how things can change and how your life can change with just with a few simple tips, tricks and life changes.

You don’t have to want to change your life to listen to The Happy Tracks Podcast. All you have to do is just want to be a little or a lot more happier and I can guarantee, I absolutely promise you, that you’re going to get that out of The Happy Tracks Podcast.

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