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10 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Around the Globe

10 Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training Around the Globe

If you’ve already completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training, you’ll know that the first training was only the beginning. There is a vast world of yoga wisdom out there, so as teachers, it’s our job to continue exploring and learning. One style of yoga that every passionate teacher should know how to teach is yin. Yin yoga may be slow-paced, but it has powerful healing qualities. It can slow down the busiest mind, dissolve tension in the tightest muscle, and facilitate a profound spiritual transformation.

So, if this mindful style of yoga intrigues you, make sure a yin yoga teacher training is next on your list. 

Top Yin Yoga Teacher Training

All of these 10 best yin yoga teacher training courses are set in dreamy nature spots worldwide, from tropical islands to vibrant beach towns. But if you’re unable to make it to one of these fabulous destinations, don’t miss the options for online yin yoga teacher training!

Image by YinSide Yoga

50, 30, 20 or 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Uluwatu, Bali

Starting from: $420

In a heavenly studio in the picturesque area of Bali, Uluwatu, you can begin or continue your yin yoga teacher training with an instructor who is passionate about all things yin yoga. Hayley Wenn, the creator of YinSide Yoga has created a yin yoga course that goes above and beyond what most do. Whether you’re new to teaching yin, or want to deepen your sequencing, theming, or add in other specialties to your classes, one or all of these yin courses are for you.

The training is broken down into 3 parts, with the option to take them all, or to pick and choose which are more suitable for your current yin teaching knowledge. The first is a 50-hour course that covers all of the basics and must-knows for teaching yin. The second, 30-hours, dives into integration, focusing on learning how to guide truly transformative experiences in your classes. The third, 20-hour course focuses in on creating your voice as a teacher, and adding extras into your classes that will make them truly unique. 

This course comes with a strong recommendation from me as someone who has practiced with Hayley I can vouch for how incredible her yin classes are on a body, mind, and soul level.

Image by Ananda Yoga & Detox Center

13 Day 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Starting from: $1,525

This 100-hour yin teacher training takes place on the idyllic island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Situated between a lush jungle and turquoise seas, you can spend 13 days immersing yourself in all things yin at Ananda Yoga & Detox Center. This Yoga Alliance continuing education program is ideal for yoga teachers looking to niche down to this restorative style or increase their teaching skills.

The course is slow-paced, with the days starting at 8am and finishing at 6pm. Each day includes two lectures on yin theory, philosophy, and anatomy and 90-minutes of yoga practice. There are various accommodations available, ranging from a shared dorm to a private bungalow. Plus, along with the beach on your doorstep, you’ll have access to the centre’s herbal steam sauna and a saltwater swimming pool.

Image by Rise & Shine Yoga

7 Day 60-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with 5 Elements and Fascia Therapy in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, Spain

Starting from: $1,415

This 60-hour yin yoga training by Rise & Shine Yoga takes place on the blissful Spanish island of Ibiza. This yin TTC dives deep into the five elements and fascia therapy, the two key components of this healing yoga style. You’ll learn how to bring your students into a deep state of relaxation, release physical and mental tension, and rebalance your nervous system. 

Along with learning the fundamental yin poses, you’ll study yin Anatomy, the meridians and elements from Chinese Medicine, and fascia and myofascial release. You’ll also learn how to weave in meditation techniques, mantras, mudras, and breathing practices to create holistic and deeply nourishing yin classes.

During this week, you’ll stay in the onsite villa, just 5 minutes from the beach, and can choose a shared or private room. A ​​breakfast buffet and a vegan/vegetarian lunch and dinner are included each day, too.

Image by Love and Thrive Retreats

7 Day 50-Hour Yin and Intrinsic Womb Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training in Corfu, Greece

Starting from: $848

This unique yin teacher training in Corfu is popular amongst women of all ages. The program focuses on balancing your feminine cycles and helping your female students do the same. Along with yin and yang asana practices, you’ll experience womb and breast self-massages and participate in heart-opening cacao ceremonies. This course will help you embody your femininity and feel at peace within yourself. 

Along with the transformational elements of the program, you’ll learn the meridian theory and break down the yin asanas in posture clinics. The TTC takes place in Argyrades, in the south of the island, where you’ll stay at the Adriana apartments. You’ll enjoy high-nutrient food, including many Greek specialties throughout your stay, with breakfast at the hotel and dinners at the local tavernas.

Image by Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

13 Day 100 Hours Yin Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Goa, India

Starting from: $1,161

If you’re dreaming of a yin yoga course in India, this 13 day TTC in Goa will not disappoint. The 100-hour course teaches yin as a therapy, so expect to dive deep into the energy centres and acupressure points. You’ll learn how the process can heal and rebalance you by releasing energetic blockages. 

