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50 Self-Love Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery & Reflection

50 Self-Love Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery & Reflection
Journaling about self-love is a powerful tool to help you learn how to love yourself. These self-love journal prompts will take you through the process of acceptance, forgiveness and gaining confidence. Click to read the self-love journaling prompts that will change your life!


These self-love journaling prompts will take you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Learn how to love yourself through these eye-opening self-love journal prompts. Click to start journaling!


These self-love journal prompts are designed to help you gain more self-awareness through acceptance, forgiveness and self-discovery. Boost your confidence and self-worth too with these self-love journal ideas. Click to start journaling!


Begin your self-love journey today by learning how to love yourself through journaling about self-love. With these journaling prompts you’ll be guided through acceptance, forgiveness, confidence, self-worth and ultimately gain so much self-love. Click to read the powerful self-love journaling prompts!


Journaling is a powerful practice that allows you to reflect on yourself and become more self-aware. By becoming more aware of yourself through understanding your thoughts and habits is what has the ability to completely transform your life.

When you journal for self-love you’re really journaling to discover more about yourself, to reflect on yourself, thoughts and actions. In the process of learning to love yourself, you go through periods of acceptance, forgiveness and learn to grow your confidence and worthiness too.

By journaling, you’re really tackling your own self-care, which is without a doubt, directly linked to your own love. Expect these journal prompts to cover a wide range of self-care journaling ideas that all contribute to your overall mental health, raising your vibration and revealing what is holding you back.

It’s not necessary to commit to self-journaling daily, but if you’re new to journaling then I highly recommend doing a couple of these prompts a day to keep you in a beautifully high state of love.

Grab your self-love journal and get ready for the most amazing journey of discovering yourself.

Self-Love Journal Prompts

The following self-love journaling prompts are broken down into sections to help you navigate through which kinds of questions you need to answer for yourself when. Self-love is not something that happens overnight as it is a high vibration and feeling that is accessed after other emotions such as acceptance, happiness, joy and more.

I truly believe that in order to wholeheartedly love yourself you must first accept yourself and forgive yourself. Once you have moved through these stages then love will come so much easier. Letting go of your past and your limiting beliefs is the hard part but it is so worth the effort.

Journal Prompts for Acceptance

I deeply believe that journaling for self-love must always begin with acceptance. If you aren’t quite sure where to start in your journey to loving yourself then start here.

  1. What are the five things that I currently accept about myself?
  2. What do I want to change most about myself? How can I first accept that part of myself and love it?
  3. Where am I letting myself play small?
  4. Do I allow myself to accept compliments from others?
  5. What do I struggle to love most about myself? What can I do to begin to love that part of myself?
  6. Where in my life do I have feelings of unworthiness for my own love?
  7. Where am I blocking my own love from myself?

Journal Prompts for Forgiveness

An often overlooked part of the journey of life is healing through forgiveness. These journal prompts will greatly affect your mental health and allow you to release so much shit that you may not have even realized that you were holding on to.

  1. What habits do I have that keep me comparing myself to others? How can I let these habits go?
  2. What activities, habits or people make me feel unhappy? Can I let them go?
  3. What negative beliefs do I have about myself? Are they true?
  4. What am I holding onto that I need to forgive myself for?
  5. What can I thank myself for?
  6. What do I judge myself for? How can I let go of that judgment?

Journal Prompts for Self-Worth & Confidence

The more you love yourself the more confident you’ll feel. Add these questions to your notebook to help you feel more positive about yourself, your body, your mind and habits.

  1. What am I grateful for about myself?
  2. What am I proud of myself for?
  3. What is the best compliment I’ve ever been given?
  4. List 5 things I dislike about myself. How can I rephrase them to become an opposite belief? Example: I hate my thighs to I love my thighs because they allow me to walk.
  5. What are my talents?
  6. What are my biggest dreams? What can I do today to start making one of those dreams happen?
  7. What makes me unique? How can I use this uniqueness more in my life?
  8. What is something I wish someone else would tell me? How can I tell myself that more often?
  9. What do I believe I deserve? Why am I deserving of it?
  10. What is one thing I can do today that will make me feel great?
  11. What’s something that I’m really good at?
  12. What clothes do I love wearing and feel good in?
  13. List one thing I’m grateful for, for each part of my body.
  14. Write a letter to me from my highest self who knows that everything is working out for me. What would she say to me?
  15. What are 5 things my past self would love about my current self?
  16. What is a challenge that I have overcome?
  17. What do I love about my personality?
  18. What do I love about my body?
  19. What do I love about my mind?

Journal Prompts for Self-Love

Return to these journal prompts as often as you need, most of these reflective questions we need to answer at different times or phases of our life because the answers can change!

  1. What would I do today if I loved myself?
  2. What do I imagine/believe self-love feels like?
  3. How can I support myself today?
  4. What makes me happy?
  5. What does a person who loves themself do for themself?
  6. What makes me feel alive?
  7. What boundaries do I need to set for myself?
  8. What am I doing that is distracting me from being with myself?
  9. Where can I say no more?
  10. If I loved myself, what would I do every day?
  11. What’s a commitment I can make to myself to love myself every day?
  12. Who can I give more love to? (When you give more love, you’ll get more back in return from yourself and others).
  13. What does my perfect day look like?
  14. How do I treat people that I love? How can I treat myself the same?
  15. Who inspires me? What is it about them that I love? How can I be just as inspiring to myself?
  16. Where in my life can I stop playing the victim and instead play the victor?
  17. What did I love to do as a child? How can I bring more of that info my life?
  18. Write down 5 self-love affirmations that I need to hear. Repeat them daily.

I hope these self-love journaling prompts were eye-opening and have helped you become more self-aware. If your self-love journey is just starting then congratulations, it’s truly an adventure of a lifetime.

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