I used to be an over-thinker and would stress myself out over analyzing details that no one else even cared about. Yes, I was planned and prepared for events that may or may not happen, but was it worth putting that stress on myself? Stress is a cause for many illnesses and could potentially cause even more problems that I could even plan for. Stress lead me to over eat and then become unhappy with myself. It was not a way I wanted to continue living my life.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but eventually I stopped caring for planning as much as I used to. Instead of being the person in charge of collecting money, finding a place to stay, or where to eat dinner, I became the person who just went. The day it occurred to me that I could have just as much fun from showing up and not having to do all the planning, was a day of major realization.

Since that day I have made a few spontaneous decisions and they have been the best decisions of my life. I either didn’t think about them at all or thought about them very little and just went with it. Life is not meant to be controlled, it will continue on whether you like the outcome or not. Here’s what will happen when you start living with a little more spontaneity

You’ll be happier

I don’t remember ever regretting a spontaneous decision. Maybe a piece of clothing that I never wore, but for any major decision I never looked back. In fact I was happier. I didn’t allow stress or expectation to build, I just went, did whatever I wanted to do, and finished happy.

Your life will be more exciting

Since I stopped being the person who planned everything out in my life I stopped waking up thinking “I have so much to do today,” and started my day with “What am I going to do today?” The thrill of having an open day, month, or year ahead of you is more exciting than all those things you plan in advance. Deciding spur of the moment to take a trip or treat yourself to a fancy dinner has more thrill and excitement than waiting for an event to happen.

You’ll be less disappointed

You can buy a ticket for a concert in advance, book reservations for dinner, or plan out your entire trip overseas. You can build excitement as you anticipate these upcoming events, but will you build it up too much and then leave yourself disappointed? Not always, but more times than not it is better to just do it instead of letting yourself think about it too much.

I only learned how much my life could improve by trying it out for myself. Below are three big events that I made spur of the moment decisions for and never regretted.

Decision #1: A Europe Tour

A week after being told about the Contiki tour company I booked a 30 day trip to Europe. I was let off early from a newly found second job and thought about a trip the entire walk home. I sat in front of the computer found two tours I liked (one was shorter and obviously cheaper) and opted for the longer one because who knew when I was going to be going back to Europe. I called and booked. Next thing I knew I was calling my mom and saying “Hi Mom, I just booked a trip for Europe. I leave in two months and I still have to book a flight there. I have no idea how much this will all cost.” It all worked out and to date was the best two months of my life.

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Decision #2: Oktoberfest

When I flew to Europe I didn’t have a return ticket. I was planning on visiting some friends in Austria and Germany and thought that I would hit up a smaller Oktoberfest festival somewhere other than Munich. But as my tour was coming to an end and I still had no set dates to meet up with my friends I couldn’t resist the perfect timing for Oktoberfest. I booked it, found the cheapest flight (which I booked on an app while on a ferry in Greece) and found myself in Munich by myself a week later. I made friends and got to experience something that I didn’t even realize was on my bucket list.


Decision #3: Las Vegas

Vegas is always a good idea in my opinion. On a Friday I had a friend ask if I wanted to head to NYC the next week. I said no and suggested that Las Vegas was a better idea. She agreed and started searching for flights. I then thought I should be more realistic and that it would be better to save my money. My mind obviously changed as I had a flight and hostel booked that night and was on a plane 72 hours later. We made friends with our Brazilian roommates, saw the Grand Canyon, gambled, and spent a day at a rooftop pool lounge. I didn’t expect for it to ever happen, but now it’s a great story and I don’t regret the money I spent.


Regardless of if it’s a big decision like traveling, or buying a new pair of shoes, in the end you don’t regret the spur of the moment decisions. Is buying that fancy dress for a special occasion worth it? Absolutely! To me those are my best fashion purchases that I always find a way to wear again. Do I do this all the time? No. As exciting and fun as it is to make spontaneous decisions I also balance them with decisions that I think about. I save lot’s of money so I can afford to make spontaneous decisions without going into debt. I’m responsible so that I can be more free when I need to be.

The decisions that you make in the past, spend hours, days, or months building up will be the decisions that are more likely to disappoint you. Do what makes you feel good, and it will only make you feel better.

What are you waiting for? Be spontaneous.

What spontaneous decisions have you made? Have they made a big impact on your life?


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