To honour the slow-paced style, you’ll learn at a relaxed pace, participating in transformational healing circles and sunset beach walks. You’ll come away with a yin yoga therapy diploma and yoga teacher certificate and all the tools you need to facilitate healing and transformation in your students. 

The retreat center is in the heart of the jungle, immersed in nature. Here, you’ll stay in a cottage with a private terrace and sea view. The resort also has an incredible infinity swimming pool where you can cool off from the heat. All your meals will be provided in partnership with a local Vegan eatery.

Image by Love and Thrive Retreats

7 Day 50-Hour Yin and Intrinsic Womb Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training Course in Martina Franca, Puglia, Italy

Starting from: $1,009

Join Love and Thrive Retreats in Puglia, Italy, for a week of feminine wellness and yin training. This is the ideal yin yoga teacher training for women who want to learn how to nurture themselves through all stages of their life. 

You’ll enjoy twice-daily yoga, self-massage workshops, yoga Nidra, and walking meditations. In addition, you’ll study the theory and principles of Yin yoga and learn how to teach safe, therapeutic classes. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a 50-hour qualification in yin yoga and myofascial work to add to your existing 200 or 500 TTC qualification. 

You’ll stay in a 14th-century villa in the charming town of Puglia, with an onsite swimming pool. You can choose between shared or private accommodation here, and all meals and drinks are included in the price.

Image by Shanti Atman Yoga

12 Day 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali With Pranayama, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Starting from: $3,214

This Level 2 yin yoga certification course is suitable for existing yin yoga instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge and Hatha/Vinyasa teachers looking to bring more stillness and mindfulness into their classes. At Damayanti Center in Bali, you’ll explore this powerful style of yoga, learning how to work with the meridians and Qi life force to soften the body and still the mind. 

The program includes a balance of theory, practice, and teaching methodology. You’ll start each day with an asana practice, then you’ll have two workshop-style lessons before an evening practice. You’ll be staying onsite at the yoga retreat centre in either a shared or private room with modern amenities and comfortable furnishings. Here, you’ll get to feast on yummy home-cooked, vegetarian food and will also get scheduled ​one-on-one time with your teacher to elevate your teachings.

Image by Shree Hari Yoga

12 Day 100 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Gokarna, India

Starting from: $808

Shree Hari Yoga School’s 100-hour yin training in Gokarna, India, is one of the most affordable yin training courses worldwide. What’s more, it’s suitable for anyone with a strong interest in this healing style, not just existing teachers. Over the 12 days, you’ll study yin from Daoist, yogic, and Western perspectives and blend western and eastern anatomy, understanding its relevance to the yin yoga practice.

The days begin at 6:30am with meditation and pranayama, followed by a 90-minute yin yoga practice. Mid-morning, you’ll study philosophy and anatomy, then in the afternoon, you’ll focus on the art of teaching, followed by a second asana practice. You’ll be staying a stone’s throw from Kudle Beach and the yoga shala in a simple, cozy room in a shared bungalow. Here, you’ll enjoy the pleasant ocean breeze and sea view.

Image by Yoga Academy International

8 Day Luxury Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Marrakech

Starting from: $2,365

Suppose you fancy pampering yourself while increasing your skill set. In that case, this luxury course in Marrakech is the best yin yoga teacher training for you. Along with plenty of yoga practice, you’ll have various workshops, mentorship, and personalized guidance. This will allow you to uplevel your teaching and gain a yin yoga certification. Plus, every evening, you’ll enjoy a special Satsang, which may be a Q&A, philosophy chat, or even an impromptu dance party!

In between classes, you’ll have plenty of free time to relax at the luxury resort or pamper yourself at the spa. Plus, you’ll have one day off where you can explore the vibrant city of Marrakech with your classmates. The program also includes 3 locally sourced healthy meals each day and transfers to and from Marrakech Airport.

Image by Shanti Atman Yoga

12 Day 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Functional Anatomy and Chinese Medicine in Algarve

Starting from: $2,501

This comprehensive yin yoga course includes yin yoga, pranayama, meditation, and mindfulness, moving well beyond the western asana style of yoga and deep into the energetic realm. You’ll learn how to weave the pillars of mindfulness into your practice and understand the powerful benefits of the breath and yin yoga postures.

This 100-hour course by Shanti Atma Yoga takes place in the popular Algarve region of Portugal, located in the south. You’ll stay at the chic Villa Elise, either in a twin room or a private queen room. The first week of the course focuses on the anatomy of yin yoga and fascia, what’s focused so heavily on in this practice. While the second week dives into Chinese medicine (think meridians), the 5 elements, and honing your teaching of yin.

If you’re looking for more options, visit BookYogaTeacherTraining where more training is constantly being added!

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