I got lost in big changes, big realizations and big ideas in the last 2 months during from California to Bali, an entrepreneur conference to yoga teacher training. Here's what went down and what I learned from not listening to my intuition. #intuition

I am constantly amazed and blown away by how the universe works. Ideas that I had years ago, months ago, weeks ago came together as one this past month. Skills and talents I had used in the past, a decade ago, remerged and presented themselves to me, reminding me that they had been with me all along and I had just chosen to ignore them.

I was confronted with the fact that my new passions weren’t deemed unworthy but instead something I should chase after for others would reap benefits of my talents as well.

I thought I had done a lot of growing this year, and I have, but the last two months were something special that helped to mend many of the loose ends of my life.  Events that I had high expectations for exceeded those expectations and new ideas, life and realizations came flooding at me all within less than a 2-month span.

The universe, it seemed, was doing its best to tell me what to do next.

Posing with my sister’s dog who is clearly a model.

Where I went in October & November

October began at home where I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in 4 years, indulging in extra turkey, cranberries and apple crisp. The fall colours decided to make an appearance just days before I left for California which is all I had really wanted before I left.

In California I started in LA, checking myself into a hostel right on Venice Beach where I could watch the waves rolling in while eating breakfast. I played tourist for a couple of days, walking along the boardwalk to Santa Monica, joining some locals to go hiking in Malibu and soaking up the sun on the white sand while doing one of my favourite hobbies: people watching. And oh is people watching in Venice Beach fascinating.

But I wasn’t in California for tourist purposes, I was there to attend my first ever business conference (I’ve been to travel blogging conferences but never one designed strictly for entrepreneurs) in Irvine, about an hour south of LA. In August I had invested in a business program called Business by Design which include a free ticket to the 3-day event in Irvine that put me in a room with 600 other entrepreneurs, some of which who are making 6 or 7 figures.

Writing names for our future selves at BBD LIVE.

I was surrounded by people who had such a strong desire to help other people and wanted to make money doing it too. It was a wild energy that was unlike any of the travel blogging conferences that I had ever been to and I knew it was exactly where I needed to be.

It was a packed 3 days that involved a few breakthroughs, forced me to announce that I will be hosting travel tours in 2020 (which I’m so freakin’ excited for!) and get real honest with myself on where my business (and this blog) are going.

Afterward I made my way back to LAX where I departed for my beloved Bali. This is my third time back to Bali, my second time this year and I touched down with ease. It was a relief to be somewhere that felt like my second home. I knew where to eat, where to do my laundry, how much to pay for a scooter rental. It was easy, it was fun but it was also lonely.

I got to do an awesome photoshoot during my first week back in Bali!

My first week back I have to admit was hard. Canggu was still amazing but without my community, without my solid group of friends around I struggled. I was bored. Work could only keep me so occupied and it hit me really hard that Bali itself wasn’t enough, I needed the people around too.

But I didn’t stress much as I went to Odyssey Movement Fest my first weekend back in Canggu, where I participated in the most difficult yoga class of my life, tried kundalini yoga and breathwork for the first time. I was surrounded by people who were beautiful, who loved to work out, be fit, eat healthy and talk about spirituality. There were musicians who travelled to the jungles of Brazil to learn about the local music and cacao ceremonies. There was yoga by the ocean and talks on sex, the future of Bali and the Gods of Yoga. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced and it was exactly where I needed to be.

A rare night for sunset during yoga teacher training!

As soon as the festival was over I dived straight into my yoga teacher training (YTT) which was the real reason why I was in Bali. I signed up for YTT because I wanted to deepen my practice, to learn more about the philosophy of yoga and to prove to myself that I could do the hard poses even though I’m overweight.

What I got from the training was an abundance of strength that helped me nail new poses, discover breakthroughs for my life and business and a clarity that made everything in my life just make sense.

For my final days of November I was in Ubud, playing tourist with some travel blogging friends and taking it easy before I’m due back home, in the heart of winter in Canada.

I left Canggu at the perfect time and Bali overall at the perfect time too. In the past I’ve forced myself to stay for as long as possible, get my money and time worth which only lead to me being burnt out or just over the place. I’ve done this in Bali before too and this time I’ve hit that sweet spot where I could stay but going home seems perfect too so I’m leaving content and on a happy note.

Spending my last week chasing waterfalls in Ubud, Bali.

