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Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. In fact, there are 8 limbs of yoga, one of them being meditation, that when used and practiced in life, lead to enlightenment. 

Yoga has the power to reconnect you to your mind, body and soul. It has the ability to calm you, ground you, strengthen you and so much more. This practice which is ultimately a lifestyle is life-changing and it is my goal to help you better understand yourself and to live a truly authentic life that you love through yoga.

I am honoured to be apart of your journey, if you’ll have me.

Yoga for Self-Love

Find an entire self-love yoga series with a total of 7 classes that allows you to pick and choose what kind of self love yoga you’re craving:

Yoga for Confidence

Body Image Yoga

Yoga Flows

Relaxing Yoga

Moon Yoga & Astrology Yoga

Zodiac Yoga Series

Yoga for Better Sex

Chakra Yoga

Yoga for Active People

Yoga Retreats


Yoga Teacher Training Resources

Yoga Accessories