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Yoga to Feel Your Best: A 30-Minute Fill Your Cup Yoga Flow

Yoga to Feel Your Best: A 30-Minute Fill Your Cup Yoga Flow

While yoga is a practice that is great for helping you come to the present moment and for understanding your emotions, it quite often helps you move through them and ultimately, helps you feel your best as you learn to move on and let go.

Today I’m sharing a fill your cup yoga sequence, a yoga flow that will guide you through poses for your entire body (even into the parts we don’t often give time to), and I break down some of the poses from the sequence that you can consider adding into your own practice!

Enjoy yogis!

Yoga to Fill Your Cup Flow

You don’t feel your best or even feel better if you don’t take the time to first fill your cup. Filling your cup is quite simply, taking the time to nourish your body, mind, and soul in a way that feels good to you. For some that’s yoga, others it’s cleaning, mediation, walking, or even sleep!

Join me in this 30-minute yoga video that can help you start your day or wind down from it so that you can feel your best through movement and stretching.

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Yoga Poses to Feel Your Best

Try adding these yoga poses into your practice and see how they feel for your body! These poses were hand-picked because they’re fun, are great for your body, and can even be a challenge!

Flashdance Pose

A great pose for stretching the entire front side and the side of your body, flashdance pose is also ideal for getting a deep stretch while having support, making it quite accessible no matter how you feel.

Begin sitting on your mat with your legs out in front of you. Bend your right in and bring your right foot in to place it on your inner left thigh. Keep your right leg and knee on the ground. Inhale, reach your right hand up and back, placing it behind you.

Exhale, ground through your right hand, knee, and left foot as you lift your hips off of the ground and sweep your left arm over your head so that your fingers are pointing towards the back of your mat.

Continue to press your hips forward as you engage your glutes and reach your left hand. You’ll feel a deep stretch in your left side and the front of your body as your body naturally comes into a curved shape with your hips being the furthest part of your body forward.

Hold for 3-5 breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Toe Stand Pose

Toe stand is a great pose because it stretches your feet, an area that many people neglect (myself included) despite all that your feet do for you!

Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart or closer, whatever feels best to you. Bring your hands into prayer position at your heart. Stand tall with a straight spine. Inhale, come high onto your toes. Exhale, begin to bend your knees and lower yourself very slowly, keeping your spine straight.

Engage your core, staying as high on your toes as you can, until your bum comes to rest on your heels. The more you aim to push your knees forward, the more it will help you balance and come down in control.

Stay here for 3-5 breaths, still high on your toes. For an added challenge, try closing your eyes!

Side Plank Variation Pose

This side plank variation offers more support than the traditional side plank but still allows you to strengthen your obliques and balance.

Bring your right knee to the centre of your mat with your right toes pointing to the side of your mat behind you and your hips stacked over your right knee. Place your right hand under your shoulder. Keep your left leg long, your toes still on the ground. Inhale, reach your left hand towards the ceiling so your arms come to form one straight line. Allow your gaze to follow your left hand, looking up. This is one variation.

Exhale, flex your left foot and raise your left leg off of the ground until it comes parallel with your mat or however high you can lift it. Push into your right hand and knee to ground and reach with your left hand and foot for balance. Hold for 3-5 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Easy Twist Pose

Twists are great for your spine and are said to aid with digestion, making them a must-do pose in any yoga to feel your best sequence!

From downward dog, step your right foot between your hands so that you are in a lunge. Plant your left hand flat on the mat and reach your right hand towards the ceiling, your gaze follows so that your upper body is twisting. Your legs stay the same. Your left leg is long, toes tucked and right foot is planted.

For a more relaxed variation place your left knee on the ground. You still get all the same benefits from the twist without the intensity of holding all your body weight.

Boat Pose

A little core work is essential as your core is vital for all basic movements so boat pose, which has many variations for all levels, is an excellent yoga pose to include and practice often.

Come to sit on your bum with your arms by your sides and your knees bent, feet on the ground. Lean back and raise your arms so they become parallel to the mat, palms facing up. Stay here if this feels good for you. If you want more, lift your legs, keeping your knees bent, until your calves come parallel to the ground.

If you want more of a challenge to work your core, extend your right leg, then your left leg, or both. Option to have your toes pointed, flexed or flointed (like Barbie feet), whatever feels best to you. Hold for 3-5 breaths (or longer!).

Recommended Yoga Props and Gear

While all of these props aren’t necessary for this yoga practice, they can assist you and make some poses more accessible, deeper, or extra comfy.

That’s it for today yogis! I hope you feel better through this practice, that it filled your cup so you’re ready to take on the day, and is a practice that you come back to again and again!

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