How following my intuition lead me to where I am now

It’s really funny and interesting to look back on your life and see how your decisions have gotten you to where you are now. How each step and each choice got you a little closer to where you’re supposed to be or steered you back in the direction you need to be going on.

These past two months have shown me that each decision I made was leading up to this year and 2020 for both my life and for my business. These final months of 2019 have proven to me that my intuition was with me all along and that I mostly choose to ignore it.

Years ago I thought it would be cool to be a yoga teacher and became interested in the idea of wanting to do my YTT. After my training I’m convinced that I need to be a yoga teacher because of how naturally it came to me.

Earlier this year I got the nudge to stop travel blogging and now that nudge is coming back at me stronger than ever.

Ideas that I had on focusing on wellness now seem to make more sense.

When I went to go plan things and made the decision to everything else for those plans just fell into place.

All of that woo stuff you hear about being in alignment, listening to your intuition and manifesting whatever you want from life. I’m starting to realize that all of that woo stuff is true. I was once a skeptic too but I believed it just enough for it to happen, for it to prove to me that it’s all real.

Hiking in the hills of Malibu.

It’s hard to explain how well everything in my life is starting to fit together and I don’t mean to brag, I just want to share with the world how exciting life can be when it starts to flow, when it starts to work out like how you wanted it to, when opportunities just start appearing out of nowhere, when suddenly it all just clicks.

My advice to you, if you wish to experience this magical part of life is to start listening to the little nudges. You know, the ones that don’t really make sense or the ones that don’t seem practical. Those nudges are your intuition telling you to move in that direction. Those nudges are what lead to the magic.

Stop second guessing yourself and just listen. Months ago I said I was done with my travel chapter…but I still clinged onto that identity. Now I’ve learned more than ever that I’m really done. Though I love being abroad I will no longer be a backpacker or hostel stayer.

This blog and my dear readers (aka you) and my brand I thought were what I needed to show up for. But in reality this brand and blog is a personal brand and in order for it to be in alignment and for it to grow is for it to grow with me. And the direction it’s not going in is wellness. Mindset, yoga, movement, health, manifestation, energy. Everything that will help you get to those breakthrough moments and to the magic.

Know that everything you see me going through, every change or bit of confusion has lead me to the happiest place I’ve ever been in yet. Now I want to help get you there too.

What yoga teacher training is like

YTT was one of the most difficult yet life changing things I have ever done in my life. I went in thinking I just wanted to deepen my practice but came out wanting to be a teacher because of how deeply teaching moved. I now want to be able to pass that on to others.

YTT wasn’t just about yoga. It was about embracing the yogic lifestyle, learning more about myself on a deeper level and discovering my life mission or intention or purpose (whatever you want to call it) is.

I lost weight, I got to know myself better, I improved my yoga immensely and I came out with more friends that I connected with deeply.

If you’ve ever even thought of doing yoga teacher training or just want to deepen your practice I highly recommend you do it. I obviously recommend doing it with my teachers, Erin and Ash who are amazingly talented and some of the kindest souls I’ve ever met.

Because you read this blog you get an additional $100 off on top of $300 off if you book to do your yoga teacher training with Odyssey Movement (the studio I did it with) by December 31st! It begins in March 2020 and is in Bali. It’s seriously a dream.

Simply reach out to Erin letting her know that you gotta the deets from me or use the code Taylor100 for the extra discount.


If you have any questions about YTT please reach out to [email protected], I’d be happy to help out!

What I’ve been reading lately

Keeping up with my goal of reading 52 books this year has turned out to be rather challenging with my schedule lately but I still managed to get a few goodies in!

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza: Dr. Joe Dispenze brings the world of woo together for skeptics and people who love to believe that mindset, meditation and the words we use have no power over our minds, bodies and health. In this book he details the science behind meditation and proves just how powerful it can be, how it can change our lives and how with it we really can alter our realities.

Becoming by Michelle Obama: Michelle Obama beautifully details her life in this powerful memoir on becoming the first lady of the United States. She elegantly tackles the highs and lows of her life without being all “poor me” and reflects on how her childhood, culture and home in Chicago lead her to the roles she’s embraced with grace throughout her life. This memoir brought a tear to my eye and lead me into a world that the outside only gets to glimpse into through newspapers and TV screens. A great read that’s worth reading for anyone of any nationality.


That’s it for this month! Remember to not let December and the rest of 2019 slip by. You can get more done in a month then you think you can so keep working on those goals and dreams, I know I’ve got some big plans for the month!

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