I never thought of Snapchat as an app for something other than sending quick pictures of yourself making the most unattractive faces to your friends, or videos of your pet sleeping or doing something stupid. But after reading a few articles by some well-known bloggers I realized that Snapchat is the newest and best form of social media.

Snapchat gives you the chance to experience a piece of a travel bloggers life, it allows you to get to know them and their personality. Now suddenly the blogger that you know from still images or the words that they write on their blog is a person who you can have a conversation with (by sending them snaps!) and a person that you can have some sort of a connection with.

Snapchat also gives bloggers the chance to show you the amazing places that they get to see, and sometimes the struggles they have to get there. Following travel bloggers gives you the opportunity to see the world at your fingertips, just from watching their stories.

So if you’re not already on the band wagon, then get on it! Here are some of the travel bloggers that I’ve gotten to know a little better while they adventure across the world, and who I think are worth a follow.

TARA @whereistara

Tara will take you through Europe as she goes from city to city, sending you pictures and videos of all the cool and interesting things that she encounters. Visit her blog here.Tara


This girl is hilarious and you should definitely give her a follow. She’ll go on rants (good rants, I promise), show you what she’s drinking and eating, and some of the sights she’s surrounded by. She’ll give you some tips on travel and a good laugh in every Snapchat story. Visit her blog here.


sonja @migratingmiss

Sonja keeps you up to date on her daily life, whether that involves travel or not. She’ll tell you about upcoming adventures, and show you the scenery around her. Visit her blog here.Sonja

amy @twodrifters

Amy has managed to keep me interested in her snaps even when she’s not traveling. She’s a fun and sweet girl and her personality definitely comes through in her snaps. She’ll give you a glimpse into what travel bloggers do when they’re not traveling and take you along for the ride when she is on the road. Visit her and her soon to be husband’s blog hereAmy

alexa @lexalounar

This girl tells you all about the travel life, shows you what it includes and will tell you stories about what goes on while living abroad. Visit her blog here.Alexa


Kaley’s got a good sense of humour, will send you pictures of travel, and the occasional things she does outside of travel. visit her blog here.Kaley


Claire will show you the traveler’s life, inside hostels, and what she does in a day abroad. Visit her blog here.Claire


Yvonne will give you a walking tour through the city as she explains the history, gushes over beautiful buildings, and points out the sometimes unexpected things of living abroad. Visit her blog here.Yvonne


Arwa will show you all the beautiful sites of travel, from the pretty locations to the kind people who host her. Expect the occasional selfie as Arwa shows you around whatever city she’s exploring. Visit her blog here.Arwa

XAM @xamjulliarde

Xam is all about the videos and is always in a positive mood. She’ll take you around town and show you what traveler’s get to see, and deal with. Visit her blog here.XAM


I snap lot’s of pictures and videos keeping you up to date on everything going on in my life, including both the highs and lows of traveling. I’m currently traveling across Canada and will show you everything the beautiful country has to offer before heading to Thailand!TaylorSnapchat

So what are you waiting for? Go give all these bloggers a follow on Snapchat and then watch as the world is shown to you through their lens’.

have snapchat? Comment below with you’re name and I’ll follow!

Thank you to everyone to sent me a lovely selfie for this post. Can’t wait to watch more of your snaps!