Crowdfunding is an amazing tool to help get businesses off the ground, sick children sponsored, entrepreneurs can launch their products, and more. I think that it’s a smart way to not only get your name, product, problem, whatever it may be out there and in the eyes of the world. Not only that, but you get money from it, you find customers, you find people who support you.

First I have to say that I have nothing against crowdfunding. I used it during my final year of school to fund one of the films I made and we were able to raise, with other types of fundraising, enough to have our short film made. But the majority of our money came from crowdfunding.

There is something that I am highly against crowdfunding for, and I think more people need to realize that asking for money is a touchy subject. Like stars who use crowdfunding to fund their next film. Um, what? Don’t stars already make millions and they’re asking the public for money now? That’s a no-no in my opinion. Have a cool product that I like? Yeah I’ll give you some money.

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more people asking for money to fund their travels. The first time I saw this I thought it was a joke. But as I’m a part of a number of travel groups on Facebook (which I love), I’ve continued to see people asking for money so they can travel the world. No. Just no.

That is definitely not okay. These people are posting their crowdfunding pages in travel groups that are full of other, you guessed it, travellers. Why would one traveler want to give someone money for travel when they’re working too hard to pay for their own adventures?

I am completely mind blown every time I scroll past a post with someone asking for money. I’ve seen people ask to help pay for equipment so they could start filming a travel show on YouTube, I’ve seen people ask to help pay for their flights home AND for funeral costs for their father that had passed away, and I’ve seen people just straight up want money for travel.

Take a look at any early YouTube stars video’s, they suck. Their equipment clearly isn’t the best, but then their videos start to get better and better. They grew an audience and they could afford to give their audience better quality videos. Be creative, I’m not going to give you money for a laptop or camera.

For anyone who has to fly home, especially when so far from home, to arrange a funeral for a loved one that they lost is definitely sad. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful and long that flight would be. But asking for money for the flight and even funeral costs? No. Be responsible. I am currently 13,000km from home and before I left I spent the extra time saving money for emergencies. This includes having to book a last-minute flight home, because I am fully aware that something could happen at anytime to my family and the last thing I want to worry about when something bad happens is money.

And for those who are just straight up asking for money so they can travel…My mouth just drops in shock and I shake my head. Travel is a privilege (though I wish it wasn’t and that everyone could afford it!). Majority of people who travel work hard for their money. They save their money and they skip on social activities so they can do more when they travel. In no way or time would I ever give someone money just so they can travel. It takes self-discipline, time, research, and hard work to go on a trip. If you can’t do that for yourself then please don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

I’m sorry for the rant, but if you’re still reading please don’t ever crowd fund your travels. It’s insulting to other traveler’s. Do your time working whatever job you have, and in the end once you’ve saved the money for yourself you’ll feel even better than if someone had just handed it to you.

Do you agree or disagree?