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11 Magical Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

11 Magical Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most known destinations in the world for yoga, which means there is an abundance of places for you to get your zen on.

Yoga retreats in Costa Rica are so much more than just yoga too. From the mountains to the coastal shores, retreats here often combine surfing, detoxing and of course, plenty of activities in nature to you more connected to yourself but also to Mother Nature.

No matter what you’re after get ready to experience and embrace Pura Vida!

Top Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica

These are some of the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica offered to travellers looking for a holiday that will provide what they truly want and need.

Whether you want time to yourself, to practice with a group, crave time surfing in the ocean or hiking through the rainforest, these retreats take care of your mind, body and soul for the ultimate holiday in one of the world’s most relaxing destinations.

7-Day Rainforest Yoga Holiday

For a yoga holiday that allows you to completely immerse yourself in nature and go on a spiritual journey, this yoga retreat is a great option. It is not a group retreat so you will have plenty of time to be with yourself, nature and your thoughts.

Located in the Arenal National Park, from the retreat in the rainforest you’ll have views over Arenal volcano and access to hiking trails between yoga classes which are offered twice daily in vinyasa and yin yoga styles.

Vegetarian meals or detox smoothies and teas are available for you, it’s your choice. A massage and cacao tour and workshop are also included with the option to add additional excursions onto your retreat package.

Get ready to kick back, be one with nature and take in the views from the hammock on this retreat!

6-Day Revitalize and Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat

This stellar yoga retreat is one of the most popular in all of Costa Rica and is booked 90% by solo female travellers. The teak building is beautifully nestled into the trees with views over the valley from the large infinity pool on the property.

Yoga classes are offered twice daily in the morning and evening in a vinyasa style and a chakra balancing meditation is included.

Diet and nutrition tips available on-site with all meals served to be vegetarian or vegan.

Between meals and yoga you can visit one of the 4 beaches close-by or opt to go on an excursion such as rafting, snorkelling, horseback riding or more. Hiking is also an option and an on-site spa is available for those who wish to truly relax.

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8-Day Juice Detox and Yoga Holiday

Leave this retreat totally refreshed and feeling like new after a week of detoxing your body and mind. The juice cleanse and detox can be done for the whole retreat or for a minimum of 3 days with guidance from an expert.

Morning Kundalini yoga and meditation sessions are offered daily and in your free time you can book your included therapeutic massage with essentials oils or explore beyond the property.

Additional activities that you can do in your free time near-by include snorkelling, visiting a waterfall, checking out the beach, ziplining, kayaking and hiking.

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7-Day Holistic Yoga Retreat

Indulge for a week of deep healing, relaxation and letting go. This yoga retreat in Costa Rica is so much more than just yoga.

Of course, there are yoga classes offered in Hatha, Anusara and therapeutic styles daily but there are also quantum flow classes on the beach, evening sound healing sessions and an emotional aromatherapy session.

A massage with your choice of style is included, as well as delicious meals, access to a pool and an excursion to a wildlife refuge where you will also practice quantum flow!

7-Day Believe Surf and Yoga Holiday

For those who love to relax as much as they love adventure, this yoga and surf retreat is perfect! It’s one of the top retreats in Costa Rica and includes a week of sun, sand, stretching and excursions.

It’s up to you to choose when you want to do yoga and what style. 4 yoga classes are offered daily and include sessions in Ashtanga, vinyasa, Hatha and yin. On top of that, even after your 3 surf lessons, you can also participate in the fitness classes that are HIIT, LIIS, mobility training and fitness yoga.

In your free time you have the option to go snorkelling, fishing, hiking in a national park, horseback riding, ziplining or just chill out on the retreat property at the pool or spend some time with yourself.

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8-Day Budget Yoga Holiday

Yoga or retreats don’t have to be expensive. In fact, doing a basic and budget yoga holiday actually helps you get back to your roots, the simplicity of life and removes all distractions from what you’re focusing on, reconnecting to your mind, body and soul.

This budget yoga retreat may be simple but it offers multiple yoga sessions a day in Hatha, vinyasa and Kashmir styles and serves up a tropical breakfast every morning.

In your free time, you have one of the best beaches in the world only 50 metres away with the option to participate in a number of activities in this exotic destination that include snorkelling, sailing, hiking, ziplining and more.

10-Day Energizing Surf Camp and Yoga Holiday

Surfing and yoga go hand-in-hand as both focus strongly on breath. While surfing is challenging, yoga gives your body the time it needs to stretch out tired muscles, heal and become more mindful.

This retreat welcomes surfers and yogis of all levels to practice their skills. Hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative and ashtanga styles of yoga are offered and a total of 8 surf lessons (your body needs a break some days!).

All meals and accommodation are included and if you opt to, your free time can include one of the many nature activities that Costa Rica is known for.

8-Day Detox, Wellness, and Yoga Holiday

Give yourself the gift of relaxation in the central mountains of Costa Rica. This detox holiday will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed but also with more energy, lightness and joy.

Your detox is catered to you, based on your dietary needs and what is best for your body. A consultation and daily checks will be performed by a health professional so you’re in good hands.

Aside from detoxing through food, you can detox your mind and body through daily yoga sessions, at the on-site spa or just choose to settle in for some you time by the pool.

5-Day Adventure and Yoga Retreat

This yoga retreat in Costa Rica is designed to connect, challenge and change you. With this intention, the yoga retreat offers 3 excursions that will take you outside of your comfort zone.

Your options for excursions that connect you are hiking or a SUP tour, for challenging the excursions are horseback riding, mountain biking or snorkelling and for change, the excursions are ziplining or surf lessons.

Daily yoga in a combination of styles and free time are built into the schedule so you have time to reset, relax and recharge.

7-Day Wellness and Yoga Retreat

This is one of the most booked retreats in Costa Rica because it offers such great value for what you get!

Yoga sessions are held in a wooden pavilion where you will be practicing among nature, hearing the sounds of the birds and monkeys and overlooking the ocean. Classes offered include vinyasa flow and slow yin to work deep into your muscles.

On top of the classes and incredible views are a therapeutic massage, a private yoga class for tips and pointers and one excursion which is either a canopy tour or day trip to Isla Tortuga for snorkelling.

Haven’t quite found a retreat that suits your yoga needs and wants? Not to worry! There are plenty of yoga retreats in Costa Rica for all budgets, levels and combinations of activities. See more retreats of Book Yoga Retreats for the largest selection of retreats in Costa Rica and beyond.

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