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Sorry boys, this is a strictly girls only post. Not because we don’t want to include you in our secrets, but because I don’t think you’d have much interest in today’s topic: periods and the best product you can use while traveling.

Ladies, have you heard of the Diva Cup? If no, then read on. If yes, and you’re not using it then keep reading as well.

What exactly is the Diva Cup? It’s a reusable menstrual cup that collects your flow instead of absorbing it. It’s eco-friendly, made from silicone, and is long-lasting.

Periods can be a pain to deal with even when you’re not on the road so the Diva Cup will benefit you in more ways than just while you’re on the road. Here’s why:

Minimal Effort

Sure it requires a bit more effort than a tampon or pad that you just throw away. The Diva Cup does need to be cleaned, but it still requires minimal effort. The Diva Cup only needs to be washed once every 12 hours. Easy. When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. It’s also very easy to put in and take out (easier than I thought it would be). Don’t worry, it comes with instructions for your first time!

Long-Lasting/Save Your Money!

Because of its durability it lasts a long time. Think that’s gross? That’s why you clean it every 12 hours and can then clean it further once done using for the month by using boiling water. This means you are also saving money. Sure, it’s more expensive than tampons or pads, but you’ll save money in the long haul and then you can use that money for travel (every cent counts right?)!


This is also a big aspect for many people. Think about how much waste you’re saving by not throwing out tampons and pads. No plastic wrappers going into the garbage, no cardboard (whatever applicators you use) not being recycled. The wash that you can also purchase specifically for the Diva Cup (though you don’t have to use the exact wash) is also eco-friendly, and has no animal products in it and isn’t tested on animals.

Travel Friendly

And the most important thing of all…it’s travel friendly! Now you don’t have to worry about how many tampons or pads you’ll need, or worry about buying them while you’re traveling. Have you ever tried finding tampons in Asia? Not happening. It comes in a cute patterned pouch that you use to store it while not in use. And that’s all you need to pack. And the wash, or a soap that you can use to clean it.

Bonus: The Wash Doubles as Face Wash

Since the wash for the Diva Cup uses no chemicals, and is made with 100% plant-based ingredients, plus is fragrance free (awesome for those with sensitive skin), you can also use it as a face wash, thus saving even more room in your luggage. You know how much room liquids, soaps, etc. take up!

Not convinced? You can read more information on their website here.

I personally think it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. It never leaks, unlike the tampons I used did. It’s comfortable, I find even more so than tampons, and it’s easy.

Ready to try it out? Below are links to two different types: one is used for those who have not had children (Diva Cup 1, first link), and one is for women who have had children (Diva Cup 2, second link). I also recommend the wash as well.

I personally vouch for both products as I have used them both and love them.


Diva Cup Pre Childbirth
Diva Cup Pre Childbirth

Diva Cup Post Childbirth
Diva Cup Post Childbirth

Diva Wash
Diva Wash

Have you used a Diva Cup? Thoughts? Questions?


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