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The moment has come and you’re either over the moon excited to be home, or dreading getting on a bus, plane, or train to make the journey back home. Maybe you’ve been home for a while after returning from your travels and your honeymoon phase is over. Suddenly you find yourself wanderlusting for exotic destinations once again, and trying to figure out what to do when you’re not traveling, because travel is your life. You long for it constantly. Your desire to be on the road is stronger than any hunger, thirst, or love for anyone.

Your day job is enough to make you want to want to hit your head against the wall everyday because let’s face it, your day isn’t merely as exciting as travel. Your bored out of your mind, anxious, and feel like time is passing slower than it ever has in your entire life.

Am I being a little bit dramatic? Maybe. But this is how some days feel. The only thing that will 100% hold my interest is travel, and as much as I wish to travel all the time I know right now it’s not an option for me. So here are a few things I do to help me get through my non-traveling days.


Snapchat has been a blessing in disguise when it comes to helping me get through long days. I follow enough people that it takes me a solid 30-45 minutes just to get through everyone’s stories, and guess what? They’re all travel related. Though I’m not traveling I make the time everyday to live vicariously through other travelers as they go on adventures in far away lands and I get some serious inspiration for my next trip. Some of my favourites to follow are @drewbinsky, @adventerouskate, @expatedna, @gettingstamped, and of course feel free to follow me (@taylorstracks)!



Constantly inspire yourself to travel while you’re not traveling. It will make you feel better, I know it. Get into a good book, watch movies, TV shows, or documentaries (Netflix is my best friend when it comes to this). Read or watch something that gets you thinking about new things you can do, things that impress you, and things that you can learn from. You can grow and learn as a traveler even when you’re not on the road.

Read Travel Books

Create Something

Even if you’re not a creative person just try to make something from your travels. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad, you’re going to be the only one seeing it, and it only needs to help you get through this time. Everyone takes pictures while they’re traveling so make a scrapbook. Make a vision board of places you want to go. Hang your best pictures around your room so you are constantly reminded of the good memories you have in your life. Create a travel wall. As I travel I collect things that represent the places I’ve been to. I now have a wall in my room that is dedicated just to these souvenirs, pictures, and more related to travel. Whenever I  look at it I instantly perk up.

Travel Wall


Write your feelings down. Super frustrated that you’re not traveling? Write it down. Sad or lonely while not traveling? Write it down. Putting your feelings out there (even if it’s just to yourself), admitting that you’re upset, or whatever it is, writing it down will make you feel like you have a weight off of your shoulders. And if you journaled while traveling then read that! It will bring back so many memories and will have you probably laughing more than crying.

Travel Scrapbook

Join Travel Communities

I have yet to find one that is in person (okay I haven’t really tried to find one), but online I stumbled across a massive, and hugely helpful, supportive, and inspiring group that’s all about travel. Try some googling or look on Facebook for travel groups where people talk everything travel. This can be from specific groups like Backpacking Thailand to general, but still travel themed, Girls Love Travel. Surround yourself with people who understand you, and understand your passion.

Become a Blogger or Vlogger

Keep busy while you’re not doing what you love and my number one recommendation is to blog or vlog (about travel of course). There is nothing that has taken up more of my time and kept me busy than blogging itself. Blogging isn’t for all serious people, it can be a simple hobby and opens you up to a community of like minded people.

Explore Your Own City

Do you really know what your city has to offer? Have you explored it like a tourist and admired the buildings, people watched at cafes, and gone on food/boat/walking tours? Most people haven’t, and I admit to being one of those people. Bring a friend and make a day of it, rent an AirBnB downtown to make it feel more like a trip, and understand your city from a tourists point of view.

Exploring Home

Take Mini-Trips

A lot of people don’t consider little trips to be deemed as “traveling.” But I certainly do. Anything that takes me away from my home city I consider traveling. Whether it be a day trip to see some waterfalls an hour away, or going to visit some friends who are a few hours away, these mini-trips will help. And they won’t break the bank while you’re trying your best to save for your next big adventure.

Skip on going out for drinks and dinner or shopping for new clothes and save your money for your next big trip. But while you’re home invest in things (experiences not material things) that will make your stay at home comfortable and not nearly as miserable.

Not traveling is hard when all you want to do is hit the road. Whether you’re taking a break for financial reasons, family reasons, or just haven’t made it to the road quite yet, then I hope these tips help keep you busy, and inspired. Sometimes it takes being home to know how much we appreciate being on the road, and sometimes it takes a little while of being away from home to realize how good we have it.

What do you do when you’re not traveling? Share your tips below!

What To Do When You're Not Traveling