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Stop Judging People Who Travel


Seriously, please stop judging people who travel. Stop asking how they afford to travel. Stop making excuses for why you’re not doing the same thing.

People who travel travel because they want to, because they love to, because sitting at home and not exploring new places has their heads exploding with the amount of places that they want to see.

People who travel do so because they prioritize travel. They make travel their number one choice. They don’t see not traveling as an option.

Who cares why people are traveling, it’s good for your mind, heart, and soul. You’ll learn something new on the road, or you’ll come back home more relaxed because of an all inclusive vacation. Either way, they’re both good.

If you’re sitting at home fuming because of this article then that’s your problem. If you’re reading this thinking “who is this girl to tell me to stop judging?” Well I’m a girl who has made travel so important in my head, that I do it. And I do quite a bit of it. Not as much as others, but more than the average person. I’m proud of that and if you think I’m rubbing it in your face then get over it. Rubbing a promotion in my face, saying you’ve moved to a bigger place, or telling me how much you’ve spent on a pair of shoes is the equivalent.

If you’re telling yourself that “she must travel on daddy’s money” then you’re only hurting yourself. Why do you even care how I pay for my travels? Have you worked three jobs, or spent four years saving for your first trip? What sacrifices have you made to do what travelers do?

Stop making people who travel look like we’re the bad guys because you’re not living the same life. The truth is that many people think travelers are living the dream life, and yes some of us are. But we work hard to show you what you think the dream life is. I’ve had people tell me that my life seems amazing and I laugh because they don’t see the moments when I sat in my bedroom in Thailand crying because I hated living there, and hated teaching English. They don’t see the moments when I’m banging my head against the wall because the wifi won’t work and I have work to get done. They don’t see the moments when I have to hug my bag tight while I sleep on an airport floor because I had to choose the cheaper flight.

We have bad moments, just like you, but ultimately we decided that traveling more is worth the extra effort, worth the mistakes, and definitely worth the places and things we get to do while traveling.

So stop judging people who travel. Most of the people that get angry at people that travel are the ones that want to be traveling themselves. Have you made any sacrifices so that you can? If your answer is no then start making some. Do you eat out a lot? Stop. Maybe then you’ll be able to save some more for travel. Have a lot of clothes? Sell them. Move home. Save 10% of each pay cheque. Stop buying stuff that you can’t use for future travels.

People who travel don’t travel because they have things handed to them. And why do you care if they do? I don’t care that my friend got a big chunk of money from her aunt and used it all on travel. I don’t care that I know people who have parents that have paid for their entire trips. Trust me when I say that the harder you work for it the better you’ll feel. If you’re angry that someone got something easier than you then you need a reality check.

Life is not fair. Travel is not fair. And you’re not making it fair by judging people who travel.

If travel is what you want then stop judging, and make it happen. Focus on yourself instead of others. Even if you don’t want to travel, still stop judging that people who travel made the choice to do so. I think working up the cooperate ladder is boring, and unfulfilling. You may disagree, but that’s okay. We all don’t want the same thing in this world, and if you’re judging others for what they are doing with their lives then stop, you’ll live a happier life.

Travel is definitely not for everyone, but if it’s what you want then there are ways. It’s never easy, and every person who travels will tell you just exactly how hard they work to afford a vacation, how scary it was to have to quit a job so they could be abroad longer, and they’ll tell you how it was all completely worth it.