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Yoga Classes

Flow it out with me, Taylor! Roll out your mat, hop into something comfy and get ready to feel at home in your body. I teach vinyasa flows and yin yoga to help you feel good in your body, no matter where you’re at in your yoga or body image journey. My classes have a strong focus on your mind, as much as your body, because that’s exactly what yoga is. I promise to guide you through no BS yoga sequences that will help you feel amazing.

Join me for a single class, a series, or more. I can’t wait to see you on the mat! If you want to be kept up to date on new videos, subscribe on YouTube!

Yoga for Self-Love

Find an entire self-love yoga series with a total of 7 classes that allows you to pick and choose what kind of self-love yoga you’re craving.

Yoga for Confidence

These classes are designed to help you feel more confident in your body and your yoga practice.

Body Image Yoga

These flows are focused on noticing how your body really feels are you’re moving through sequences. 

Yoga Flows

Pick a yoga class that focuses on your mood to help you release or tap into whatever it is that you’re feeling.

Relaxing Yoga

For those days that you don’t really feel like moving but know that movement would make you feel better, these yoga classes are a great choice to get present and into your body for just a short and easy flow. In most classes you barely have to get up off the floor!

Yin Yoga

Moon Yoga & Astrology Yoga

Practice yoga along with the moon and other planets to tap into the energy you may (or may not) be feeling.

Zodiac Yoga Series

A series of yoga classes specific for each zodiac sign that can be practiced by anyone as we move through each season together.

Yoga for Better Sex

Stretch out the areas that will help make sex feel more comfortable and so you can get into more spicy positions.

Chakra Yoga

This yoga series touches on specific poses you can incorporate into your practice on your own and also has charka yoga sequences that include the poses so that you can follow along. 

Chakra Vinyasa Yoga

Chakra Yin Yoga

Yoga for Active People

For those who do more than just yoga, these sequences are activity and sport specific.