Taylor’s Tracks was nominated for an award? What?! I’ve only been blogging for a month and I am very excited to say that Taylor’s Tracks was nominated for a Liebster Award. What is this award you ask? Bloggers nominate new bloggers who have under 1,000 followers who they think deserve recognition. It’s all about spreading the word and some love for other bloggers, and I must say I love the idea behind this award. Each blogger then answers the questions the blogger who nominated them asked, and then asks their own questions for the nominees that they choose. And so it goes on.

Huge thank you to Coffee Break Travel for the nomination!

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CelebrtingWhen and why did you start blogging?
I originally started blogging in April of 2015 as a way to document my happiness, and to create challenges for myself that I could share with my friends and family. I decided to take a new direction and focus on travel and lifestyle at the beginning of August 2015 (when I launched this blog), still incorporating some of the posts I had on my previous blog, but to also share any travel stories or tips I have learned or will learn while traveling. I use my blog as a way to express myself, as a hobby to keep me busy, and I hope it will connect me with similar people who also love travel across the world.

What is your biggest travel pet peeve/annoyance?
People who can’t enjoy the moment. I’ve traveled with people before who just care about taking a picture and then moving on, like “Okay, I have the memory that I can look at forever now, let’s go see something else.” At some points I have been the type of traveler to move on too fast, but I’ve learned to enjoy the moment before I move on. I want to sit staring at whatever marvellous building, art, whatever I’m looking at, embrace it, soak in every detail I can and then take my picture. People who can’t learn to do this or are impatient while I’m trying to have my moment drive me insane.

What do you think is an underrated city/travel destination?
I honestly don’t think I’ve stumbled across any yet. For the most part I’ve hit the big cities or popular tourist sites and am planning on getting off the beaten path. I do think that more people should be visiting Mykonos over Santorini, personally they’re both just as beautiful and Mykonos had less tourists.

Besides acquiring the necessary dollar dollar bills, what’s the hardest part about travelling often?
Finding a travel buddy. This is totally all on me. I’m very picky when I decide who I want to travel with because I don’t want to spend time worrying about the other person and I don’t want them to annoy me. I often get sick of someone I’m with if I’m with them for too long. Yes, I could go solo and I have and met amazing people, but there are definitely trips you want to take with other people and finding the perfect travel buddy for that trip is always hard.

What is one piece of advice you have for aspiring travel bloggers?
Can someone be giving me this advice? I don’t think I’m at the point yet to be giving advice, but from what I’ve read I think the most important thing is to be real. You can often tell when people are fake or pretending to be something they’re not. The best posts I read are the ones where bloggers talk about what went wrong, what they really think of a place, or have a strong opinion on a certain topic.

Are you a planner or are you spontaneous?
I’d have to say both, but mostly a planner. I’ve been a planner since I was young, and to be with all the extracurricular activities I had, organizing clubs, teams, etc. This side of me has transferred to my travel planning as I like to know whats happening when. But, lately I’ve been encouraging myself to let go and just let things happen. In fact, I recently wrote a post about why spontaneous decisions are the best.

What motivates you to keep blogging?
Knowing that someone may relate to one of my posts or that I could inspire someone from my writing. I write for myself, but when I make a connection with someone over something that I wrote it is the best feeling. All I want to do in life at this moment is travel, and if just one person stumbles across my blog and thinks “If she can do it, then I sure can,” then I’ll be happy. I think travel makes people better, so I want to encourage it as much as I can.

Do you have any cool skills? Any skills you wish you had?
Not that I know of! Maybe I just haven’t discovered my cool skill yet. But any I wish I had? The most useful would probably be better photography skills. I can look at an image and tell you that it looks good, but when it comes to creating my own images I just don’t have the right eye for it. This is why I avoided operating the camera in film school!

What is something odd that fascinates you?
Body language. I love people watching, and I always notice how people interact. I know that everyone notices body language to a certain extent, but I think I pay more attention to it than most and I find it rather interesting.

What is something you wish you could travel with but it’s too impractical to take most places?
Just a carry-on! I would love to be able to travel with just a carry-on, but it’s too impractical for me. I like to have my clothing options!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever ate while travelling?
Pizza in Rome. I ate the whole thing without talking once, it was so good. I find the more simple the pizza is in Italy, the better!

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1. What is your favourite travel moment?
2. What’s the worst decision you’ve made while traveling?
3. Where’s one place you’ve never been, but would love to go to?
4. What’s the best advice you’ve received (travel or non-travel related)?
5. What’s your biggest travel fear?
6. How did you come up with the name for your blog?
7. What’s one fact about you that most people don’t know?
8. Do you prefer Europe or Asia?
9. What is your favourite movie or book that inspires you?
10. What’s a quote that you live by?
11. What is your favourite post that you’ve ever written?

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