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10 of the Top Things to do in Korcula, Croatia

10 of the Top Things to do in Korcula, Croatia
Korcula island has become favourite for visitors to come to when in Croatia so don't miss an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the country. I've got you covered with the top things to do in Korcula. #korcula #croatia #europe #travel #island #beach

Korcula island has become favourite for visitors to come to when in Croatia so don't miss an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the country. I've got you covered with the top things to do in Korcula. #korcula #croatia #europe #travel #island #beach

Korcula may me a small island but it packs a punch entertainment wise and is a favourite among visitors. As one of the best islands in Croatia, there are plenty of things to do in Korcula that include things for history lovers, Instagram photographers, wine drinkers and adventurers.

A stop in Korcula, even if it’s just for a day should be on every travellers Croatia itinerary because this island is seriously beautiful and has awesome wine (you guys know I like wine right?).

Keep reading this Korcula travel guide to find the best things to do in Korcula, where to stay and how to get to this must-see island.

As a side note it’s pronounced KOR-chu-la. Don’t be like me and pronounce it wrong the entire time you’re in Croatia…

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Things to do in Korcula

Discover what to do in Korcula for an unforgettable couple of days on this jaw-dropping island.

Korcula travel always includes exploring the Old Town.

Explore Korcula Town

Korcula Old Town can be explored in a half a day or less. It is quite small which is part of why it is oh-so charming. It has got to be one of the cutest old towns I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring.

I stayed right in the centre and really enjoyed walking through the stone alleys that were narrow with vibrant coloured flowers growing over the sides of the old buildings. It was very picturesque.

You’ll find all of the main restaurants, lots of shopping and the top Korcula attractions in the Old Town, plus the best views too.

As a Korcula day trip head out for some island hopping.

Go island hopping

There are a number of small islands just off of Korcula Island and they’re beautiful. You can rent a kayak and head out but I would recommend asking a local what’s best to do based on the weather (sometimes it’s too windy to paddle) or based on what spots you want to see.

You can rent small boats as well for the day so you can explore further. And by small I mean really small, but super easy to drive. Three friends and I rented one for 450 kuna and had a great day hopping to other islands, stopping to jump into the water and visiting other beaches on Korcula.

Some of the best Korcula beaches to check out include:

  • Banje beach (rocky, in Korcula Town)
  • Zakrjan beach (rocky, in Korcula Town)
  • Vela Przina beach (sandy, in Lumbarda)
  • Bilin Zal beach (sandy, in Lumbarda)

Find more of the best beaches in Korcula.

Visit Marco Polo’s house

Many believe that Marco Polo, the famous explorer, was born in Korcula. While it’s up for debate, there is still a tourist attraction that you can visit and that’s the house that Marco Polo was allegedly born in.

Part of the house is free to enter but part there is a small fee where you can access and get great views over Korcula. Tours are also available April through October.

Even if you don’t stop by the house I recommend visiting the Marco Polo gift shop across the street just for some entertainment, it’s quite interesting!

Things to see in Korcula: sunset every night!

Catch sunset

Sunsets in Croatia are practically made to have a drink in hand, they really put on a show. The sunsets in Korcula are no exception so be sure to add sunset to your itinerary for every day that you’re on Korcula. Maksimilijan Garden is the place to be for sunset.

Snorkel in the crystal clear waters

Book a boat and take your own snorkeling trip where you can visit the surrounding islands which have insanely clear water and beautiful shores lined with beaches and green trees.

On board your luxury (maybe!) boat you can sip on wine between snorkeling spots, see where the stone used to build the White House came from and see a shipwreck.

Explore the island by bike

The best way to explore Korcula is by bike because you can see the sights at a leisurely pace and take in the fantastic views of this Croatian island.

On a 4-hour bike tour a guide will bring you to wine tasting spots to drink the wine and learn about the long history of winemaking on Korcula. You’ll even get to stop at secluded bays to go swimming and cycle through the town of Lumbarda, a less touristy spot on Korcula compared to the Old Town.

Mljet, Croatia

Take a day trip to Mljet

Not far from Korcula is the seriously beautiful island of Mljet which is one of the day trips from Korcula you can take. It’s possible to stay on the island but if you don’t have the time a day trip will suffice.

Half of Mljet island is a national park that’s made up of dense forest that surrounds the stunningly blue waters of two saltwater lakes.

A trip to Mljet will also include a stop at St. Mary’s Island, which is an islet that houses a once Benedictine monastery from the 12th century. It looks like a fairytale and also has many walking and hiking trails.

Don’t visit Korcula without trying the wine!

Try the local wine

Korcula has a long history of winemaking on the island so where else is more perfect to taste test the grapes, which just so happen to be grown on one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands?

A wine tour will take you to multiple spots to try the local wines and also have great views for you to take in while you sip on your drink. Honey and olive oil tastings are an added bonus and the included lunch is always splendid.

The view for sunset from St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Climb to the top of St. Mark’s Cathedral

The most important building in Korcula is right in the centre of the Old Town and that’s the 15th-century cathedral that was built in Gothic and Renaissance styles.

The cathedral is built on the highest point in the Old Town and thus provides the best views. Climb up the bell tower (it’s quite narrow, just a warning) and at the top you get 360° views of Korcula and out over the Adriatic Sea.

See that tower on the right? That’s where you can have drinks.

Have a cocktail in a Medieval tower

I don’t know how many chances you get to have a drink in a Medieval tower but I’m guessing not too often. So take the chance while you’ve got it and head over to Massimo cocktail bar. If you’re going to sunset get there early because it’s not a big place and you definitely want a seat on the top.

Where to Stay in Korcula

Korcula is a small island but if you plan on crossing the entire island you will need transport. I recommend and personally stayed in the Old Town, where most people stay, but there is accommodation available on other parts of the island such as Lumbarda if you prefer a more quiet area (even though Korcula is very quiet in general).

Hostels in Korcula

Hotels in Korcula

How to Get to Korcula

Luckily getting to Korcula is very easy with multiple ferry routes that run daily (during the peak season, June-September) from Split, Dubrovnik and other islands such as Hvar and Mljet.

Catamarans are the fastest option between all of the destinations mentioned above. Ferries are slower but cheaper and also carry cars if you plan on driving around the island or are doing a road trip. You can find all of the catamaran and ferry times on Jadrolinija’s site.

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