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7 Best Yoga Retreats in Canada

7 Best Yoga Retreats in Canada

Take a break with a weekend away or dive into the philosophy and practices of yoga with these incredible yoga retreats in Canada that you’re going to want to visit again and again.

Indulge in spa weekends, hear nothing but the sounds of nature, deepen your yoga practice, take time to meditate, breathe in the fresh air that Canada has to offer, get active or spend time in solitude at these top retreats that are worth travelling for.

You’ll leave these wellness experiences with a new sense of who you are, feeling a little more whole, at peace, perhaps more flexible and of course, more relaxed.

Ready to dive into the world of yoga in Canada?

Why a Yoga Retreat in Canada?

When you think of yoga you may not think of Canada first but instead countries such as India, Costa Rica or even the island of Bali. But for those in North America who wish to stay closer to home or prefer the Canadian beauty compared to tropical islands, Canada is an excellent place to indulge in a yoga retreat.

Canada’s jaw-dropping nature and expansive spaces make finding a retreat that is surrounded by nature and without distractions easy. From national parks to rapids, many of the yoga retreats offer so much more than just yoga.

You’ll get to take in views of mountains, lakes, forests and most importantly, clean, fresh air that will soothe your soul. Many of the retreats are wellness retreats, some of which include adventures such as kayaking or whitewater rafting, many include hiking, others focus on learning yoga philosophy, while others incorporate healing modalities that will only add to your experience.

Yoga retreats in Canada are serene, surrounded by beauty that can only be found in this incredible country and is home to a number of hosts that include teachers, mentors and beautiful souls who are waiting to help you relax, heal, become at peace and of course, practice yoga.

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Top Canadian Wellness Retreats

You’re spoiled for choice with these wellness retreats. No matter how advanced your yoga practice is, you’ll find a retreat designed for you, your requirements and wants from basic getaways for letting go or detoxing, to advanced practices and learning centres.

Get ready to heal, be surrounded by beauty and take in all that Canada has to offer with its prime yoga teachers, healers and nature.

Grail Springs

Location: Bancroft, Ontario

Grail Springs is easily the top yoga and wellness retreat in all of Canada, having won the title 4 years in a row. Stays range anywhere from 2-21 days on the stunning property that is known as the mineral capital of Canada, making it the perfect place for wellness, healing and rejuvenation.

All packages include yoga classes and meditation, meals and time to spend in nature which Grail Springs believes is essential to healing. Other packages include therapy sessions, shamanic coaching and more for packages designed for spiritual enlightenment, self-improvement, life transformation, energizing and of course, relaxation.

Zen Wellness Centre

Location: Bragg Creek, Alberta

Get ready to fully let go of all that doesn’t serve you on this luxurious Canada yoga retreat. Along with daily yoga sessions that are Hatha-based in the mornings and meditation classes in the evenings, you’ll also get the opportunity to participate in wellness workshops, a private coaching session and a depression anxiety release therapy session.

Ample time for reflection and to spend in nature, perhaps hiking, is built into the schedule to help you integrate what you’ve learned into your life and to fully let go of what you needed to release.

Lake Louise Wellness

Location: Banff National Park, Alberta

What can get better than indulging at a retreat in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world? Lake Louise is a jaw-dropping destination that many flock to for its picturesque views but few stay overnight.

A wellness or yoga retreat at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise (a luxury hotel that basically looks like a castle) is a prime place for you to dive deeper into your yoga practice, return to your basics and get more in tune with yourself.

Retreats offered at Lake Louise Wellness include yoga and meditation, breathwork, workshops and mindfulness. During your stay you’ll be steps away from 1600km of hiking trails, once in a lifetime views and stay in a luxury hotel.

Your comfort, health and well-being will be in great hands at a retreat here that are typically a weekend long.

Paradise Found

Location: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Salt Spring Island is home to Paradise Found, a retreat worthy of its name. It makes for an ideal place to have a wellness retreat.

Scheduled and private, completely customizable retreats are available that center around the practice of Kundalini yoga. This style of yoga may seem intense to some but the benefits of pairing breath with movement in the way that Kundalini does is extremely powerful.

Not only do retreats have daily yoga classes and meditation but they can also include Reiki energy healing, truffle making, massages and more.

Yoga retreats vary in length and style with some being completely silent, others aiming for a long weekend of detoxification. Retreats can be as short as a half-day getaway or multiple days long.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp

Location: Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Sivananda Ashram is a non-profit centre where yogis of all ages (yes, that includes kids!) can practice and improve their Hatha yoga, mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga instructor training, yoga camps, retreats and more are offered at this ashram.

Not only will you have the chance to practice daily yoga and meditation but other activities such as Thai massage, an Indian cooking workshop, juice detoxes and other workshops that deepen your knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga are available.

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REO Rafting & Yoga Resort

Location: Boston Bar, British Columbia

The perfect way to chill out and find your zen while blowing off some steam is to join a yoga adventure retreat that combines Hatha yoga classes outdoors along with whitewater rafting or kayaking. The option is yours of how you want to spend your time working your muscles and then relaxing them.

You can even opt to skip on the adventure and choose a massage if once at the retreat you’re craving a bit more relaxation. This adventure retreat also combines hiking, wine or craft beer tastings and glamping for the ultimate Canadian outdoors experience with a side of luxury.

The best part? You can book this retreat based on how many days you want! Experiences are available for as few as 3 days for those who just need a quick trip to the great Canadian outdoors or as long as 7 days for those who may be travelling from afar and want a full week to unwind.

Yasodhara Ashram

Location: Kootenay Bay, British Columbia

Named after the Buddha’s wife, this stunning ashram in British Columbia is a sight to behold. It offers a contrast to the beautiful surrounding nature of Canada which is just as stunning. At this retreat centre you’ll get views of mountains, forests and a lake as you spend your time delving into your self-discovery.

This centre is not just for retreats, but is also built as a study centre where mentors and teachers live and students are encouraged to explore themselves through a spiritual experience.

Karma yoga is practiced here with long-term stays available for 1-2 months. But if that’s too long for you to dive into the world of yoga and its ancient practices then shorter stays, as well as one-day tastes of the ashram, are available for those who wish to explore more of yoga but who have limited time.

Enjoy your time away at one of these fabulous experiences. I hope you’re able to find whatever it is that you need and are able to walk away feeling more yourself, with a deeper connection to your mind, body and soul and are completely at peace.

Other top destinations for yoga retreats

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