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Travel Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Backpackers

Travel Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Backpackers

Backpackers are all about having minimal things while on the road but often love inspiration while at home. This travel gift idea gives you practical ideas for backpackers to use while on the road and to keep at home for fun memories! #travel #giftguide #travellover #backpacker

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is quickly approaching and I know that you need some gift ideas for backpackers or traveler’s that you have in your life. How do you know what to get a traveler that’s useful to them on the road? Don’t worry because I have the best travel gift guide for the travelers on your holiday shopping list!

I have separated this post into sections to help you navigate through the things that every traveler will want or need. From books to gadgets, stocking stuffers to travel gear, you’ll find a range of prices to fit your budget. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Travel Gift Guide: Gadgets

Portable Phone Charger
For those nights in hostels when there are no power outlets near the bed or for those long days exploring a new destination. This mini charger is light weight, small enough to throw in any bag and is perfect to keep a cell phone battery topped up.

Selfie Stick
Hate on selfie sticks all you want…but they can take great pictures. And if you’re buying for a traveler that travels solo then this is a great travel gift idea for them. Forget just the plain selfie stick, now you can get ones that have tripods in them to get pictures that don’t even look like selfies!

The latest GoPro is the best and a must for every traveler. This small and lightweight camera takes pictures and videos of optimal quality at an affordable price. It charges quickly and works great underwater. If a traveler needs one camera, it’s this one.

For traveler’s that travel longer term, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift idea so travelers don’t have to worry about carrying around or finding places to exchange books.

This is the best product to help a traveler organize their gadgets. From chargers to hard drives, cameras and wires, this grid will keep everything in place and organized.


Travel Gift Guide: Books

Love With A Chance Of Drowning
One woman’s journey of falling in love with an exotic man and taking a huge chance: joining him to sail around the world.

The Lost Girls
Three women embark on a year-long journey to mostly third world countries. They leave behind apartments, boyfriends, and careers in NYC as they set off to explore more of the world and in the process learn about themselves and about each other.

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding
A sassy woman details the trips she takes when relationships end, her career stalls, or something else goes wrong. While she continues to travel her friends go through life’s steps, all the while she explores the world.

The Good Girls Guide to Getting Lost
She followed life step by step but decided to ditch the norm and shock her parents when she decides to move to Ireland. From there she moves on to Australia before joining a friend in South America. None of this was in her life plan, or her parents plan for her, making it all the more exciting.

Follow one woman’s journey through nature as she dissects her life and mistakes while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in a journey of self-discovery.

Travel Gift Guide: Gear

Quick-Dry Towel
A must for any traveler that spends time in hostels as towels are often not provided. This lightweight towel is compact and can even be used a beach towel.

Luggage Locks
Another must for travelers who are in hostels, but also great for all travelers to lock their bags. This lock is TSA approved and can be opened by airport security without breaking the lock.

Travel Scarf
This is the ultimate carry-on piece for women because it doesn’t even count as a carry-on. In this scarf there is a hidden zipper pocket that can hold a passport, cell phone, tickets, and other small personal items. Forget the money belt, this scarf is even better.

Packing Cubes
Packing cubes will make every traveler’s life easier. It will help them stay organized and create extra space in their bag.

Simply a must for every traveler! You can’t travel the world without an adapter.

Travel Gift Guide: Inspiration

Scratch the World Travel Map
Traveler’s love to display where they’ve been and this map is the perfect way to do just that. Use a coin to scratch off each country across the map!

Travel Inspired Jewelry
Every travel lover is a little bit obsessed with maps. And if they’re also a jewelry lover then they’re bound to love this travel necklace!

Cork Globe
For anyone who has serious wanderlust, this mini cork globe will satisfy them every time they get to put a new pin in. Traveler’s love to be reminded of the beautiful places they’ve been, why not show it off nicely with this globe?

1000 Places To See Before You Die
What’s more inspirational than a book of the top places to see in the world? It’s packed with local and exotic destinations and is updated regularly to guarantee the best information on all of the destinations mentioned.

Travel Journal
There is no better inspiration than from one’s own travel journal. Every traveler doesn’t want to forget the special moments on the road. Give them something so they can document them all.

Travel Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Ear Plugs
An absolute necessity for anyone traveling on long flights or sharing a room!

Eye Mask
For those long planes rides, nights spent sleeping in airports, or for hostel dorms!

Diva Cup
A must for female travelers. It will make their lives so much easier, especially in countries where it can be difficult to find tampons. The Diva Cup wash can also double as a face wash!

Passport Cover
For those traveler’s that like to accessorize.

Luggage Tags
Create a custom genuine leather luggage tag for the traveler that you love.

Travel Gift Guide Gift Ideas For Backpackers

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