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Do you have a selfie stick? Then you need to read this and make sure that you’re not one of those obnoxious travelers who is oblivious to how wrong you are using your stick. I’m writing this as per request after I wrote this post and many people mentioned that selfie stick etiquette needed to be addressed. Sorry if some of this sounds like common knowledge, but some people need to be reminded. This is the basics of selfie stick etiquette:

1. Be Polite

Are there people around you? Yes? That’s a silly question, you’re in a beautiful place so obviously tons of people are going to be around you. Now don’t push your way to the front and make rude side glances at the people around you who you know are going to be in your picture. Be calm, smile, and try to get the best angle you can with the people around you.

Tip: Check to make sure you and your clothing look okay before taking shots. Obviously I didn’t follow this tip in the picture above and I have a lovely tag showing in every shot I got at this spot!

2. Be Courteous to Those Around You

This means do not put your selfie stick in front of their face or in front of their camera. Seriously blocking someones view of their camera so you can get the same picture? Rude.

Tip: Practise taking pictures of yourself before you go on your trip. It wasn’t until my third trip that I really knew what angles and poses worked and what didn’t.

3. Be Patient

If you have a GoPro like me you know that it takes awesome pictures and that it also has a very wide-angle lens, meaning that it captures more often than not those other tourists on the edges of your picture. I know, it’s annoying, they somehow always manage to sneak in no matter how quickly you take your picture. But be patient. Especially in touristy areas a lot of people come in swarms and then leave in bulk, giving you the perfect time to capture your shot with all the space freedom you need for your extended arm reach.

Tip: Wait until people are busy with something new until you shoot your pictures, often times people don’t continue to stand looking after they’re done taking their pictures.

4. Be Stealth

How can you even begin to be stealth while you’re waving a piece of plastic around with a camera attached to it? Step one: move to areas where there are fewer people. Step two: Use minimal movement. Step three: Stands on objects, rocks, walls, etc. around you to get better angles and avoid the crowds.

Tip: Know your camera and it’s settings. That way if you need to adjust something you can do it quick, saving you time and not annoying people who are trying to get pictures as well.

5. Be Like a Pro Photographer

Don’t go to places during their peak hours of the day. Get up early in the morning to tackle those amazing sights before they’re filled with people. That means even better shots. But if it is busy think like a photographer and use those angles. Know what angles work best for you, how to pose in a picture, have all the settings correct before you get there, and know the exact arm posture needed for the best picture so you can be in and out of there and then spend your time gazing at whatever beautiful scenery you see instead of at your camera lens.

I’m sure any of you who read this aren’t the obnoxious type anyways, but I hope these tips help you (or you can send the link to someone you know who needs these tips). And these tips go for anyone who is taking a selfie. That arm you’re waving around? It’s the same as a selfie sticks but shorter.

Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list?