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Wanderlust Wednesday is a weekly series where travel bloggers share their best and favourite moment of travel. Each week a blogger will detail the importance of their best moment, and how that moment affected them. 

This series is here to share with you the importance of the little moments, the benefits of travel, and the experiences that you may want to try. Enjoy!

This week’s featured blogger is Shandos from Travelnuity on her day spent at Capri.

One of my favourite ever travel moments has been a day trip that I took a few years ago to Capri, the beautiful island off the coast of Sorrento, Italy.  It was lucky that I actually got to go that day, as there was a boat strike on and we only found out while waiting in the queue for ferry tickets at the harbour of Sorrento. Only the ferry (that my boyfriend and I planned to catch) was running, with none of the hydrofoils running.

It was a beautiful, warm spring day in late May, with a startling blue sky and wonderfully blue water below. We took the funicular up to Capri Town proper, then the bus onwards to Ana Capri. We firstly wanted to take the chairlift up to the highest point on Capri, which leaves from Ana Capri, and we were lucky that there was no queue. At the top we were rewarded with beautiful views over the island and back to the mainland. After descending, it was time for a spot of shopping, then a relaxed pasta lunch in one of the local restaurants looking onto a square, with geraniums in the window boxes.

One of the difficult decisions for us had been whether to take a boat trip to the Blue Grotto. It was quite an expensive trip, and opinion was divided online over whether it was worthwhile or not (especially given the brief duration in the grotto, and the pushy demands for more tips). We’d found out there were no boats leaving from the Marina Grande harbour when we arrived on the ferry (due to the boat strike), so we headed for the end of the road next to the Blue Grotto ourselves. We set off on a hike downhill through backstreets and along paths in the woods, lucky to not take any wrong turns. Walking around Capri is wonderful, due to the endless views, except when it involves climbing hills!

CapriUnfortunately, our decision was made for us. The rowers weren’t leaving the little deck to head to the Blue Grotto (probably because the other boats weren’t running). Oh well, at least it meant more money to spend on drinks in the café perched on the rocks above! It would have been wonderful to go for a swim in the brilliant blue water, but it would have been chilly in May.  Then it was time to head back by bus to the Marina Grande, to catch the return boat. Unfortunately, the boat we were aiming for wasn’t running, so we had a free hour or two to fill in at the harbour. What else was there to do but relax in the sun outside of one of the local cafes, with a few glasses of wine and complimentary snacks, including the most delicious olives I’ve ever eaten?

Due to the boat strike, we’d managed to experience Capri during the middle of a beautiful, warm day without the usual tourist crowds. Sure, it meant that we missed out on seeing the Blue Grotto, but it was still been an amazing day, and sometimes you’re just destined to go with the flow, and enjoy what the day brings. We’d both love to go back for a longer stay, but perhaps it would never live up to that magical day!

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