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The Australian Island You Can’t Miss: Fraser Island Tours with Drop Bear Adventures

The Australian Island You Can’t Miss: Fraser Island Tours with Drop Bear Adventures
Fraser Island Tours www.taylorstracks.com


Fraser Island Tours with Dropbear Adventures www.taylorstracks.com


Picture white sand beaches with crystal clear waters that are home to dolphins and whales. Imagine the softest sand that you’ve ever felt and water so clean that you can drink it straight from the stream. This place is real my friend, and it’s the one Australian island that you simply can’t miss; it’s Fraser Island.

A trip to Australia is just not complete without visiting this highlight on the east coast, along with one of Fraser Island’s jumping off points, Noosa.

Driving on Fraser Island www.taylorstracks.com
You wouldn’t want to do this?

This famous island, also known by its original name of K’gari which was given by the aboriginals who were first on the land is the largest sand island in the world. You can tick that off your bucket list as you explore the 120km coast of sand off the coast of Queensland.

Fraser Island is not an island to relax on, it’s a place for an adventure where you drive 4WD vehicles down the beaches looking to see if you can spot some dingoes (a breed of wild dogs) or whales swimming in the distance. It’s a place where you watch nature evolve in front of you as sand turns into rocks. It’s a place where you camp and build fires and hike through the forest.

Doesn’t sound like something you want to do? Well I haven’t mentioned Lake McKenzie yet, probably the most famous lake in Australia and it looks like this:

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island www.taylorstracks.com
Hello paradise! Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

The vibrant blue waters float over the sand that is made from a very pure form of silica. So pure that it can be used to polish your jewelry, clean your teeth, wash your hair and exfoliate your skin. I’ve tested it, it’s true.

So now that I’ve convinced you that you need to visit and you’re ready to experience one of Australia’s gems I’ll keep it simple for you and tell you how you should do it: Fraser Island tours are the answer. And before you say that tours aren’t your thing please hear me out, you’re going to love Fraser Island 4WD tours.

You could rent a FWD car, organize the park passes and find accommodation yourself which are all pricey and time-consuming or you could have all of that organized for you and have a local show you around the island. They’ll explain the history, tell you stories about the island, take you to the best spots and generally just know a lot more about this magnificent island than you’ll learn on your trip without them.

As a solo traveler I did my research on tours and through recommendations from multiple friends, I went with Drop Bear AdventuresBest decision ever.

I spent two days and one night on a tag along safari. It’s important to note that it’s tag along…this means that there is one tour guide who drives the first vehicle and then the traveler’s like you get to drive the others! I took my turn driving along the beach and it was incredible. You’ll be eased into it. There were areas we even got to drive over rocks when the tide was too high. I’d say that’s pretty adventurous.

Drop Bear Adventures Tagalong tour www.taylorstracks.com
The two tag along vechiles, Fraser Island

I started my journey at 6:30AM in Noosa where I was picked up, brought to the office to watch a safety driving video and then we were off to Rainbow Beach where we picked up the rest of our crew.

After a quick ferry from the mainland, we were coasting down the beach in our three vehicles with the sun shining and music playing. Gary, our tour guide shared information and cracked jokes over the walkie-talkies that we had in each car. We stopped to let air out of our tires with sticks we found and spotted dingo tracks hoping that we’d see one.

Before rolling up to our accommodation I failed to make it over the hill just before the entrance. There was deep sand and I didn’t give it enough gas to get over. My bad. I backed up and tried again, this time following Gary’s instructions carefully. I made it and that was enough driving for me!

Our accommodation was The Beach House where lunch was ready for us, delicious wraps that we made so full we couldn’t close them. The rooms were clean and the beds…the beds were the most comfortable beds I have slept in while in Australia.

Gary was watching the weather closely and decided to take us to Lake McKenzie while the sun was still out. With a bit of luck and thanks to Gary’s timing, we were able to see the lake in its full glory as it sparkled in the sunlight. No, I’m not exaggerating.

The rest of the day was spent driving around (it takes a while to drive in sand) learning about the history of the island and the different forests. Fraser Island is really incredible. Just imagine trees hundreds of years old growing from sand. Remember that Fraser Island is a completely sand island.

Eli Creek Fraser Island www.taylorstracks.com
Eli Creek, Fraser Island

That night was steaks and sausages on the BBQ, a treat for any backpacker on a budget. We sipped our drinks by the campfire and discussed the differences of each continent we were from. To top the night off we stargazed and listened to the waves roll towards us on the beach.

Day two was overcast but we made the best of it, taking small hikes to sand dunes and floating down Eli Creek. The water was so clear that you could see the sand on the bottom and it was clean enough to drink.

Maheno, a ship washed ashore is a star attraction on Fraser Island and wasn’t missed during our trip. We listened to learn about how it got there and why the island is commonly referred to as Fraser Island.

Maheno Ship Wreck Fraser Island www.taylorstracks.com
Maheno Shipwreck, Fraser Island

Back in the vehicles we traveler’s continued to bond and shriek as we drove over more rocks. We spotted a dingo and circled around him so everyone could get a shot, gleefully laughing as we had finally spotted one before we left on our journey back to Noosa.

Drop Bear Adventures provided the perfect tour that combined knowledge, with incredible scenery and a great crowd. It’s not partiers who are drawn to Drop Bear Adventures. It’s more of a relaxed crowd, people who are enjoyable to talk to and staff that is friendly and welcoming.

Sand Dunes Fraser Island www.taylorstracks.com
Sand dunes on Fraser Island

I can’t imagine having to do Fraser Island trips on my own. I would have missed so much by not knowing where to go and what exactly I was looking at. Trust me when I say that you need to book a tour for the full experience.

Drop Bear Adventures offer two and three day Fraser Island adventure tours with Fraser Island camping and Fraser Island accommodation included so be sure to check them out, they come highly recommended from me and I do a lot of tours.

Visit Fraser Island, it is 100% worth the splurge.

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