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10 Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal

10 Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal

For many in Europe Portugal is an easy destination to get to for a weekend getaway, but even for those from further abroad Portugal is a highly recommended destination for a weeklong yoga retreat.

If you love surfing there are plenty of yoga retreats to pick from. If nature is more your thing, there are options for retreats in quiet and greenery too. Maybe you love to explore and want to see more of Portugal than just your retreat space? You’ll find a yoga retreat perfect for you too in this article.

Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice, meet new people, be mostly by yourself or just need a break from wherever you are, these yoga retreats are bound to have you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and even stronger both mentally and physically.

Pick a yoga retreat for your entire trip or choose a shorter retreat option to add to your Portugal trip itinerary! I know you won’t regret a few days of relaxation in this beautiful country!

Why Book a Yoga Retreat in Portugal?

Portugal is a prime choice for a yoga retreat in Europe because of its natural beauty, coastline and its low cost to travel which means that you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Not to mention the fact that Portugal is well-known for surfing, yoga is often paired with surfing as the activities really benefit each other.

Portugal has access to a lot of nature from greenery to cliffside views that offer yogis the chance to not only explore nature itself but give you the space to reflect on yourself, reconnect with your body and to Mother Earth herself.

Practicing yoga in nature, whether it be in the hills or by the ocean is beneficial for your mind, body and soul, all of which are essential to yoga, as yoga translates to union, meaning that connecting all with unify and make you feel whole.

How to Choose a Yoga Retreat

Not all yoga retreats are created equally and not every person wants the same type of yoga retreat. Luckily you can pick the one best for you based on your yoga needs and wants with these simple tips.

Choose a retreat based on how much structure you want.

Some retreats are come and go as you please with other guests staying for varying periods of time. These types of retreats are best for those who wish to be alone and spend time with their own thoughts. While people will be around most of the time, people do their own things at these yoga retreats as they can make up their own schedules.

Other yoga retreats are more structured and have set times for daily yoga sessions, lessons, workshops and meals. These are best for travellers who want to connect more and feel a sense of community with other people.

Know what’s included.

Always be sure to check on what is included in your yoga retreat. Some are all-inclusive, others are not. Depending on your budget this may make or break your trip for you when you learn that you have to pay for additional excursions or most of your meals.

Many yoga retreats will automatically put you in a shared room as well, check for this if you value your privacy and want a room all to yourself!

Pick based on how many nights you want.

Look for the number of nights, not days as most yoga retreats do not include a full-day on the first or last day of a retreat. Knowing this, you may want to book a longer retreat and get even more daily yoga in!

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Top Hand-Picked Portugal Yoga Retreats

These beautiful Portugal retreats are a mix in length and style. From 4-days to 8-days, these top retreats cover everything from surfing to meditation, hiking to SUP, soulful food to yoga philosophy and, of course, a combination of yoga styles.

Pick the one that best suits you but don’t let the number of days throw you off if it sounds perfect to you. Many of these retreats can be made shorter or longer based on your personal preference!


7-Day The Art of Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Forest, and Ocean Retreat

This one of the most popular yoga retreats in Portugal. It’s loved by visitors because of its serene location in Pobral, Portugal, nestled among the quiet nature in a place that is excellent for both relaxation and devotion to your yoga practice.

This retreat dives into the correct alignment of vinyasa yoga and thus explores postures and yoga more deeply than your typical yoga retreat. This makes it a great option for those who don’t wish to take yoga teacher training but wish to deepen their practice.

Two yoga practice sessions are offered daily in both indoor and outdoor practice shalas, along with daily meditation and pranayama classes, evening activities that include forest walks, gardening, fire circles and more, a gong bath and Kundalini.

Image by Odina Guesthouse

8-Day Surf and Yoga Portugal Retreat

Surfing is a popular activity in Portugal and since yoga and surfing often go hand-in-hand, there is no shortage of surfing and yoga retreats in Portugal. This yoga retreat is one of the best in Portugal, no doubt because it’s located just a few minute’s walk from one of the world’s best surf spots, São Lourenço Beach.

In a week you’ll have twice daily Hatha yoga classes, 5 surf lessons, one massage to help ease those muscles, even more, all food and accommodation included, and free time so you can kick back, relax, and fully take in the stunning scenery of Encarnaçao.

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Image by Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Sintra Surf

4 Day Mini Surf and Yoga Retreat in Lisbon

For those who feel like a full week of yoga and surfing is too much or if you just have a short timeframe off of work, then this 5-day yoga and surf retreat is ideal.

Located in Lisbon, this Portugal yoga holiday can be made exactly to your liking. You can choose to do whatever activities you want each day and can spend as much time alone as you desire or have the option to be with the group.

Daily surf sessions are offered in the afternoons with yoga sessions in the mornings and evenings. All facilities, including the spa that is equipped to help you feel at home with earthy vibes, lots of light, and a great atmosphere that truly adds to the community on this Lisbon yoga retreat.

