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7 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

7 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

In recent years, Nepal has become a popular location for yoga teacher training and is now the home to some of the top yoga academies in Asia. By choosing to do your yoga teacher training in Nepal, you’ll get to practice in the Himalayas and the birthplace of Buddha. In addition, most courses also include excursions to explore the natural surroundings and experience the local culture, which is a must while in Nepal, making yoga training in Nepal is both an affordable choice and a unique experience.

Top Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Most options for Yoga in Nepal are in the country’s capital, Kathmandu, or in the foothills of the mountains in Pokhara. Both cities offer an abundance of nature and peaceful scenery. 

Image by Nepal Yoga Home

21 Day 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training at Himalayan in Kathmandu

Starting from: $1,400

This 21-day course at Nepal Yoga Home is the most popular yoga teacher training in Nepal on BookYogaTeacherTraining. The affordable program runs every month and features in-depth yoga and meditation teaching from Himalayan expert yogis. 

Over the three weeks, you’ll advance your personal practice with a focus on Hatha, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. You’ll also deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophy and gain valuable teaching skills to share your passion with others. What’s more, you’ll learn how to incorporate chanting, mudras, and bandha into your classes and yogic cleansing techniques into your life. 

Nepal Yoga Home is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school based in the outskirts of Kathmandu with a rural backdrop of the Nagarjuna Jungle. You’ll sleep at the school in a shared or private room with an ensuite western toilet and hot shower. All meals are included, consisting of organic vegan food, excursions, and cultural activities to learn more about the beautiful country.

Image by Shanti Yoga Ashram

30 Day 200-Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu

Starting from: $1,600

This 200-hour Tantra yoga course in Nepal is ideal for yogis interested in Tantra yoga. At Shanti Yoga Ashram in Kathmandu, you will learn the classical style in a traditional ashram setting with comprehensive teachings of the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the practice. You’ll also discover how yoga is much more than a movement practice, learn how to incorporate it into all areas of your life, and guide others to do the same. 

Shanti Yoga Ashram is located in the pristine nature location of Machchhegaun, Kathmandu, at the foothills of the mountains. Here, you’ll practice asana twice a day along with daily pranayama and meditation, lectures and practice teaching. You’ll then end each day with Kirtan chanting to wind down for a restful sleep. When you’re not studying, you’ll have the opportunity to visit nearby temples and experience the spiritual energy of Nepal’s sacred places. 

Image by Shivalaya Yoga Ashram

10 Day 100-Hour 8 Limbs Yoga Teacher Training Course in Lekhnath, Gandaki Province

Starting from: $700

Not sure if yoga teaching training in Nepal is for you? This 10-day course is the perfect way to step into a training without fully committing to a 200-hour course. Ideal for those who are interested in deepening their yoga practice, or are short on time, you can experience what a training is like, immerse yourself into a culture and spiritual practice that supports self-development, and walk away with a new-found knowledge of yoga and your own personal practice.

Welcome to all levels and all styles of practitioners, this course teaches a number of styles, perhaps even introducing you to a new style. Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra, Hatha, Bhakti, and Jnana are taught in the welcoming atmosphere where ancient yogis practiced and studied in nature right in the Himalayas. Magical!

Image by Himalayan Yoga Academy

26 Day 200-Hour Transformational Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu

Starting from: $1,330

If you love all styles of yoga or are unsure which one is for you, this multi-style yoga course is the best yoga teacher training in Nepal for you. This foundational course by Himalayan Yoga Academy is suitable for all experience levels. It includes Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, and Nidra practices. 

100 hours are focused on asana practice, teaching practice and techniques such as mudra, bandha, and pranayama. The remaining 100 hours are split between teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching ethics. 

On this course, the days are long, starting at 6 am and finishing around 9 pm, but Sundays are days off with a planned activity. You’ll stay at the academy in a shared or private room, with free use of all the facilities, such as the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, sunbeds, meditation zones, and library. The academy also runs a 300-hour advanced training for those who have already completed the foundational 200-hour course. 

Image by Nepal Yoga Home

29 Day 500-Hour Advanced Yoga-Meditation Teacher Training Kathmandu, ‎Bagmati Pradesh

Starting from: $2,000

Ready to jump straight into a dedicated yoga practice and training that will leave you with an advanced level of knowledge across multiple styles? Then inquire about a spot at Nepal’s #1 yoga school, Nepal Yoga Home. From vinyasa to Ashtanga, Kundalini to Hatha, this training is available often, giving you ample choice of when to make the journey to this picturesque country and spend a month living in Kathmandu, the Himalayas as your backdrop. All visas are sorted through the school so there is no need to worry about handling the process yourself.

When it comes to your yoga training you can rest assured that it is not only affordable but also of high quality. Upon completion, you may apply for Yoga Alliance certification and it’s registered with the Nepal government.

A 500-hour yoga teacher training course combines your basic 200-hour and advanced 300-hour level training which includes more in-depth knowledge of anatomy, energetics, and philosophy across multiple styles and branches of yoga, as taught by multiple teachers for a well-rounded yoga base to build off of.

Image by Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat

28 Day Himalayan 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bhaktapur

Starting from: $1,400

This 28-day yoga teacher training in Nepal by Nepal Yoga Academy focuses on Sanatan traditional yoga with an ideal balance between theory and practical hands-on training. The program covers all yoga segments, from asana to philosophy to adjustments to mantras and so much more. 

Over the 4 weeks, you’ll wake up at 6:30 am for pranayama and mantra chanting before your asana practice and daily lectures/workshops. You’ll then finish each day with a second asana practice before dinner at 6:30 pm. Sundays are days off to rest, recover, or explore Kathmandu. 

You’ll eat tasty vegetarian food made fresh by the onsite chefs who source organic ingredients locally. You can choose either a shared or private bamboo cottage at the academy, which will be your home for the month. Here you’ll have a western style bathroom, hot water, and a priceless view of the Sanku valley.

Image by Bodhidham

28 Day 200-Hour Authentic Yoga Teacher Training in Pokhara

Starting from: $1,400

At Bodhidham Ashram in Lekhnath, Pokhara, you can learn yoga in a truly authentic way, starting with the roots of the practice and following the teaching of masters from hundreds of years. The course goes well beyond asana. You’ll learn how to lead a yogic life and incorporate the ancient eastern practices back home to create a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

The course features twice daily Ashtanga and Hatha practice, daily meditation, chanting and pranayama, and an introduction to Ayurveda and yoga therapy. You’ll wake at 6 am every day and rest from 7:30 pm each evening when you’ll wind down with a communal dinner. The ashram is located between a lake and the jungle, creating a peaceful environment for immersive study. From your shared twin room, you’ll have a view of either the lake or mountain, and you’ll have three meals prepared fresh for you every day.

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