Ah, the embarrassing selfie stick. The interesting looking piece of equipment that quickly began popping up all over the world for pushy tourists to jab in innocent bystanders faces. The piece of plastic that is over priced and an annoyance to more than it is of actual usefulness to others.

But that’s just what most people think of selfie sticks.

I, a proud owner of a selfie stick love it. And I’m most certainly not embarrassed or ashamed to say that I own one. Proud? Maybe not proud, but it’s definitely one of the first things I pack along with all of my other most important equipment.

I mean how else would I get awesome pictures like this?

How could I have all of those looking off into the distance pictures pretending I’m not actually taking a picture pictures?

Without my selfie stick I wouldn’t have any. If I could afford to have a professional photographer follow me around I would obviously choose that option, but let’s be realistic. My over priced piece of plastic is way more in my price range.

I feel like a lot of traveler’s and tourists and people in general roll their eyes whenever people whip out their selfie sticks. I’ll admit that I used to be one of those people. When walking home from work when I lived in Toronto I would walk past some of the main tourist destinations in the city and there would be the Chinese (the Chinese seem to love Toronto) tourists with their selfie sticks out and I would have to duck to avoid being hit.

But once I got one and actually started taking some decent pictures there was no turning back. I sometimes travel solo and when I do travel with friends I’m not that annoying person who always asks my friends to take pictures of me (because now I have a selfie stick). I was once on a trip with a girl I had met while on the trip and she asked me more than a few times to take pictures for her. And I’m a decently nice person so I didn’t mind but when I had to use all 3 of camera every time I was not impressed. I wasn’t that kind of person, but still, now I don’t ask anyone at all.

As a blogger and as a regular traveler I want awesome pictures. So I got a GoPro (I definitely recommend) and to be honest they’re awful for trying to take selfies. Hence, a selfie stick is needed. No more awkward long arms in my pictures like this:

New York

My selfie stick even has a tripod hidden in the bottom on it so I can take pictures like this:


This picture is now one of my most liked pictures on Instagram. The people are telling me that my selfie stick is being put to good use!

And no I’m not here to try and sell you some selfie stick, I’m merely here as a defence for selfie stick users around the world. It’s not an embarrassment or something impractical. They’re useful, they’re handy, and that’s why so many people have them. I take awesome pictures with mine so that’s how I justify having one.


Now when it comes to selfie stick use…that’s a whole other story. I could write an entirely seperate post just on selfie stick etiquette. But to some it up real quick I’ll just say and ask for other selfie stick users to please not shove it in other people’s faces, do not whip it around (I almost had my head taken off once because of this), and don’t take too long posing for your picture (it will only annoy people even more).

To all of the selfie stick users out there, keep snapping your best pictures, whether solo or with a friend, and stand proud with your selfie stick. And for those who are judging, judge all you want, but I’ve got pictures I love and have no regrets with how I got them.

What do you think of selfie sticks? Yay or nay?