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Spiritual Self-Love: Using Spirituality to Love Yourself More

Spiritual Self-Love: Using Spirituality to Love Yourself More

Self-love and spirituality go hand-in-hand. When you grow spiritually practice, you also grow your self-love and vice versa. So if you’re feeling like you’ve just run out of ways or aren’t connecting with what you’re being taught about self-love then perhaps turning to spirituality is your answer.

Spiritual self-love is a beautiful way to incorporate move love into your life in very simple ways, but more importantly, it connects you to you. And that’s the most important connection in life, because without your own connection you will constantly look for it elsewhere and be disappointed when you can’t find it.

We all know, self-love is the best love, sometimes it just takes a bit of dedication to truly feel it!

Spiritual Self-Love Practices

Learn how to love yourself spiritually through these self-love tips and practices that are so simple you can start them right now. You’ll finish reading with the knowledge of how to love with soul not only for yourself but for others too!

Speak to your angels

Not all steps to self-love are personal development. Speaking to your angel’s sounds woo, I know, and believe me, when I first had someone tell me that they spoke to their angels I had to stop myself from making a face.

What I learned though, is as I got signs from books, courses and intuitive readings that I did was that they were all pointing me to connect more to my angels (aka my healing team).

Speaking to your angels is basically praying and while it doesn’t require you to get down on your knees and put your hands in prayer position, I do recommend holding your hands in your heart space.

Ask or pray to a specific angel, to all of your angels, guardians, healing team, whatever feels right to you and ask for guidance, direction and healing in any or all parts of your life.

Finish with saying thank you, that you appreciate it, are grateful for the help and then soak in all those self-love vibes that come up when you become vulnerable and ask for help for yourself.

Practice self-love by ridding negative energies.

Use sage and palo santo

White sage is a bundle of herbs (typically) and sage is a specific wood that comes from two different kinds of trees. Both of these, when dried, are used for practices that are said to cleanse a space (or yourself) of negative energy.

It’s recommended to use them separately as sage is said to release the negative energy while palo santo is said to bring in the good.

While using sage I like to use the mantra, “please remove all negative energy, vibes, dark spirits and anything that is not of my highest good from my energetic field” as I move the bundle around my body or through a room.

With sage I say, “I call in all energy of love that is of my highest good,” while also moving the stick around my body.

There are questions and concerns around how sustainable using these practices are and cultural appropriation so I encourage you to make your own decision after some research. Personally, both were gifted to me so I use them to the best of my knowledge and I adapt as I learn more.

If you need a resource to start looking into it, I suggest starting here. Below I’ve linked a place to get sage and palo santo ethically.

Finding self-love oftentimes happens during meditation.

Practice meditation regularly

I know, I know, you’ve heard this a ton before. But meditation really is a great tool to help you connect spiritually to your soul. Meditation can take you to places (and by places I mean different dimensions or realms) that you don’t access just going about your typical day.

I highly, highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations. His meditations are long (45 minutes to an hour and a half) but are well worth the investment of your time as they are created to help you heal as well as have transcendental experiences.

My personal favourite of his meditations are Project Coherence and Blessing of the Energy Centres. But you can find all of his meditations on his official website.

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Tap into your spiritual self, sensuality and sexuality with crystals.

Find your perfect crystal

Learning how to develop self-love is not always about doing things, sometimes it’s about the things you have and the intentions you set.

Crystals are something material, yes, but they come straight from Mother Earth herself, giving you a deeper connection to the planet as a whole, which itself is a spiritual practice. In spirituality, it is recognized that we are all one, along with our planet. We’re all apart of the ecosystem and using crystals brings us back to that connection.

Crystals can be used while meditating, journaling, sleeping (put it under your pillow), for self-pleasure and sensual and sexual practices. Or they’re just beautiful to have around or wear as jewellery!

Rose quartz is the crystal of love and one that I personally use the most.

Rose quartz pleasure wands are also popular as women explore their inner power through sensual and sexual practices.

Or you could just get a simple rose quartz crystal to keep on your desk or beside your bed or grab a facial roller made of rose quartz for some self-care!

Below I’ve linked where you can get rose quartz that is both ethically and sustainably sourced.

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Spiritual self-care is simple, just dance!

Move without restriction

Movement is extremely important and something that I preach about often as movement is what allows you to move energy (aka bad vibes) out of your body. It can also help to release any negativity that you’re holding on to.

But here I specify movement without restriction because while it’s great to move, most movement is very controlled. Meaning that weight training, running and even yoga are all practices that have you typically moving in the same patterns over and over. They become very masculine practices.

Moving without restriction through ecstatic dance or just dancing or through yoga that you just flow through without a guide or thought of what to do next, allows your body to move as it wants.

This allows for a deeper spiritual connection as well as to your body and gives you the opportunity to move where you body needs it do, not just through bicep curls or into poses a teacher tells you to move into.

Developing self-acceptance can be done through daily card readings for yourself.

Connect through card readings

Card readings are an incredibly fun and easy way to connect more spiritually. By doing a card pull or multiple you’re often draw on topics, people or things that you may not necessarily have at the front of your mind.

This allows you to shift your perspective and focus on the love for the soul, what your soul really wants or needs which itself is a great act of self-love. The cards always know what you really need and typically bypass what your head is telling you to think!

Animal spirit cards, tarot cards and oracle cards are all popular. I have a deck of each and work between them depending on how I’m feeling!

Ask the Universe for a sign

A simple way to trust the Universe, yourself (which is also an act of self-love) and receive spiritual guidance is to ask the Universe for a sign.

A sign can be angel numbers (ex. 111, 222, 333, etc.), symbols, signs, a specific number, a word, anything. Ask the Universe to give you a specific sign when you’re on the right path, when you need guidance or to help you through tough times and it will deliver.

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Repeat mantras

Mantras, affirmations, reminders, whatever you have to use to keep yourself in the space of self-love, use it. I often set reminders in my calendar that reminds me to tap into love more. When they go off I take a breath, practice some gratitude, say to myself what I love and then continue my day. Easy and powerful!

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Invest in energy healing

To truly become a self-loving woman I believe energy healing is a necessity. It’s important to know that while you can work as hard as you can to get into a state of love, which is one of the highest emotions on the vibrational scale, you won’t stay there or get there as frequently without releasing the lower vibrational frequencies such as shame, guilt, unworthiness, etc.

This is where energy healing comes in. Energy healing allows you to heal old wounds, let go of old stories and the emotions attached to them which can oftentimes get trapped in your body.

There are so many different types of energy healing from energy healers that focus on spiritual guidance and healing to things such as emotion code or reiki. I can’t tell you what works best for you but keep your eyes open and know that your healer will come when you need them to.

Learn about self-love simply by stepping outside.

Get out and ground in nature

Grounding in nature is so simple and important as, like I mentioned earlier, we are one with nature. Grounding is what allows you to get out of your head, which is where all of your self-hate is, and gives you the opportunity to just be.

Be completely still in nature. Nature also has the power to pull negativity out of your body. Think back to a time when you were by the water or surrounded by lush plants or greenery, how relaxed did you feel? That’s the power of grounding and grounding is yet another form of self-love that is also spiritual.

Remember, dear reader, that self-love is a constant work in progress and the practice of self-love is a devotion and dedication that you’ll have for the rest of your life. So while major shifts can happen quickly, it can also take time, but know it will come simply because you deserve all of the love in the world just for being you.

Craving more self-love and spirituality?

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