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Canada, a home to over 35 million people with a diverse range of backgrounds, a country devoted to peace, and a proud nation. I, myself am extremely proud to call myself Canadian and sew my country’s flag on my pack while I travel. My passport can get me across the world and boarders without hesitation, and simply saying that I am Canadian makes people think of our popular stereotype that Canadian’s are nice, and known for saying “sorry” even when it’s not our fault. This I have to say is true and I am guilty of being the one to say sorry when someone bumps into me!

Stretching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, Canada covers a wide range of landscapes, it hears many languages, and has been influenced from other’s around the world when it comes to culture and food, but also has a flare of its own. Made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories Canada has something different to offer in each and every one. There is something for everyone from large, urban cities, to scenic landscapes, adventures on land or in the ocean, the Northern lights in the North, and the Great Lakes in the South.

So why, if my country has so much to offer and I can rave about how amazing and proud I am to be a Canadian, but haven’t bothered to see it for myself?


I’ve been asking myself this for the past year.

I’m embarrassed now to admit that I was wrong to want to go out and see the world before my own country. How could I understand other cultures, enjoy the food off of foreign plates, and begin to appreciate what I really have back home if I haven’t taken the time to explore my own backyard?

I have been told time and time again that I should explore my own backyard, and I ignored them all. I was too fascinated with what the world had to offer. But after taking two months to travel through Western Europe I came home and decided that my next step was to see my own country. Not only was it was a decision, but also a desire that I suddenly had.

White-Water-Rafting- Wilderness-Tours

So here is my apology to my nation; I’m sorry that I never took the time to appreciate the nature, beauty, and culture that I didn’t bother to learn. I have seen mountains in Austria, but not the Rockies in Canada, watched whale watching videos online, but haven’t bothered to go to the East coast to see them for myself, and haven’t even stepped West of Ontario to gorgeous National Parks.

But I am happy to say that I get to see parts of my country that I have never seen before along with a friend from Australia next month.

We have 23 days, 3 provinces, and 8 cities to see in one country. And though this is only a fraction of the country I know it will open my eyes to the unique perspective of my loving country.


I have to admit that deciding to travel across Canada was a daunting task. Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia. How could I cover so much ground? And what season do I go in? Fall would be beautiful while hiking as the leaves change colour, spring just a pretty when everything begins to bloom, and summer would give us beaches and warm water for water sports. Winter itself opens a whole new door for activities, but limits time outside (I hate being cold).

As I began to do my research it was a shame to read blog after blog that claimed how expensive it was to travel through Canada. I didn’t let it stop me though, and when I had a friend ask me to travel with her I took the opportunity to suggest Canada which she quickly agreed to. I wasn’t going to let a bit of extra money stop me from seeing a country I think everyone should visit.

So here’s to the commitment I make to my country, Canada. And here is my encouragement to you to explore and learn about your own country and people before you step onto new soil. Exploring your own country should be on everyone’s bucket list. Learn about your people, your past, help influence the future of your nation, and give people the right view and perspective of your country.

Through October and November I will be releasing posts about each city we travel to, detailing what activities we did, and how we budgeted. I can’t wait to see what my country has to offer, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Cheers to exploring wherever you call home.

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