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The Ultimate Thailand Yoga Retreat (That’s Affordable)

The Ultimate Thailand Yoga Retreat (That’s Affordable)

In recent years Southeast Asia has seen a massive influx in tourists who are looking for a Thailand yoga retreat where they have space to completely relax and reach inner peace before heading back home. Though yoga is not a part of the Thai culture it is a very spiritual country and its incredible and breathtaking landscapes ooze a sense of calm.

With mountains that are filled with lush green jungles to islands that have secluded white sand beaches with water so blue it’s almost unbelievable, it’s no wonder why people are flocking to the Land of Smiles and why some of the best yoga retreats in the world are popping up in Thailand.

You can travel to Thailand for a yoga retreat alone or it can act as a great addition to your Thailand trip (perfect for a nice easy break!).

Why do a Thailand yoga retreat solo?

Yoga in Thailand is an easy way to break up a trip or it can be a holiday all on its own. My best advice is to head to a Thailand retreat solo, you can thank me later, as the experience will only be more heightened for you if you really take the time for yourself. I’m a solo traveler and have stayed in hostels around the globe but staying at a yoga retreat was a whole other world to me.

During my 4-month trip around Southeast Asia in 2016 I decided to take a much-needed break from hostels and indulge in some yoga holidays in Thailand so I could loosen up, take some time on my own and feel connected again. I had practiced yoga before but hadn’t on my trip so a full 3 months off left me feeling tense.

When you’re with a friend you won’t have complete peace of mind. They may help in getting you to the retreat but once there being able to roam the grounds, sit by the infinity pool and choose which yoga or meditation classes you want to go to is so much simpler when it’s just you.

There’s no need to be worried about having someone to talk to if you do want some company, there are always plenty of other people there solo who are happy to chat over meals.

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Feeling totally zen during my Thailand yoga retreat.

Where to do a yoga retreat in Thailand?

Yoga retreats are available across Thailand but I highly recommend spending some time by the water as the sight and sound of water relieve stress and anxiety instantly. I choose to head straight to the Thai islands, more specifically, Koh Samui, Thailand’s second-largest island that is known for being family-friendly.

There is plenty to do on the island of Koh Samui so you can choose to have a night out in town, roam through some street markets or visit some of the beautiful waterfalls and temples on the island. Plus there is an airport on the island and close to the retreat that I recommend and it’s a great jumping-off point for other gorgeous islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan (known for its full moon parties) and Koh Tao which is known for having the cheapest diving in the world.

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The view from the top of my yoga Thailand retreat.

Vikasa Yoga Retreat

I had no clue what to look for in a retreat but ended up finding a goldmine of a place that exceeded all of my expectations. Nestled along the coast, not far from the airport is Vikasa Yoga Retreat, a piece of paradise that I thought I was too lucky to have found. It is easily considered one of the best yoga retreats in Thailand.

The views were so incredible that I can’t begin to describe them, just look for yourself below.

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The views from my yoga retreat in Koh Samui were jaw-dropping!

At the top with some of the best views were the yoga caves, rooms created specifically for solo travelers with floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the coast and Gulf of Thailand. Bathrooms were shared just around the corner and were stunning.

The views may have stolen the show but I was in paradise the second a fresh coconut was brought to me as I waited for my room. The room itself was simple but it was all you could need when on a retreat. It kept your mind calm and I didn’t mind what the room looked like when I had the view that I did.

The price was very reasonable and included a room for a night, unlimited yoga and meditation classes and a buffet breakfast and dinner. The food was served with the same views over the water on a terrace decorated with white accents. The food is organic and serves a variety of different dietary needs including vegan and raw. It’s also 100% delicious.

Yoga Retreat Essentials

There are a few things that you will need while doing a yoga retreat.

Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is ideal for travelling, it’s extremely lightweight so if you practice a lot this is worth it (even though it’s not expensive!). And if you don’t like practicing on mats that others use this is a great option too.

Adapter: Obvi. But seriously people always forget. I like to use a universal adapter so if you don’t have one already get one stat and never worry about it again!

Reusable Water Bottle: This is an essential for ANY trip but especially so for a yoga retreat. Take care of the environment around yoga, yoga retreats will always have places for you to fill up a bottle so you can bring it around the property and to class.

Mosquito Repelling Bracelets: These are a thing? Totally! Mosquitoes can get nasty in Thailand and unfortunately can carry diseases. This is the healthiest option because they don’t use deet! Plus the bracelet will keep you from having to put on a repellent that you make your hands and body slippery while practicing. A lot of yoga studios and retreats in Southeast are outdoors so you will need some way to prevent mosquitoes. 

Reef Safe Sunscreen: If you’re somewhere that you can swim be sure to keep yourself and the water safe with reef safe sunscreen.

Travel Insurance: Many yoga retreats require you to have travel insurance.

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You can choose how you want your yoga vacation from just a few days to a weekend or however long you want. The retreat is open 365 days of the year with the gorgeous weather. Though I do recommend visiting Koh Samui and other islands in the Gulf of Thailand between April and October for the best weather.

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The backdrop was too perfect at my Thailand retreat.

With unlimited yoga (3-4 classes daily) in a number of different styles with incredibly talented and lovely teachers from around the world, plus mediation, an out of this world infinity pool, spa, delicious and healthy food, amazing location and more, this place needs to be on your bucket list. Did I mention that there is also a private beach?

If you’re on Koh Samui you can also pop in for classes without staying on the resort or choose to spend a month becoming a certified yoga instructor.

There’s a reason why so many people are choosing to indulge in yoga retreats, especially in Thailand. They truly do open you up and are one of the best breaks from work or long-term travel that will benefit you long after you step off your mat.

Vikasa Yoga Retreat is a place that is truly worth the splurge and to me is an ultimate luxury break. As a backpacker, I’m someone who is very careful when I decide to splurge and I can happily say that this place was worth every penny and more. So even though I consider this a luxury break it is still an affordable yoga retreat in Thailand and if perfect for everyone from beginner to advanced.

There are plenty of Thailand yoga retreats available, this just so happens to be the one I recommend but I also suggest doing your research and picking the retreat that suits you the best including budget yoga retreats.

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