Image by Jho’La Surf Camp

8 Day Surf and Yoga Retreat in beautiful Praia da Luz, Algarve

For the soon to be surfing lovers and those who are already experienced, this Portugal yoga retreat in the beautiful Algarve region in southern Portugal town of Lagos welcomes you all.

This Algarve yoga holiday includes daily yoga sessions, as well as the option to take surf lessons for beginner or intermediate levels, giving you lots of hours to explore the Algarve by water and plenty of time to take in the views in this must-see part of Portugal. Your accommodation is warm and welcoming and within walking distance to plenty in the town.

Image by The Salty Pelican

8-Day Breathtaking Surf and Yoga Holiday

A top destination for yoga retreats in Portugal, this article wouldn’t be complete without a retreat in beautiful Cascais. Located just outside of Portugal’s capital, this yoga retreat near Lisbon is an unbeatable yoga and surf spot that is absolutely perfect for those who love the beach.

The accommodation is just 400 metres from the beach and while practicing yoga you’ll get to feel the ocean breeze and develop a deep sense of inner calm as you hear the ocean waves crash nearby.

In 8 days you’ll have a total of 11 yoga classes which are a combination of Hatha and yin sessions, 5 surf lessons, daily meditation classes, seaside yoga sessions, all breakfasts and accommodation included.

You’ll have free time to explore the nearby Sintra National Park, have sunset picnics and overall just be one with nature and the beauty of Portugal.

Image by The Salty Pelican

4 Day Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Holiday with Surf and Massage in Cascais

For a long weekend of just yoga in Portugal and good vibes, this 4-day yoga retreat is a top choice. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Lisbon, Cascais offers visitors stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, and nature that is easily accessible.

Get daily Hatha and yin yoga classes in a small-group setting, practicing as the sun comes up by the seaside. Your accommodation is just minutes to the beach and healthy daily breakfasts give you the energy to flow it out, surf it out, and explore the natural beauty of this region. Sintra National Park is close-by and well worth a visit.

Image by quinta camarena

7 Day Surf, Yoga, and Wine Holiday in Setúbal, Alentejo

This top-rated yoga retreat in Portugal is a great option for a full weeklong getaway for some healing through movement and water.

You’ll get 1 or 2 yoga classes daily, and surfing and deep healing massage sessions, a hiking excursion (to a vineyard!), daily breakfast brunch and dinner, and accommodation that are included in this yoga retreat.

Expect to come as a guest and leave as family is what you’ll feel with this countryside yoga retreat nestled amongst nature. This makes it perfect for solo travellers and those who love the company of good people. You’ll always be able to get to know everyone experiencing the retreat with you and you’ll get to enjoy food and wine as much as you will nature and movement.

Image by The Salty Pelican

8 Day Deluxe Massage, Surf, Hike, and Yoga Holiday in Ericeira

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the pristine beauty of Ericeira, Portugal’s top surfing destination. Take in the coastal views on walks, explore the beauty of the beaches close by (less than 400m away) and relax through a combination of Hatha, yin and yang, yoga classes.

Practice yoga as much as you want with unlimited classes, guided meditation classes daily, all breakfasts and accommodation are covered and you get access to surf equipment as well for those who wish to ride the waves.

For peace, quiet, nature and relaxing flows, this yoga and meditation retreat is an excellent choice for those who want to get in touch with themselves, and nature on and off land.

Image by Cachopas – Yoga Nature Lodge

7-Day Yoga, Meditation and Soul Food Retreat

Nature lovers, this Portugal retreat is for you. Located in its own valley in São Teotónio, Portugal, this yoga retreat in Portugal is designed to bring you to stillness and peace through meditation, yoga, nature and nurturing food.

Not only will you practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis but you’ll also learn about the yogic art of living through workshops, which is something many yoga retreats don’t cover and is only explored through yoga teacher training.

In just a week you’ll feel completely rejuvenated, will have more self-awareness and a deep inner sense of calm that can only be achieved when you give yourself space and time to truly be quiet and explore yourself.

Image by Quinta d’Anta, Hotel and Surf Lodge

7 Day Yoga and Surf Holiday in Maiorca

Wake up steps away from the water on this surf and yoga holiday in the charming, cozy city of Figueira da Foz. Just 10 minutes to the waves and for the chance to connect your body and mind through two of the most beneficial practices: yoga and surfing.

Welcome to all levels of yogis and surfers, you’ll get 6 days of surf lessons and guided yoga classes oriented to help with surfing soreness, 6 nights in a private room in a boutique hotel, breakfasts, transfers to other surf spots, and free use of equipment. Equipment includes surf boards, a pool, mountain bikes, a fitness centre, and more.

Haven’t quite found the perfect yoga retreat for you? Not to worry! There are still plenty of more options on BookYogaRetreats!

Enjoy your yoga holiday in Portugal!